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  1. Is this a hack? Or does the game actually have a suicide command, lol?

  2. Yeah. It's not bound to a key initially so you have to choose a button for it, (I use [ for /kill and ] for /explode) but TF2 does have two dedicated suicide commands. It's fantastic.

  3. Oh boy do I have the extremely janky, dumb deck for you,

  4. The only issue with Oubliette is that you always have to explain what it does. As people don't understand that they can't just bounce their commanders back to the command zone.

  5. Schadenfreude and then immediately killbind

  6. If youre not happy seeing bugs melt and burn alive my brother in hoxxes why are you here?

  7. Yeah, I was pretty surprised myself. Perhaps I should have stuck with my initial thought of "I have heard that, but I have yet to see compelling evidence of it." Or even just a "No, really?"

  8. One year later! Hahaha. Wow. Gonna have to re read the list. Thanks for the reply.

  9. I sympathize. Hope you are well. I remember this list now. “Polite control” brought it back to my mind lol. Very cool idea.

  10. This is a fun idea! My first thought is to use cards that require a choice. That way you even get to ask the players what they want to do. Council cards are one way to go about it with things like [[Coercive Portal]] or [[Split Descision]]

  11. Well, if you have to have only one, a Clean (and therefore universally applicable) one is about the best you could get.

  12. Closer and closer to the engineer end game of sitting in a lawn chair, sipping a beer, while bugs die around him

  13. On-theme for Engie, and if the Swarmers just hang a round for a decent bit, or even last until destroyed, then it will be a nice change of pace from Engie's burst-damage nades, like the LURE.

  14. Liberation Maiden. As far as I'm aware the Nintendo 3DS eShop is the only place you can find this little treasure.

  15. Fun fact; if you emote while invisible, sombra will decloak without saying the voiceline.

  16. They already shot my enjoyment in both feet when they banned Sinkhole and Hymn to Tourach. If they ban Dark Ritual I'm leaving the format.

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