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  1. Here in Canada (Ontario), restaurants have to pay the same minimum wage as everywhere else. So, tips are good but shouldn't be seen as necessary like it is in the states.

  2. This is recent though. They used to make less than minimum wage, so we're just too damn polite to adjust our norms.

  3. I was passively watching and was pretty sure cuthbert said mitch was really gassed at the end of that shift, than it cuts to him jawing at the refs from the bench. I was like I'm pretty sure something else happened here.

  4. I would print out an article or essay on wage theft and hand it in.

  5. I dont use the cradle, so it stays on the right.

  6. Shit, what vaccine do I need to get this? /s

  7. Start practicing now. Find a pen and paper. "Parts on order, ok for service" right that out 10x a day and you'll be ready.

  8. Would you say your mechanic or the repair process is inadequate in some way? That seems to be a general consensus.

  9. I've had good and bad mechanics, but it's the management that's always shit. More interested in their budget and ticking off some checklist everyday, than maintaining the fleet.

  10. You can get both done in a weekend at wolfs den.

  11. Next time just wait for the fedex guy and you can sign for each others packages.

  12. She's sexually active now. Get over it!

  13. Our pediatricians office has a chart at the reception showing all the fees they charge for "nonessential" services such as getting a copy of a letter or a file that your kid might require to be able to be treated. Between that and the horribly bureaucratic (and inefficient) receptionists, I'd love to see them get knocked down a peg.

  14. The receptionist is the problem at my doctor's office, my doctor will secretly write letters at no charge behind her back lol.

  15. Toronto decided that rather than expand to the greenbelt, we'd just shoot some small nukes into the lake to evaporate some of the water and make more land for ourselves that way. Who needs a foot bridge to the islands when you can just evaporate Toronto harbour, amirite?

  16. I'm guessing you also didnt get the invite to the buck and doe eh?

  17. Shit. If this is gonna be that kind of party, I'm gonna stick my dick in the mashed potatoes

  18. Can he just appeal it until after the next election? Asking for a friend. /s

  19. I'd like to know crunched the numbers on that aav for a 1 year contract.

  20. We are actually starting a "Bear Spray and Machete for every youth" program.

  21. I didn't like the color. Can you come back on Friday and pick them up?

  22. We had a guy who delivered like 8 different muskoka chairs (Adirondack for some) all different colours. Customer wanted to open them all and decide what one she actually wanted while he waited lol. Buddy was like you get them all or none.

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