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  1. It's not just tiktok, all social media is equally to blame. People have murdered over Facebook live and regularly post fucked up videos to every site that will allow them.

  2. As a stupid teen I did something similar but with milk duds and an empty can. Still very dangerous, it could cause a driver to swerve and wreck, and I know now it was very stupid of me. Thankfully my aim was shit and I didn't hit anyone. I can say with full confidence I'd never have thrown a mini boulder off a bridge at a car.

  3. I did epoxy and polished concrete for 6 years, that stuff gets very hot and puts off horrible fumes. I didn't notice any of them wearing respirators and they were sticking their bare hands in the mix. It absorbs through your skin. I hope they never wanted to have kids since it can make you sterile.

  4. True. My family has a rescue dog and I was the one who showed him that it was his now forever home and literally cuddled and petted him since day 1. He's soo over-protective of me (trying to fix it 😅) and would be angry if anyone tries to go in my room. It's hard bringing friends over lol

  5. Yeah helping rescue dogs deal with their mental problems is difficult and needs a lot of patience. My mom rescued a dog from my uncle and she's always so timid and submissive. When we approach her to pet her she cowers down even though she knows it's for pets. If you simply walk by her and aren't paying any attention she cowers down. She also doesn't know how to play and its so hard to teach her. I got her to play once by sticking my hand under the covers but it didn't last long. She's not afraid of playing she just doesnt know how. We have a long road ahead but it's worth every second.

  6. Lol I saved my grand mother from drowning in a lake at 8. Did not make my life a success story.

  7. I saved my little brother twice. Once from falling out of a tree (was a very tall tree) and another from drowning in a pool. He just started walking into the deep end and couldn't swim. I watched him go under and just kind of stand there. Honestly it took me a second to register he was under water but to be fair I was only 9 or 10. I can agree my life is definitely not a success, pretty much the opposite

  8. Right? All that good coke going to waste sitting in an evidence lock up. Why can't they just give it all to me? I'll put it to good use

  9. White people, you're killing your selves

  10. That bird was probably scared to death being indoors with all those people - but it's still better than certain death. That was wonderful of them to see the bird and let it inside to wait out the storm.

  11. In many big cities pigeons aren't afraid of humans. In San Antonio Texas on the boardwalk they'll come right up to you begging for food.

  12. Who sees zero visibility and thinks "hey let's speed up and not touch the breaks at all"?

  13. There are biting ladybugs here in Texas and Oklahoma. It doesn't really do much damage but gives you a sharp sting

  14. Don't charge things like this in your house, should be obvious. Also everyone should have a fire extinguisher rated ABC in the home.

  15. I had an Uber driver go like 25 in a 60. They were about prehistoric years old. It was WEIRD.

  16. That's almost as dangerous as speeding and against the law

  17. I didn’t know what it was until I explained it to a coworker 2 weeks ago. It used to happen once every 3 months or so. Now it’s a daily occurrence and sometimes multiple times during a sleep session. Day or night. Doesn’t matter. It is scaring the shit out of me to the point when it happens I stay awake the rest of the time.

  18. Just remember it's only a dream and anything you hallucinate isn't real. Try sleeping on your side or stomach instead of your back and don't wait until you're exhausted to sleep. Also not sleeping for long periods of time can cause it when you finally do fall asleep.

  19. User name doesn't check out, impossible to have a low with those climbing all over you.

  20. There's quite a lot of cows. Even with very low odds if you give something enough chances and its going to happen.

  21. And is still far more likely than aliens or some cryptid that has some how been so active yet never actually filmed/discovered officially.

  22. How do you do that in heels?? That's talent right there

  23. As a scaffolder we skipped some safety precautions, but these guys are just fucking idiots. We were almost never unclipped if we were up that high, especially walking on a narrow beam like that. Someone should get fired

  24. They also cut corners on setting it up correctly some times. I watched a 3 story scaffold fall on a guy walking underneath. It wasn't set up properly, the guy was in critical condition but survived. OSHA got involved and did an investigation, people got fined and charged.

  25. Sometimes even get two, its very rare though.

  26. Edit 3: I get it. People of Reddit think anything you don’t like is made up. Maybe my experience was unique to the conditions of the air and the venue. But I don’t know why I would make up people losing conciousness in a cloud of vape fumes. It happened, I was there, I’m not sure what you people think I have to gain from lying about it. I was just telling a story about one time I felt the “oh shit I’m old” feeling watching children do really stupid shit. (I used to and sometimes still do stupid shit. But I’m not going to tell someone they shouldn’t smoke while complaining that I’m dizzy and that we should leave this foggy area so we can breathe. That’s stupid, sorry folks)

  27. I don't know where you live but I graduated 2005 and everyone was on benzos. I'd eat up to 10 2mg bars a night at one point. I'm not bragging, that was one of the worst points of my life, but I feel like you didn't realize what was going on around you. That was when bars became an epidemic since they were 2$ or less each. Thankfully I'm clean from the drugs now for 7 years.

  28. Yeah, exactly. With so much police hate going on people seem to think it's just all bad policing. Don't get me wrong, we absolutely need police reform but this is the kind of incident that shows that certainly police officers can be (seemingly) decent.

  29. I guarantee one of the big reasons those kids didn't get a ticket is because the cops didn't want to do that much paper work. If there wasn't a ton of work to do they'd have gotten them all.

  30. Trust me, it’s WAY worse when they do eat it. Have you even been woken up by smell alone? Dog cabbage farts are a thing no one should experience.

  31. So my uncle and family dog were sleeping together. My dogs ass happened to be pointing right in my uncles face. The entire RV full of people was woke buy my uncle very loudly yelling "What the fuck Rusty, holy shit". Wasn't a cabbage fart but it was worse. We had fed him scraps because we ran out of dog food and were camping in the middle of no where.

  32. This could very likely be a roadside town somewhere rural. I’ve never been to Australia, but in the US, especially out west, main trucking routes (ie. US HWYs) pass right through smallish towns frequently, just like this. The roads and towns have grown together for decades. Often when those towns get big enough they’ll put in detours around the towns. It’s not like city planners invite trucks or neglect to detour them around major suburban neighborhoods though.

  33. If you do a long drive through my state (Texas) you'll pass a town like that every hour or so. Many of the highways go through really small towns that thrive off the traffic from the highway going through the middle. It also happens to be main truck routes and the only place to stop for diesel in a 100+ mile radius. They are much smaller than the one in this but I'm sure it's a bit different there.

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