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  1. Get off the ambien trust me. I would sleep walk on that drug. I woke up on a restaurant roof across the lake from my house once. I walked across the lake in December so it was only maybe a half inch thick. Scared the hell out of me the next day, I could’ve easily died

  2. Jesus , luckily nothing bad happend, I don't black out anymore. I've tolerance on Ambien

  3. Yup! At least I have before and haven’t had any problems. Ambien is suuuper habit forming/addictive for me though, just fyi.

  4. DCK is far more Psychedelic than 2F-DCK. 3-MeO-PCE is very Psychedelic but should not be taken often as it has not insignificant serotonin activity. I treat that one like MDMA, minimum three months between.

  5. will likely help a bit with social anxiety, but in my opinion there’s much better things you can take for that. i suggest looking into phenibut if you haven’t.

  6. If dosing right , not combining and doing in moderation it seems like a pretty good tool imo ?

  7. Send him : 'i like to do Fortnite dances in my underwear while filming myself for YouTube' it's a secret cheat text for a good quality bowl

  8. I never had a bad experience in a k hole but that’s just me. I’ve been confused and a little overwhelmed but nothing to where I’m freaking out. It’s all set and setting. I usually get a nice playlist, some visuals going, get comfy, then dim the lights. I’ve had bad acid trips and shroom trips but for me ket is more manageable. Learn to let go and the k will take you away on a beautiful journey.

  9. I'm so confused that I even dont know bad or good / good trip / bad trip. I land and afterwards is like 'wajjoooww this was a strange MDF trip' all the time. Or i Did to much and just past out asleep

  10. What I like to do is take 1.5-2 tabs and after 2 hours i boof 15-18mg and it cranks the trip up another 150-200ug of visuals and it’s amazing

  11. Yeah I accepted a full ego death, but it wast even close. Maybe light dose pills? Maybe redosing ist effective?

  12. Sigmund Freud though he found the cure for depression,he wrote a book on it(looked more like a encyclopedia)not on kratom though,on Coca leaf extract aptly titled"The Cocaine Papers"he was accused of unleashing the 3rd scourge on mankind.

  13. For me personally it will be 2 days of rebound/ depressed, anxious, bad sleep and nightmares.

  14. I think this is a horse in her natural habitat. Looking for k to snif untill he is in the hole

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