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  • By - alc59

  1. No words. I am so ashamed for my beloved countrymen who fought so bravely and sacrificed ALL for this country that I love. What is coming is what is deserved.

  2. I can not stand what is happening in our country right now and we all KNOW that this man should absolutely not be in this role, but as as child who is caring for an elderly parent with dementia , I am appalled. I advocate and protect my parent with every dr visit and every need. Even though I loathe what the puppets are doing to our beautiful country, I can not make fun of this. So very sad every which way you look at it.

  3. When I met my wife, who is a US citizen, I was still living in the UK. It took her AGES to convince me that she wasn't joking when she said most American guys were circumsized.

  4. First of all, it says a lot that you had to watch porn instead of believing your own wife. Secondly, why would you not understand that people from different countries have different practices? Making a generalization about mental health and toxic masculinity being associated with circumcision is ridiculous. I don’t see any toxic masculinity here. I see strong, beautiful, amazing, masculine American men everywhere I look! I see the strong, brave men who shaped, built and protected this country. I am grateful for all the men who know how to be men regardless of the toxic feminists that have poisoned our country. Concentrate on your own county’s issues please. There’s plenty to occupy your time!

  5. Wow! Wouldn’t it be great that if you are doing a promotion like this you would have the stickers available? I also took time on Sunday to do this and ran into the same issue. That was it for me. I tossed my stuff in the garbage. Sorry!

  6. None. You have a gorgeous complexion. You have a beautiful face without makeup or adornment. Just rock that! That’s more than enough!

  7. As a woman, I personally think you look better without the beard but life is too short not to do what makes you happy. I like my hair short and I am told by men over and over again that I should grow it out. Nope. Done with all that 😊

  8. I used them. Car totaled. Injuries that needed a couple weeks physical therapy. Other driver accepted full responsibility. I had to follow up with everything. Communication was very poor. I had to contact them multiple times regarding medical bills that were supposed to be paid. Settlement was almost nonexistent. Poor decision on my part.

  9. It’s not just you. Although I’ve been working from home mainly the last two years, I had to drive downtown last week and I was nearly hit at least 3 times by people swerving in and out of traffic at a ridiculous speed. This was at 7:30 am. The speeding and reckless driving is off the charts. It’s become very dangerous on the roads regardless of the time of day.

  10. I am 53 and have had a pixie on and off since my 20s. I grow it out, change styles and then cut it. Tom, owner and stylist of Beauty and the Cutting Group, gave me the best pixie cut last month that I have ever had. And the price can’t be beat! No lie.

  11. I remember falling to my knees at this footage as a college student and ask Our Lord to end this misery and call us home. I remember being completely lost with the incredible hate witnessed here. Not a good memory.

  12. I can’t help but the think there is a definite purpose and design to this all- the complete and utter separation of two schools of thought. I can’t at all understand their logic and they can’t understand mine. It’s like completely different human beings. It has to be for a purpose. What complete stupidity and utter thanklessness for the cost of their freedoms.

  13. Also, most people against the tyranny are on the right, more than likely Christian, so eliminate that group in one full swoop. Eliminate them from the workforce, eliminate them from having a voice- boom! Please tell me we are NOT going to become another Australia!

  14. I’m so incredibly angry about this. Is there anything we can do? I am so over venting and so ready to do something. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to help this man, his family and fight the decision/school board when they are not local?

  15. I would suggest a public library. As a youth librarian, I would use these. Just a thought.

  16. So, funny, that’s what we called them when I was a kid and we used to catch ‘crayfish’ but I know neither of those are accurate. Just memories from youth. Has to have another name.

  17. Grew up next to Wahl Park on 45th and Hampton. We would go to the crick at night and throw apples in the air for the bats to swoop down. As well as fish for ‘crawfish’ or whatever they were.

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