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[SPOILER] Michael Chandler vs. Tony Ferguson

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[SPOILER] Derrick Lewis vs. Tai Tuivasa

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  1. Craziest sport ever. That first round was vintage Tony and Chandler's UFC run has been as entertaining as it gets.

  2. Such an unpredictable sport and some people will still think they know for definite what happens at times. Great performance from Aljo but they'll fight again one day

  3. What an insane fight and both of them didn't give up at all. Absolute warriors... Matt at 41 years old taking that much damage and not going down makes me think he's not even human. The Immortal is as fitting of a nickname as he could get. Shame the crowd booed him but obviously he just won against their hometown hero.

  4. James Vick is licking his lips at how much damage Hooker takes

  5. PADDY YOU'RE UP NEXT. The only way I can see Paddy winning is the size difference.

  6. Absolutely incredible fight. Valiev's heart is out of this world taking those shots and still going for it. Jack seems like one of the most humble people around.

  7. I’m an older person and I’ve never heard of Billy Wilder.

  8. Witness for the Prosecution was the most recent Billy Wilder movie I've watched and it was absolutely incredible. If you've heard of movies like Sunset Blvd, Double Indemnity, The Apartment, Some Like It Hot, etc they're all Billy Wilder.

  9. Absolutely, here are my recommendations for ones you haven’t seen. If you like Waterfront and Eden, you will like the ones listed below. A lot of this list are on HBO Max and the Criterion channel. Great thread btw.

  10. Thank you I'll definitely look into everything you mentioned tomorrow. I planned to go asleep a half hour ago but besides a couple of weird people, everyone (including you) have made interesting comments I wanted to read.

  11. Two of the best ever personally and their body of work means they're more than deserving to be in the conversation. I hope they make an actual video for this.

  12. Perfect name for the card with how out cold the last 2 losing fighters were. Garry got brutalised

  13. What a fucking fight. I don't watch ONE but it's time I stop sleeping.

  14. I would recommend reading the books! I'm nearly finished the series and if you liked the show you may really enjoy the books

  15. I definitely need to read them. I own so many books (200+) but have read such a small amount. Hoping to change that though. I've recently read some pages of Rubicon and hopefully I can keep at it.

  16. I can relate, if it wasn't for audiobooks I would be in the same boat. Now I listen to a few chapters during my commute or as I am cooking. I hope you get around to it and enjoy it!

  17. I never tried audiobooks until last year when I gave the Harry Potter books a try (Stephen Fry's version). Ended up listening up until Goblet of Fire and I'll be starting again.

  18. Moicano's corner should have called it after the third round let alone the end of the fourth, a brutal beating for no fucking reason. The ending was incredible but it still didn't change all the unnecessary damage he took.

  19. R.I.P. Blonde Brunson. Brutal way to end the streak and that entire round he was done for after being hurt.

  20. Hopefully you don’t get autobanned for venturing off into the out of bounds.

  21. If they banned him for that after having his account for close to 5 years and 1000s of hours played that would be the worst ever. Who knows though, he fell to his death outside the map since he couldn't get back in to extract

  22. Nothing better than dying to an AI scav who killed me and 3 other PMCs through walls from miles away.

  23. 10/10 fight and both of them gave it their all. This card has been pretty great and it's only the first numbered event of the year.

  24. Brutal way to lose your undefeated record but Valdez has as much heart as anyone. Frevola destroyed him such an incredible performance. Also should have been stopped earlier

  25. Brutal beatdown from Kattar. Absolutely incredible fight and hopefully Kattar fights Yair or even Ortega next. First event of 2022 and it's no doubt going to be one of the best fights of the entire year.

  26. The UFC is incredible right now. 268 and 269 are 2 of my favourite cards ever and they happened back to back...

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