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TIL the pet food company Chewy sends flowers and a card when a customer's pet dies. They will reimburse the purchase of unopened food and suggest it be donated to a shelter. They also offer the option of talking to someone about the grief of losing a pet.

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  1. Designed and Canada, made in China. Fuck these guys form out sourcing all those years ago.

  2. Hi! Thank you for your feedback. We are hoping to add such functionality at some point in the future, although we can't share any timelines for this at the moment. We will add your vote to this feature request to help our team prioritize future implementations.

  3. any progress? I use proton mail because it gets me away from google but need a google account to keep my appointments booked then synced with proton.

  4. If it was my restaurant I'd ask them to leave too, def not worth the liability. They would be the first customer to throw themselves on the floor that they had a "reaction" to the food or some attention seeking behavior. Sorry if you have all these allergies, are diabetic and need all these substitutes just eat home

  5. Absolutely, Ive asked people to leave for a lot less than that.

  6. This is inspiring for me, so often I force the dark dreams back down. Thank you for sharing.

  7. For me I say "Mockingbird" by Walter Tevis, he wrote the Queens Gambit as well, but Mockingbird is a masterpiece.

  8. A roommate turned me onto Hillman, then Jung was to follow. Im curious if anyone else notices how JP cherry picks from a number of ideologies sets to build what it is he talk about. I enjoy many of his talking points but don't have trust for a lot of what he spouts.

  9. Once upon a time I worked as a chef on a 120 year old sail boat, here is a dinner shot from above.

  10. A classic tuna salad from France, Here rare albacore tuna is seared, served with a soft boiled egg, potato with a mustard herb dressing, kalamata olives, green beans, and sharp cheese

  11. Rustic eclairs stuffed with a chocolate mousse I made for an event some years ago.

  12. The man that started this company now owns 10% of... Gamestop!

  13. it will take more that feelings to get through to the boomers..

  14. The psychological they capitalism pushes a, in my opinion is created with the intention to keep you coming back and to focus on how "you or your parents" fucked up, with to room to talk about the more urgent issues we face today, that are largely cause by capitalism and the shadow the the dominate churches. It is as if psychology is mocking me. I personally ran off the rails trying to use new age psychology as a means to find peace, it failed. Now I turn to the works if Carl Jung, James Hillman, Mirian Woodman, and using dreams ad a means to better understand what my subconscious mind needs and wants. It's been far more effective for me. I highly recent listing to to talks on YouTube from the afformentioned names. I've managed build a new psychological understanding of myself that uses art, dreams, images, myths, archtypes, and alchemy to build a relationship with myself that more akin to a dance then trying to force it into some prescribed box.

  15. also, bird feeders without proper cleaning spread fungus and things like avian flue..

  16. A Michigan hunting group filmed one this last September in the Upper Peninsula. It was found dead, shortly after. They believe that it was killed by a group of wolves.

  17. I never heard about that! Those wolves can be shockingly power full.

  18. This bear is known my locals as Warrior, because of the scar on her nose. She had her cubs in the woods and would catch a fish then run off with it to them. These bears are only found in a couple of specific areas of the Great Bear Rainforest in central British Columbia. Their specific locations are guarded and there are an estimates 300-400 of them. I while beau can have black cubs and a black bear can have white cubs, Its suspected that its a genetic abnormally left over from the ice age

  19. I'll believe it when it happens, there have been so much back sliding on this...

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