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  1. This is my #1 favorite Ghibli movie! Don't hear about it often, so glad you posted this 😊

  2. God I wish they would bring back the life-sized figures. The most simple yet genius merch for them ever made.

  3. I haven't seen those before, could you share a link? Would love to see them!

  4. I’m guessing you’re talking about Optimus Supreme. It’s Energon Optimus Prime combined with Energon Omega Supreme.

  5. It's the Siege Galaxy one. It reminded me of a miniature figure I have that looks like that. Thanks for the info!

  6. If you’re looking for upgrade kits, try DK-13. Adds height to him, a double jointed knee, a hammer, and war axe. I gave the hammer to Ultra Magnus.

  7. Love the before & after. Great work on this one!

  8. LOVE that transparent plastic! Which model is that?

  9. Fanastic work and those photos are amazing! Mind sharing what camera you're using? Looks so good in low lighting :)

  10. Thank you! The camera I used was the Sony A7C with Sigma 70mm Macro f/2.8 Prime Lens (Great for toy/product shots doesn’t need blazing fast AF) on a tripod. Below are the important settings:

  11. Thanks so much for all the info! I heard some Sony cameras do really well with video in low lighting but like you said, a Macro Lens is the key. Thanks again and amazing work! 😄

  12. Those are so adorable! You should make the Chicken next :)

  13. Hellllll yea. This was the first ever Godzilla toys I ever had…not including the 98 Zilla merch 👀

  14. I think these were one of my first Godzilla toys, too :)

  15. So glad someone did Pikmin-themed Easter eggs this year :)

  16. Absolutely hate not being able to fit a semibreve into a measure so 7/4

  17. Interesting point, but not sure I understand. Please explain!

  18. I remember when I was really young we had a double pack of Godzilla vs megalon and Godzilla vs Hedorah.

  19. HELL YEAH!! My brothers and I would play multiplayer battle for hours! This and Destroy all monsters melee.

  20. Thanks for sharing! I was searching Blue raspberry, lavender, and lilac, not sure why I didn't think of Blueberry! 😅

  21. Yes! Those are it! Thanks for helping me find them 🙏

  22. Def a nice collection! Your patience/lurking paid off ;)

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