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  1. I see America being brought up a lot… that doesn’t look like an American license plate guys 👀

  2. It doesn’t, but it still could be in some states … there are about 10 states that don’t require front license plates, and a lot of people have tags from other countries because it looks cool. I had a German one because I was driving a German car.

  3. Lol theyre trynna make/save money every which way they can. Changing the birthday reward a while ago to only be valid on ur birthday. Im sure other stuff that just dont come to mind at the moment. And now this in hopes that customers forget to do it so it takes them longer to get more stars for a free item. I hate this company lol

  4. There was a time when you got a discount when you bought 3 cake pops… this wasn’t as a promotion either, it was an everyday thing; until it wasn’t anymore

  5. Oh wow yea idk why that sounds familiar but I started in 2020 so I'm not sure if that was still a thing then or not but I saw someone say something in this same Thread about the same thing with Vanilla Bean scones and when I read that, it also sounded familiar to me lol but of course its not a thing anymore because why would Starbucks make it easier for customers to get more stuff for discounts 😄 this company has really turned to trash in a handful of ways

  6. It probably wasn’t, I started in 2015, so it had 5 years between when I started and when you started to go away. If I had to guess, it went away in 2017, because it was right around when I started college

  7. The logo that is on the paper OP posted came out in 2011. The style of recovery card is from the 90s, but this version of the logo didn’t come out until more than a decade later, well after these types of recovery cards were taken out of circulation.

  8. I've spent the past 10 minutes researching Starbucks logos because this discussion between you and

  9. Huh, I didn’t catch that! Thanks for the insight! I appreciate you actually looking into it more!

  10. Yah I wonder how they determine if they’re covered or not. Seems like it’s probably on a policy by policy basis, since they leave a lot of gray area in there.

  11. If you read the section for someone without insurance of their own driving your car, you would be held responsible for an “uninsured motorist” causing an accident. So your kids would be uninsured and you would have to pay the full amount in damages

  12. “If someone doesn’t have auto insurance can they drive my car?

  13. Listen, you can say what you want ya lil ashamed equal, but I have more than enough likes/matches coming in regardless of your thoughts or opinions on me. You’re in a relationship, wtf are you doing on a tinder reddit section😂 Lurking for something better? Weirdo

  14. Because I think it’s funny seeing the conversations posted on here … Tinder Reddit is nothing like Tinder. What’re you doing on Tinder Reddit if you have all the matches you could ever want? Why don’t you get off your phone and actually date someone, it seems like you need it

  15. Just in case you’re blind or illiterate, I posted this to help other guys that would possibly be struggling getting matches. Guess your eyes dont work too well.

  16. Lol, you came here to give advice, but literally dismiss any view of people saying that your approach doesn’t work on everyone or for every situation. I’m sure your profile is great for just hookups and people who find you attractive, but it’s just not great for everyone. And plot twist, not everyone will find you attractive. Shocking, I know. It’s almost as if “types” exist. Like I said, go out and actually date someone because you’re not helping anyone by boasting about your successes on here.

  17. I wouldn’t say less effective. I would say more environmental friendly and gentle for the skin

  18. I don’t know what you’re doing with your washing machines where they have enough contact with your skin for the washing machine themselves to be considered “gentle” or “not gentle”, but you do you.

  19. Do you guys not have fabric softener or detergent for sensitive skin??

  20. My SM has a scar on his hand from where an impossible sandwich gave him second degree burns

  21. I have a scar on my finger from the slow roasted ham and Swiss we had awhile back

  22. A couple of them (if it's their markout) will literally just put it in there with their hands. Blows my mind

  23. I do that, after a long time of working at SBuxs, you get used to the heat of the ovens. Sometimes I take it out without tongs if the partner on warming is using it

  24. I don’t understand why people can’t just buy a bottle of white chocolate sauce from the store or make their own. It’s so easy ..

  25. The ONLY reason it would make more sense to do this instead of going to the store would be if it was a barista on the clock, because why make an extra trip and spend money when you don’t have to. But then you would have to ring it in differently

  26. That’s why I’m saying they would need to ring it in differently so they don’t get caught … like WM, 20 pumps, Ask Me, Don’t Make

  27. Some women dont masturbate just as some men dont masturbate. People are different, shocking i know...

  28. Pulling multiple stickers at once tells customers with mobile orders that their drink is being worked on when really it’s not. It also messes with the estimated time given to customers when they’re placing mobiles. It might say their mobile will be ready in 2 mins when really it’s a 10 min wait, but because the barista pulled multiple stickers the system thinks they’re working on the drink. Never pull more than 3 stickers at a time. This is also why some customers pull up to the speaker box shortly after placing their mobile.

  29. I believe the DPM notifies customers when we physically check their items off, but not that it’s being worked on. The only thing pulling more stickers does is mess up the estimated wait time

  30. Personally I go right (closest to ticket machine) to left (furthest away) it’s what makes most sense to me… it bothers me when people do it the other way😂… especially if they’re pulling my tickets and not putting them in the right spot😡

  31. That’s why I always ask which way the person I’m pulling stickers for prefers their cups to go … everyone is different

  32. When people say "can i get a pike or dark roast or blond roast or iced coffee, i always ask if they want cream or sugar in any of em and then theyll tell me the stuff they want in there. But why do i even have to ask? They would have just paid and waited for me to finish it in order to ask. If im going somewhere and i ask for a hot coffee or an iced one and i want something in it, im not guna stay quiet until the employee asks me if i want cream or sugar. I will say it while i tell them my coffee order

  33. Welcome to Starbucks, where we do all the thinking for the customers, so h they don’t have to 🙄

  34. Generally speaking I assume that customers know what they're ordering. "Assume the best in others" in Starbucks lingo. 99% of the time if someone orders black coffee with cream and sugar they are specifying that in the order. If someone orders black coffee and doesn't specify "with cream and sugar" then they usually actually mean it.

  35. Never assume customers know what they’re ordering, because they don’t half the time

  36. Okay I’m getting super disgusted by the food now. The list of what’s safe to eat at Starbucks grows shorter and shorter.

  37. Boxes aren’t safe … I got a moldy box not too long ago, it was delivered with mold already in it (I marked it out and went to eat it within a few hours of it being delivered, and it was already in the fuzzy stage of growth)

  38. Damn I would think if anything was safe it would be the boxes. I hope it didn’t ruin your appetite haha.

  39. I actually have a mold allergy, so it had an effect similar to food poisoning … haven’t marked out any of the boxes since

  40. Aside from what else has been said, I’ve offered to put it on a Starbucks gift card, it usually works the same where they say forget it or magically produce smaller bills or a card.

  41. I’ve never thought of doing that! That’s a good idea!

  42. I’m gonna be honest, I really like it! Your first picture is quirky (in a good way), which draws people in, and the rest shows your personality. And your prompts are pretty creative. I wish I had some kind of critique to make it better, but I just can’t think of anything

  43. Double cup! It always works for me when I double cup it!

  44. HAHAHAHA 25 year old HOME owner? In this economy and housing market? Are you fucking delusional?

  45. I’m 23, and on track to buying a home in two years… have enough saved for 10% down payment

  46. Not what I said. Maturity starts developing when puberty starts. Typically, men are behind, but not always, and certainly not by 6 years (typically it’s 1 year on average). But just because the maturity is a year behind doesn’t mean that they have any excuse to act like a child. Your childhood ends when you’re done with puberty, which is at most 5 years after. For guys, that is 19 years old at the oldest (but that is unlikely for it to take 5 years and start the latest too… usually it’s around 16 or 17 years old) that they should be done acting like a child, not 25. By 25, you should certainly have a job, and have a plan for buying a house/moving out of your parents house. Anyone who is still living with their parents at 25 and doesn’t have a job, is just not worth it

  47. I’m sadly the only one at my store who knows how to… I asked someone to write me a cup and said they can use the POS as a guide, and I got a cup with “mm” in the syrup … nothing else on the entire cup

  48. Chai button works for iced chais, as long as you press the iced and size button first. If you press chai first, it doesn’t work

  49. According to Mayo Clinic: “Fainting might have no medical significance. Or the cause can be a serious disorder, often involving the heart. Therefore, treat loss of consciousness as a medical emergency until the signs and symptoms are relieved, and the cause is known.” Fainting should be treated as a medical emergency if the cause is unknown.

  50. When you faint you aren’t out for an hour, shoot a text from the passenger seat on the way to the hospital, no?

  51. In my experience, you can be out for more than an hour. But even if you’re not, there’s brain fog and short term memory loss that accompanies it, especially if it was caused by a medical condition that is know for memory loss. I got fainting spells as part of my epilepsy, sometimes the act of fainting is draining, so then you fall unconscious to recover, most times, you can’t remember what you were doing before (sometimes the amnesia can span several hours before the episode, and several hours after). None of us can really knows what OPs experience was, OP might not even know what their full experience was, but I can definitely tell you that it isn’t as black and white as it seems

  52. Because customers literally have no idea what they’re ordering

  53. In our area a household manager (which is essentially what they’re wanting) pays about 30$/h. Rooms for rent are about 1100$/m. So basically unless you’re spending 1500$ on food a month, this is an unfair deal- they also left comments showing that they significantly underestimated the rental market prices and the amount this job should be worth in the real world. It feels like they’re wanting a less experienced younger person because they’re more likely to be okay with a loose arrangement and not insist on advocating for themselves

  54. $30/hour, 3 hours/day, 5 days per week, comes out to being $1800 before taxes. Let’s say you have about 20% out for taxes, that’s $1440. $1100/month for rent (and that doesn’t include bills) will leave you with only $340 for bills and food. Let’s say you’re super conservative with electric/heat/AC, you’re still paying roughly $75/month at least. Which leaves you $265 for a month worth of food, which is approximately $8.83/day … so unless you’re planning on getting one smallish meal a day, you’re saving money by taking it. Plus, it’s only a 15 hour/week time commitment, so you can easily get a 25 hour/week job and use it to save up for a house

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