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  1. I’m so surprised nobody has commented on Jaeden Martell playing Barry’s son at the end of the show.

  2. I would wait for them to advance. But then it depends on your financial situation for the next part. I would place maybe a $1-2k bet on PHI/BOS to make it to finals. That way you can sit and wait to see if the heat make it to the finals to get a bigger cashout option. I would definitely cash out if the heat make it to the finals because I don’t think they’ll beat any of the western teams. But like I said, if you can afford to hedge it do it. If not, cash out when they beat the knicks.

  3. My favorite AMCs are the Garden Walk, The District and AMC Marina Pacific.

  4. When I was a little kid I would want to watch an “action” movie. So I would watch Robin Hood 😂 All the arrows and fighting was awesome to me.

  5. Gabes grill check his IG..! Great foods/ tacos and bacondogs!!!

  6. I was looking for a taco caterer as well, just messaged him!

  7. $2800, HB, 3 bed 1.5 bath. It’s a 2 story townhome. My partner and I both got raises so we’re probably just over $100k a year combined (yea we’re poor compared to you lucky ducks 🦆) We have 3 kids.

  8. Because this guy can only afford to go to the movies in Tuesdays.

  9. It’s not immediate but look into becoming a school bus driver for GGUSD. You have to become a sub bus driver first but the starting pay for that is about $25 an hour. It’s a great job. Think about it

  10. Yeah it’s not like he peed on someone.

  11. We beat them last time and it’ll be the same result this time! 🇺🇸

  12. My friend sold him a Mercedes and drove it to his house not too long ago.

  13. Take a friend around Santa Ana and find one of those street taco stands.

  14. Go inside the cave, there’s probably a skeleton holding a chest full of gold bars

  15. Just kicked out my girlfriends best friend from our house. She was renting a room for $500 and was late multiple times on rent. She had her own parking, used our washer, dryer and fridge. She caught an attitude when we had to remind her every month when rent was due. We told her we were gonna raise her rent if she kept being late. She told us we can’t do that to her so we kicked her out instead 🤷🏽‍♂️

  16. I remember after that rookie year I thought we were all going to witness a HoF potential career. Sadly that didn’t happen.

  17. It would be hilarious if somebody decides to hop in the truck and take off leaving them stranded

  18. Greinke gets taken down by the authorities as the prime suspect of 23 missing people.

  19. Men’s, I always take my 4 year old daughter in there. Dad’s understand the struggle. No one will complain about it. However I’ve heard of women being a little uncomfortable for a man being In the restroom even if it’s with their daughter.

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