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  1. Jaywalking is illegal for a reason so...

  2. And yet absolutely 0 people talk about replacement sites for YouTube. If people are complaining, may as well get up and do something about it.

  3. And guess what? Even with all of this complaining about YouTube policies, whenever a possible replacement site is floated, it gets shot down immediately. The internet is one of the strangest places you can possibly be lmao

  4. I've seen a couple. Most notably I saw Niftski's 4:54.881 live and was actually visible in the chat during the run. The only other one that comes to mind is Vertic's 4:14 Red Ball 17 levels world record, a run which he wasn't proud of at all lmao

  5. New Ricky vid, new SS vid soon, it's gonna be good for the next few days now

  6. now we just need a new maximum vid to make it perfect

  7. USA vs Nauru. Yeah nobody would even notice

  8. The closest thing IRL that resembles my username is a notable Asian refugee network...

  9. now get lightning 4-2 using the original TAS method from 2004

  10. 'Lightning' 4-2 was proven to be possible by humans, for a long time it was TAS only, but a new setup was found.

  11. if there are 16 frame perfect inputs in 4-2 alone I wonder how many there are across the whole run

  12. For context, this run is 5 frames, or 0.08 seconds, faster than Niftski's previous record of 4:54.881 set last December. The time save comes entirely in 8-4. His first room accel was nonoptimal, losing a couple of frames, but he gained those frames back with a fast accel in walljump room that saves 2 frames. He then went for a double fast acceleration in turnaround round that saves 5-6 frames over normal. These timesaves barely add up to a time in the 4:54.7xx range.

  13. Suigi is now a staggering 7 seconds ahead of second place in the category, marking the biggest gap between WR and 2nd place since Akki's 15:04 in 2019.

  14. From the formation of the Earth in fact. The Earth’s rotation is slowing down not speeding up, so it’s never reached 24h and won’t be for millions of years.

  15. fun fact: a human's circadian rhythm is best attuned to 25hr days, not 24hr ones. So give it a couple hundred million years, and we might actually sleep well at night

  16. Star Wars, by far. DC and Marvel have more powerful individuals, yes, but there are only a few of them, and Star Wars has hyperspeed technology and weapons that can obliterate entire planets in seconds. Neither DC nor Marvel have even close to that level of technology

  17. To the one person that chose to chop off their thumb, wtf? How will you grip anything?

  18. I mean you could grip things like pencils by pinching the remaining fingers with your palm, but... yea

  19. All of them are technically correct because the boiling point of water varies depending on the air pressure of the environment you're in. Water boils at a lower temperature on Mount Everest than at sea level

  20. Weird, I thought as I stepped onto the subway. On pretty much any other morning, the train would be packed with commuters heading downtown to do work stuff. This morning... nobody. Not a single soul was on the train I was on. Come to think of it, the subway station itself looked emptier than usual... hm.

  21. I'm not defending the runner but lately I've thought Karl Jobst in general has been... incredibly questionable

  22. Yeahhh this video especially made me question him. Just the way he explains stuff has been getting on my nerves recently. "Only the ones lucky enough will get a WR" Like nah Karl, theyre not lucky, they put in a shit ton of time and effort into it

  23. don't forget the calculator video where he was arguing that games should be hard to speedrun

  24. And it´s strictly against current scientifical consensus. Hawking even went so far as to calling defending the steady-state theory (which basically says that the universe has existed for an infinite amount of time) would be harder than negotiating Brexit (please noone get political, this is a metaphor and ONLY a metaphor).

  25. I mean, if you count the infinitely hot, infinitely dense singularity that predated the big bang, the universe has existed for forever

  26. It's sad that people would rather live in a greedy, money-driven capitalist regime than a society that is actually fair and equal

  27. It's beautiful seeing two radically different temperature scales coincidentally intersect at the exact same round number

  28. Oh hey, it is this overdramatic scumbag from golden eye that is always late to everything, I wonder how much stakes he has in this drama.

  29. There's a reason I removed Karl from my recommendations. He makes the most absurd and ridiculous claims in pretty much any cheating scandal. No, calculators will not ruin Minecraft speedrunning. Yes, it is in fact very likely that Dream outright faked his runs.

  30. Honestly depends on what we're talking about. For things like voting, I honestly support lowering the age limit. It's a right, so why does such a large demographic have zero access to it?

  31. I've heard of carson while i've never heard of kevin soooo

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