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  1. Pig latin. She's in a eelchairway. Technically Kenny says it.

  2. "Joe Martin" wanted "All Salsa, All the time" even if Frasier was fluent in Spanish I think his lack of knowledge of Salsa would do for him here lol

  3. Agreed, but I love the idea of Noel the Mole Schempsky staying on with a salsa driven Latino music station.

  4. As we say in Latin, a dorcas mallorcus (fun fact: dorcas is Latin for “antelope”)

  5. "Ok DUDE, wouldn't want you to have a cow, MAN... Here's a catchphrase you better learn for your adult years: 'Hey buddy, GOT A QUARTER?'"

  6. Customer is King here. If they misbehave, they go to the guillotine.

  7. Well, at least I did better than dad...

  8. This week I've mainly been listening to

  9. Thanks for reminding me that Sentiment exists. Good god, what a work of beauty.

  10. No worries mate. It really is though, every time I listen to it in full I'm struck by its depth and, not to sound too pretentious, its grandeur.

  11. Un is really good about being majestic without overblown. There are some metal bands out there, and funeral doom seems to be no exception, that are truly pretentious. Dream Theater comes to mind. Un just rocks it crushingly hard without adding too many elements or snootiness to their mix.

  12. Much more upbeat sounding than a lot of their previous stuff. So was Monolord’s last one, now that I think about it. All good stuff, but surprising.

  13. You can tell this isn’t a metal sub. They wouldn’t be making fun of anyone because of their appearance and if they did it would be laughing with the person using much funnier jokes. Youse are all lame and mean.

  14. I play the “nananananana FISHING” at full volume on my phone every morning before I go fishing. My girlfriend hates it

  15. This is a meme so deft and simple that I am frankly surprised this hasn't been done before.

  16. I’m sorry for bumping the thread but here’s the simplest explanation I can give. The biggest assumption you have to make is that the speed of light, c, is Constant and it will always remain constant. Next, you have to understand that gravity works by bending space (imagine putting a weighted ball on a taught bedsheet, it would cause the bedsheet to sag). Knowing these two things, if light is passing through an area that has a lot of gravity, it must cross a curved surface instead of going in a straight line. Because the curved path is longer than a straight line and the speed of light has to be constant, the only variable that can compensate for the increased distance is time: if time slows down, it will allow light to travel at c and still reach its destination at the same time as if it were a straight line. Also, the more gravity there is, the bigger the curve is which makes time slow down even more. I truly hope that helps. If it have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

  17. This is truly the best explanation for this I have ever come across. Thank you!

  18. Some say the ducks went to Canada. Others say Toronto.

  19. Bart being all sappy and not so well spoken in this episode is a gem.

  20. There are a few great paid ones that are missing off of this list.

  21. Have you experienced any issues with SPACEPLAN? It’s my second day with it. Upon waking up the app doesn’t load. Rebooted the phone and nothing. I haven’t deleted and reinstalled. I’m trying to avoid starting over but I’m the grand scheme of things I’m not overly concerned with losing progress.

  22. Going to save this for a pay day treat. Looks great!

  23. They’re bulletproof, bombproof, and battering ram resistant.

  24. OP will never work in this town again!!! NO ONE QUITS SPACELY'S SPROCKETS AND HEALTH CARE!!

  25. The book is equally as good as the movie, in a different way. The movie took off and became its own thing. If you don’t believe me the Patrick Bateman memes are still going strong decades later.

  26. Ironically, Krusty has no talent and yet he is in show business.

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