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  1. You could fool me with that statement according to my last core difficulty fight there. Aug Succubi + Aug Marauder Kalavakas guys made us lunch. Taking 0 damage with a party of 13-14 level characters and +3 or better weaponry.

  2. Yeah, imagine what it was like pre-nerfs. There was substantial community outrage over it. At the time it was regeneration that can only be stopped by electricity damage or adamantine, except wait all the enemies are immune to electricity! Also enemy stats were higher (I think AC and attack bonuses)

  3. I just found the augmented demons to be unreasonably unfair. Not able to hit them (50ish AC with good spell resist) and not able to tank them really. The Succubi put a kaibosh on that. And the other stuff like regen and fastheal are just inconveniences if you manage to deal damage to them at that point because the party is never going to get them to 0. Literally no one in my party could roll above a 10 for one combat. So nevermind about getting lucky with a double nat20. I've been discussing how to beat them with a friend who has 1500 hours in the game and he had no workable solutions for my party. Spells I can't cast in multiples and also negate the fast heal which is largely not a factor in my frustration because we never hit them.

  4. Greater invisibility helps with the AC at least, but you will need certain spells and setups here

  5. That was a good, genuine interview. Seemed likable, no excuses

  6. Fury did the same thing when he won the belt and it didn’t stop him from being successful.

  7. Are you talking about after fighting Wlad then going on a 3 year hiatus, becoming morbidly obese and doing cocaine? Because I do think that had a negative impact on his career

  8. The break was so long I forgot like half the plot and characters. Wonder why it was ~10 months when most series are like 4-6.

  9. Novel translation is pretty good if you haven't tried it, good refresher

  10. Best currency I ever made was doing Enchanted Lab runs. You can usually make back your investment on boots, and you can really hit the jackpot on helms. I was running RF Inquisitor at the time when hybrid was at its peak.

  11. This was probably my favorite Spider-Man run, especially the Team-Up series and Superior Foes. That said, the follow-ups and the solo run with Superior Octopus weren't very engaging to me

  12. Have you read the recent Superior Spider-Man run? It was genuinely really good… until it was axed and seemingly forced to reset Otto. Like the ending was still well written but ugh.

  13. You dont like the spear? i love that weapon and the shield

  14. I don't understand what's good about the moveset. Achilles spear doesn't really feel good as a spear, it's just a cast delivery mechanism

  15. It's a single player game, I'll play how I want!

  16. He may not give shady vibes, but the moment fmc mentions that something's off, all alarms go off. It doesn't help that the ghost says that he's the most decent, like, we understand, there really is something shady going on

  17. I don't see muscle mommy.... is she dead? :(

  18. The Fix is you have to actually manually level the mounts, by going to their character page, the mounts char page.

  19. This is a bug report from a year ago. And no, that was not the issue, but thanks for trying to help

  20. Do these kinds of equipment actually produce large numbers of the items in question?

  21. The whiskey one in particular seems to pump it out

  22. Fire Emblem players feel the same way. Watching your Warrior or Berserker miss a 86 with like 50 crit TWICE and dying to a 10 percent crit is always a pain to watch. Not like it just happened to me.......🙃

  23. At least in Three Houses, fire emblem percentages are pretty different from actual percentages shown

  24. Rings are like $30, worst case you'll use them later

  25. I've found walking is better for me than running, especially when combined with weights. For whatever reason, running is more likely to make me feel tight and screw up my sleep whereas walking makes me feel better in general.

  26. I don't know if he still is or not, if that's what you're trying to say. All I'm saying if that he's not openly one anymore. I don't know what goes on behind closed doors; only through media appearances. I'm not excusing him in any way.

  27. Law enforcement sources told the media outlet that Wilder was pulled over in Hollywood at around 1:15 AM after LAPD officers claimed his Rolls-Royce's windows were illegally tinted and his license plate was obstructed.

  28. Looks like he's fighting BJS in an Olympic swimming pool, that ring was stupid

  29. It also wasn't even "that much japanese" she made a lot of mistakes and was using short broken sentences lol

  30. Please downvote this until I'm done with Uber Exarch, tyvm

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