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  1. Why I mean he have litteraly the Power of One of the Powerful creatures in the DCU why would it have to do that

  2. why not be even more powerful ? A.M.A.Z.O in justice league was extremely powerful and invincible.

  3. If I was suicidaly stupid? Nihilus mask or any other Sith Dark Side masks.

  4. a way to reduce the risk would be to bury the demons head deep beneath the dirt and control the body remotely.

  5. I'll detail every major battle, why not? Keep in mind this isn't a criticism of the series, since characters not fighting seriously from the first second isn't bad writing.

  6. i disagree with Enmu he could have just asked his minions to grab the slayers swords and throw them off the train.Then he could have eaten everyone.

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