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  1. I mean…I thought it was funny

  2. When in doubt - take it all out. Have you removed it all, cleaned, and re-threaded your machine? Remove your needles and reinsert. check the positioning of everything.

  3. 1.) I am in IT management and work remotely. I am lucky to have a boss that prioritizes health and well being so I can rest when I need to, as long as work is tended to. But if you are in America, you could be eligible for FMLA protection since you are disabled but there are probably other people with other advice about this. I would highly recommend going to your HR and asking about accommodations because in the USA, ADA is a huge thing and taken pretty seriously. They need to accommodate your disability.

  4. I can’t wait for this election to be over so we can stop seeing all these political posts in this sub.

  5. I went to a restaurant in LA and a vvv rich Asian woman walked by me and was carrying the house-looking Birmingham that Crystal has that’s like 100k and I promise you it’s just as fugly in person.

  6. I posted this exact frame and question on this subreddit like a year ago. I STILL DONT KNOW AND IT HAUNTS ME.

  7. I don’t like Kyle and after rewatching from the beginning, her behavior on S12 just cements my feelings. She’s an immature child who constantly stirs the pot. Period.

  8. Hi there. I was 23 when my mom passed. I think my biggest regret is not properly unpacking and leaning into my grief. I distracted it away, and it’s quite a beautiful yet heartbreaking life experience. It’s necessary , and the more you tend to and are gentle to yourself during this time, the better off you will be. The more flourished, mature, wise you.

  9. Hi baby. You look beautiful. I want to remind you that the opinions of others are not a reflection of the truth, but are a reflection of ones self. Regardless of why you were stood up, that’s a reflection of who he is, not who you are. One day, you’ll find a guy that will show up and never leave. Make sure you use this time to love yourself as much as possible. I love you, my sweet girl.

  10. Is this an E. Topsy Turvy? The lower leaves looks like a TT, but the babies’ leaves are too flat. How much light is she getting?

  11. It was unnamed, so I’m not sure the variety. She gets full sun from a window all day long from sun up to sun down. I’m gonna chalk it up to rosettes, I’ve just never seen them pop up this wild in a spiral shape I guess! Thanks for the insight.

  12. This looks just like my Echeveria Runyonii. From what I’m told, they’re supposed to pop out a new skirt of baby rosettes every year and are pretty known for putting out crested growth. I think at some point you’re supposed to separate out the different new growths on the plant so that they don’t over-compete in the case of less than perfect care, but yours still look pretty small and perky, so maybe just leave it for a while and see how it does?

  13. Ah! Ok cool. It needs repotted, I only got it about 4 months ago right after we moved and this is all the growth it’s had in 4 months. Maybe I’ll repot and separate at the same time to reduce the stress on the plant?

  14. Lumps in your breasts are not always cancer! Of course get them checked out, but it is COMMON to find cysts in your breasts!

  15. To add to this, cystic breasts are also common. My breast tissue feels like a whoooole bunch of knots. I had my physician walk me through feeling the difference between a cyst and tissue. I check a lot more often now that I can tell a difference.

  16. Ok so my dump of thoughts comes from a place of research and understanding but I am in no place a medical professional nor should you receive my opinions as such. Now that’s out of the way. Auto immune diseases are often suggested to be triggered by one thing or another, but it’s often said to be by trauma. I, myself, can attest to this. I’ve had problems for years but never really understood why I was always tired or why my back ached. It wasn’t until I experienced serious emotional and mental trauma that I had what I call my first “flare up”. I couldn’t walk within a few weeks/months. It was terrifying. I immediately tried to fix my diet, I was on Humira and now Inflectra. But one thing I took very seriously was addressing the trauma I went through and unpacked a lot of shit with therapy. Since starting therapy, I’ve healed a lot mentally and emotionally. And thus, physically. I’m not 100% better but my health has definitely improved outside of my medicinal treatments.

  17. Yes! I whole heartedly agree with you. Trauma/major injuries or surgeries. Mine I believe was set off by surgery and some super stressful things going on in my life. It involved a court case which finally ended in November. It was ongoing for 3 years. Now that it’s over, I was able to release a huge amount of stress. Maybe that’s part of it. I also worry the Enbrel is built up in my system and that’s why I’m not having an issue…. Yet. I keep waiting for it to hit me and be on my butt in bed for an extended period of time. I’m honestly very nervous about it because as you know, it’s not fun! I really appreciate your input. Thank you!

  18. Well shit! That’s great news then all around. Congrats on relief of your stress!! If I were you, I would just express my feelings to my physician and get their advice before making my final decision. Good luck!

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