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  1. What do you mean with the AHR being zombies? I got the memo that the Taraka were created using AHR and the chaos rakshasas.

  2. Zombies are the vigor ppl in Ran’s head. They’re the “Ashes of the beginning” = grinded souls of the AHR.

  3. I was pretty sure that the vigor ppl were the "loser's of the previous universe". I'm pretty certain that was said somewhere actually, I could have musread something tho.

  4. The losers of the previous universe are the blue sura looking things, which are different from the things inside of Rans head

  5. I don't really like it. It feels like a rehash of a rather over-used plotline and I don't feel like the story has enough unique elements to it to separate it from the others of its type. If you like it, I'd recommend something like

  6. What did you like about omniscient reader and ToG?

  7. I really like the plot and world building in them but is it kubera or black behemoth that stops at 144?

  8. Black Behemoth. Kubera's still being translated.

  9. It's on daily pass. If you go through webtoons, you need to read it on the app, where you'll be able to read one episode per day (or pay to get access to more).

  10. And this was always on the Sura's terms, defending the cities. Agni could very well have taken down each enemy individually, starting with Asha and then taking down Gandhy and Maruna before Sagara arrived.

  11. Vayu is right, Agni was on Willarv since N5 and could have paid attention and stopped the Red Sky incidents, and could have easily killed 4th stage Maruna, weakened Gandharva, or Sagara. (N16+ is different since him and Chandra had their memories affected because of Hoti Visnu.) I wonder if Agni really is just complicit and wants God Kubera's plans to work.

  12. The last sentence reflects my thoughts exactly. In addition, we know in 3-160 that Agni has chosen Leez as one of his allies ("That's why I put my faith in you in the first place"), so he could very well be involved in GK's plan. I wasn't able to find any indication that Agni knew of Asha's actions, but I feel like I do remember a scene like that.

  13. It's been out for about a month on naver. Webtoons just hasn't started translating again yet. They're probably waiting for some return week.

  14. No. Tower manhwa doesnt make real sense. It will usually have alot of plot hole ( tower clumb manhwa in general). 1. The tower children( those being born in tiwer by legendary player have to start from floor 1) bruh they already being born on upper floor. Just cintinue upwards. What stopping you. This has never been explained by author only fan theory. Then the teleport. And so on. It kinda feel forced.

  15. Wdym? It’s explained pretty early on. People who live in the tower reside in the outer layers, and will restart from floor 1 when going into the inner layer to become a regular. Vast majority of people just live in the outer layer and don’t ever become regulars.

  16. For real dude! The lack of any sort of sci-fi in manhwa is quite weird. Maybe the genre just isn't that big in Korea?

  17. They exist (and some are rather popular in Korea) although they haven’t really ever gained much traction in the west. This is a good thread about it:

  18. ... After 4 years still nothing happened huh

  19. Sorry for responding late, but the author posted an update 2 years ago saying she still intended on working on the series. She’s currently writing another series called Charlotte and her 5 Disciples, which has a lot in common with black haze. Blog post is here:

  20. So after that i just create another account on naver and it work, i use a screen translator to read the korean language but when once start reading a chapter of the novel, it cant translate becausr privacy policy stuff, so how can i read the novel when it full in korean language like that, can i change the language setting to english ? And if can, how to ?

  21. I don't know. I've only ever used it for comics, and I use papago on my phone to translate.

  22. How to use papago to translate ? Like it have mini papago on the screen , but you have to copy the text and paste it there so it translate ? But then on naver i cant seem to copy the text to paste and translate

  23. If you use the app you can use image or study camera.

  24. As much as I loved the past ~100 chapters, I hope we don't have another long time travel segment any time soon. We've barely come back to the present damnit.

  25. No way will they time travel yet. Team Visnu (Leez, Ran, Maruna, Kala) finally got together and the villains (Sagara, Asha) just grouped up too. Things are about to get lit.

  26. Oh definitely. It's just crazy that we're still not done with the Ran & Maruna time travel adventures.

  27. Looking it up, it seems it was deleted & discontinued. Aggregator sites still have it tho (Adblock recommended):

  28. Almost every webcomic on webtoon is: 70% Romance ones And those almost every of them are about reencarnation, or dying and time travels to the past, arranged marriage relationship, lots of misunderstandings, cheating exes and love triangle...

  29. So I got curious about this, and looked into it.

  30. Enlightenment is when you manage to reach the “top”, which is an escape from the current universe. Gods have to drag themselves down by choosing something to tie them to reality (Vayu chose responsibility). Not sure how 0th dimension ties into it though (maybe enlightened beings can survive it idk).

  31. I love it, although not as much as the first season, but still pretty good

  32. Yeah, season 3 & 4 are a big change from seasons 1-2. It's a lot less episodic, which I personally like.

  33. Since a winter moon chapter isn’t very long, its chapter count really belies how long it actually is. It’s more like 80-100 eps long.

  34. This is already out of date. King and Paladin is in complete freefall lol.

  35. now i want Webtoons to bring over On the Emperor's Lap so we can compare the audience reactions to each one

  36. Black Haze - I know its not that famous and its old but it had lots of potential and the story was entering a new arc after the last season. Such a waste. 😭

  37. My big hope is that the author will come back to it once Charlotte's done...

  38. ? They aren’t involved in this at all. This is about the discussion between Mirha and "Vishnu".

  39. Delete the comment then, that’s a raw spoiler.

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