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  1. Maybe I’m being naive, but if something is organic wouldn’t it be free of things like this?

  2. Unfortunately, no. Lots of items listed as organic test positive for glyphosate. There isn’t much oversight with regards to something being labeled as “organic”. To become a “certified organic” farm, you don’t actually get investigated to confirm it’s true, it’s all done via self-reporting by the farms. The farms could be using whatever chemicals they want and just say they don’t.

  3. The OECD Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals were specifically designed to make manipulation of the data difficult to say the least, as the findings will not be replicatable without the same manipulation.

  4. Lazy! I asked you provide evidence of racism that I’ve posted or any racism posted to that sub, yet you provide none and return to demonizing me, a stranger. Try harder. Your name-calling rings hollow and weak.

  5. Considering the ant people were associated with Orion and potentially specific seasons, perhaps they were seasonal nomads. Potentially from the plains or plateau tribes further north (or further South in Central America where temperatures in modern ages are pretty consistent yearlong and advantageous for growing crops). Also consider that ancient indigenous peoples were extremely nomadic and often did not have permanent year long dwellings. They moved with the weather/climate/resources.

  6. Just to add a potential clue here, the word “Cherokee” is roughly translated as “people of the ground” or “people of the caves” due to the high number of caves that they would use/live in in the Appalachians. They were also known to travel great distances, including Westward, for trade and hunting purposes. There is also a Cherokee legend about a group of them who moved West and were never seen again on the East coast (way before the Trail of Tears relocation). Maybe the Cherokee people were the ones they were meeting with these Western tribes. “Ant people” and “people of the ground” seem like comparable terms to describe the same thing. Just a thought…

  7. I really appreciate this as I have Cherokee lineage that unfortunately was whitewashed by some ridiculous sense of guilt. My grandmother 3 generations removed was from the Tennessee Cumberland Plateau region. I wish I knew more about this side of my family. From what I can surmise most of my ancestors ended up extremely poor and fractured across many states in the southern portion of the US, namely Oklahoma and Louisiana and I’m sure there was some messed up reason for these relocations (Indian Removal Act etc).

  8. Oh, I’m wrong? The fact that Ukraine was bombing their own citizens for several years before the start of the war means that they’re good? The fact that Zelensky knew that Azov we’re nazi sympathizers but accepted them into the national military anyway means that they’re good? The fact that Ukraine was ranked as one of the most corrupt counties in Europe before the start of the war, and now many of the weapons we give them are being sold to unknown parties for profit means that they are good? Your ignorance is showing badly. You have been propagandized by the government and media, and you’re furthering the agenda of the MIC, and then you spew your nonsense on Reddit as if you know what you’re talking about. Hilarious!

  9. Why are you simping for Russia so hard? Why are you gobbling all the Russian state propaganda?

  10. Please, please, please, go to Ukraine to fight for your beliefs. They are taking volunteers. You can go kill the Russians you hate so much and the US will be rid of one more idiot. Prove to the world that you’re not some edgy keyboard warrior like you think I am. Don’t talk about hating Russians, BE ABOUT HATING RUSSIANS . BE ABOUT LOVING UKRAINE and defend this shining light of love of democracy that you hold so dearly. Until then, you’re just a propagandized pussy, simping for a country you know nothing about because CNN told you to. You’re an embarrassment to this country and to its citizens who know better than to trust what the government and the media tells them. And you’re a hypocrite who would beg our military to protect you if the US had been in the same position as Russia was soon facing.

  11. Correct. The population survived to pass on the genes. The individual did not survive if they did not have immunity.

  12. The mRNA vaccines don’t give immunity, hence why Fauci told us everyone will eventually catch Covid.

  13. Steve Rinella’s wild game cookbook has an excellent recipe for shank Osso Bucco that I highly recommend

  14. What? You don’t want to take an experimental vaccine created by a corrupt company with a long history of criminal business decisions and billion dollar fines??? Are you some kind of crazy person???

  15. It's not mandatory you fucking crank job. Literally yes, yes I do, because I'm willing to take a small risk to advance society and science as a whole. It's literally a trial. You may get a placebo, it may not work, there may be side effects.

  16. How much did your Pfizer tattoo cost you? And how many masks were you wearing when you got it? 3? 4? My guess is 4.

  17. Maybe big foot is interdimensional, like the shit running around skinwalker ranch.

  18. That’s sort of my theory too, but instead of dimensions, I think they exist in the future, but we can occasionally see through the vail of time for some reason. I think aliens are also in the future but we occasionally see them too. My theory is that, in the future when humans are capable of living in space full-time there will be a population of people who go to space and another group who stay behind on earth. The humans who go to space eventually evolve into what we think of as aliens, and the people who stay on earth eventually evolve into Bigfoot.

  19. Yea I write with left but do sports and power things with right hand

  20. At this point, I’d rather see DSO play than spend 3x as much on a ticket to see Dead and Slow.

  21. “I’m Uncle Sam that’s who I am been hiding out in a Rock and roll band” the dead was mk ultra

  22. Who’s to say the CIA isn’t still involved in the scene? I get the impression they are

  23. Obviously there's the whole 'the Dead was a CIA OP' to influence/control the counter culture, but I think the truth is just adjacent to that (and yes this is my own home brewed conspiracy)

  24. I liked the books “the witches god” and “the witches goddess”. I don’t remember the author unfortunately

  25. I would say either going down Big Bald NOBO or coming up Max Patch looking south.

  26. I did the same thing you did, and it completely changed my life for the better. Still feeling the benefits 14 years later. I highly recommend it.

  27. Awesome to hear! If you don’t mind, could you share some about the benefits?

  28. So many benefits I’d have to write a book to list them all, but I’ll try to give you the major highlights:

  29. I have a theory that George Vanderbilt was secretly gay, so maybe the tunnels had to do with hiding him and his buddies’ activities. He also had a “hunting lodge” on top of a nearby mountain named “Buck Springs Lodge”. Asheville is now a gay Mecca of sorts so it seems reasonable that Vanderbilt influenced or encouraged the gay lifestyle in the city.

  30. I had never been on a backpacking trip before I started the AT. You figure it out as you go. After the first week, in had to buy a ton of new gear at the first outfitter since most of what I initially bought wasn’t good enough. Live and learn.

  31. You pansy! Real men can just look at the deer real mean and it’ll fall over dead!

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