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  1. Ich meine das ernst, weil ich wirklich wissen will...wie?

  2. I'm a web dev and sysadmin. I'm aware of the difference. The Internet was invented by DARPA (Vint Cerf et al).

  3. If you are a web dev you should understand that nearly 50% of the global internet is hosted on American servers, by American companies. It wouldn’t function without us.

  4. For godsake. I'm not arguing to get rid of you!

  5. You're offended by "Septic Tank"? 😂

  6. I wear my heart on my sleave.

  7. There's no way that woman uses Linux.

  8. Codeine here- get incredibly itchy and irritable. And it doesn’t do anything for pain

  9. It can pass after repeated dosing. When I was an opiate addict and did codeine it would cause body itches for hours. After the third or fourth time it was like shitty H but did the trick.

  10. It is definitely the good stuff, I got two pushes of it when I was in recovery for surgery to rebuild my foot and my pain went from like a 6 to 0 in about four seconds.

  11. Heroin (diamorphine) is a lot more euphoric. Fent is more dopey and noddy.

  12. What an adorable little nightmare animal

  13. I am become death! Hear me ROAR!

  14. I've worked in pub and bar management in City centres for over 20 years, these are people I've either briefly talked to or served drinks to in various places, including music venues, exclusive bars or just on the street, either while they were in the area filming, gigging or performing at the theatre. Too many to describe each situation in detail, in no particular order. Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Stephen Fry, Bill Bailey, Harrison Ford, Mads Mikkleson, Ant, Dec (separate occasions), Johnny Depp, Jeff Beck, David Bowie, Prince, Damon Alburn and Graham Coxon of blur but separate occasions, Rush, Kiss, Eric Clapton, Brian May, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Brian Wilson, Sting, and more than I can reasonably remember just now. My career basically just means I'm well positioned to see famous people on a fairly regular basis.

  15. What are Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan like? Were they together?

  16. i thought the same! i also think “not you again” sounds more like Noel, Liam would have said something worse.

  17. Nah, he would have headbutted you! 😃

  18. Do you watch much BBC? they can't go 5 minutes without mentioning race, gender, sexuality, trans rights. In what way are they not left wing lmao.

  19. Mentioning those things isn't left-wing.

  20. Would be a real shame if people made a complaint about how the BBC has handled this using

  21. First time I've ever complained to the BBC. Lets hope this has a snowball Reddit-effect. 👍

  22. this is how i feel seeing tigers and lions and mountain lions… they’re my cats! just bigger

  23. If only we could pet the big cats. I'd love to fall asleep on a big tigers fluffy chest. The human becomes the cat. 😻

  24. Stick your finger up your bum and feel your insides.

  25. Jesus… OP said harmless prank, not fucking physiological warfare that would leave them scarred for life!

  26. I've done the keyboard and mouse one a few times. I can't keep straight for long enough so would never manage 2 weeks!

  27. Oblivion is the most boring ride at Alton towers. One drop and through the tunnel back to the station.

  28. I couldn't get within about 15 metres of the hole. It's too much. Can't deal with coasters. Not sure why I ever bothered going to Alton Towers. The Runaway Mine Train was about the most intense I could handle and even then I had to look at the floor of the carriage and pray the entire ride.

  29. I've a coaster phobia. This made me all-over-sweaty and I cringed into my sofa so hard I touched the floor. 😨

  30. Pretty sure its ketamine. (The come-down for a ketamine sedation is not similar to the sub-dissociative doses people take recreationnally)

  31. I've done a lot of ketamine. Surely a K-hole is similar to a come-down from K sedation?

  32. Yeah I had something similar. My patellar tendon tore and my quad pulled my kneecap up to mid thigh. I pushed it back down and it just slithered back up.

  33. Oh god that sounds fucking awful!!! 🤢

  34. He was a pot plant. Utterly beautiful to look at and that’s it. It’s not fair because Beltran is a great actor (just not when it comes to pretend to drink out of a cup). Eating Raoul was so much fun and creative. He could have done so many other projects that would have stretched him. Watching his light go out in Voyager was really sad.

  35. Never heard this take but you make a bloody good point. She really did replace every characters unique thing.

  36. Good sleuthing! Yeah, she probably just can’t spell.

  37. Keep your bogans off the internet or they'll make you look silly.

  38. The Goa'uld are born with a genetic memory of all their history.

  39. I get the DD/MM/YYYY and YYYY/MM/DD formats because their logic makes sense, putting the units of time from small to large or large to small. In that perspective MM/DD/YYYY makes absolutely no sense at all, like a toddler made a mistake in class and everyone just went along not to hurt his feelings.

  40. Jackdaws, crows, ravens, magpies, etc. It's a family of clever peckers.

  41. Oh right, in Italian we've only got one word for jackdaws ravens and crows (corvo), having a look online I'm not sure they are different species?

  42. That's very interesting!! They are different species that are part of the "

  43. Deadass, I heard of and saw borgs even before tiktok blew up living near a college

  44. It doesn't look like there's anything special about these "BORG"s. It's just alcohol in a big jug. It's got the same 'mystery' surrounding it as "vodbulls", "alcopops", "snakebite", "absinthe" and "drinking alcohol with a straw".

  45. Suppose Liz Truss saying she was undecided if was friend or foe, Boris referring to them as surrender monkeys, Priti Patel saying they are committing genocide, the entire front bench repeating the lie France is a safe country and asylum seekers have to stop at the first safe country, the fact that our newspapers have demonised French border forces for helping sinking boats, the fact that France have reached out since 2019 to sort the Calais jungle and asked us to build a processing centre as there are no legal routes, oh and Nigel Farage and Richard Tice calling them a failed state, I suppose all of that didn’t help. We need to start holding our government to account they get away with behaving like children constantly and our papers then justify the empire mentality we are a small island that has relied upon soft power since the war and this government has destroyed it.

  46. I agree with everything you said except...

  47. It’s Macron’s job to stop illegal immigrants coming in to France, not from leaving France.

  48. Macron can't erect border checks on the EU side due to Schengen obligations.

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