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  1. My ex did this for probably months. He knew he was going to dump me, but didn't say a word. Instead, he kept whining about ditching the rubber. And he went behind my back to make fun of me. I wasn't aware of anything until after the breakup - and of course I didn't hear it from him, but from his (now not anymore) friends. I needed therapy to deal with how he used me up like that. I felt worthless and disgusting.

  2. We also bought a Roomba a week ago... The thumping went through the roof, but now they're getting used to it.

  3. 🎶Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree Your ornaments are history🎵

  4. NTA. A husky requires a lot of work. Any dog does, but huskies need a lot of training or they will break down your house when they grow up. They're great dogs once trained, but they're not for everybody and definitely not a dog for starters (unless you know very well what you're doing). The puppy deserves a good home, as well as you deserve a nice dog. The gesture was very nice, but like you said in the post - it's not a good idea for multiple reasons.

  5. Chester Bennington. Linkin park was such a big part of my childhood and when I heard he died, and worse, committed suicide, I just went to bed and cried for hours, listening to his music. Maybe in retrospect not the most “surprising” death considering his entire discography was a cry for help, but certainly the one that hit me the hardest.

  6. I've never cried about a celebrity dying, except for Chester. It tore me into a million pieces.

  7. Chester Bennington and Christina Grimmie.

  8. You can simply say you disagree with what I say. But to say that I'm full of shit is disrespectful and unnecessary.

  9. You're not just being blunt. You're being rude.


  11. A faint line is positive in most cases. You could very well be pregnant..

  12. If you have any doubts consult your doctor

  13. Ik herken deze irritatie (fel licht is heel vervelend als je migraine hebt). Mijn achteruitkijkspiegel heeft een instelling waarmee ik de reflectie donkerder kan maken, maar dat gaat wel ten koste van het zicht. Ben ook nog steeds op zoek naar mijn mistlichtknopje. Ik zou dan daarmee knipperen.

  14. You have great taste in music (don't know all of the bands you listed, but I really like metal and hard rock and stuff like that)! Unfortunately I'm not a drummer, but I used to sing for a very long time. Haven't for a while now though, because I don't have a space to practice. I'd love to start practicing again. Used to practice screaming as well, until my parents started to complain. 😅

  15. Can you donate some of that confidence to me? 🙈 Haha

  16. Yup. I feel you. Spotting on monday, was excited because it "might be" implantation bleeding... Nope, AF was a week early. Such a b*tch.

  17. This isn't even a fetish anymore. This is just upright disgusting and your husband should go into therapy. There's definitely something wrong in his mind.

  18. Oeh oeh oeh!! De CEO's van al die goede doelen - KiKa, Hartstichting, Nierstichting, Hersenstichting, KWF, etc etc

  19. Je grammofoonplaat slaat een beetje over. Ben dit liedje wel een beetje zat ondertussen. Je bent veel minder afhankelijk van een KWF (als je geluk hebt) dan van een nutsbedrijf terwijl de directeur van Eneco een drievoud verdient.

  20. Nouja, je snapt me... Al die topmannen die veel te veel geld krijgen kunnen best wat inleveren wat mij betreft.

  21. Over 10 jaar vragen deze mensen zich af waarom zij nog single zijn

  22. Heb vandaag weer meegeholpen op de kinderboerderij bij ons in de buurt 😇 Ik was wel verkleumd na de tijd. 😂

  23. It's not just small cell. It's other lung cancers, and to a lesser extent most non-lung cancers too!

  24. Yes, of course! But in smokers SCLC is most common.

  25. Oh my gooooood, look at what she did to your couch!! 😱😱😱 She's naughty for sure 😂

  26. Unsure why you’re being downvoted for expressing concern for animals on a vegetarian sub? I think it’s a perfectly valid question to ask

  27. I was hoping for an answer instead of downvotes, but here we are 😅

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