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  1. And assume you're just as invested in defending Democrats who break the law.

  2. Yeah I still laugh to myself when the "but Epstein knew Bill Clinton" argument used to get thrown around

  3. I mean lock him up if he broke the law. But just knowing Epstein isn't a crime. I found it so cringy on both sides that everyone on reddit was claiming that anyone who had their photo taken standing next to Epstein at a party should go to prison for raping children.

  4. That was the unspoken bit. Investigate, prove, lock up

  5. Why aren’t they going after number one? Where’s the ambition from the AoT crowd

  6. Picking on low hanging fruit I guess. The Bluey fanbase is smaller

  7. "A man went on holidays and misses all the friends he made"

  8. I live in Australia. I guarantee any Aussie waking up to a giant celestial crotch would be making jokes about it

  9. "Not coming to work today boss, there's a giant cock outside my window"

  10. Sarray's a real one for moving at half speed through that match to not completely outclass Mandy. What a professional.

  11. I don't really watch much Joshi wrestling (nothing against it, there's just not enough hours in the day to watch everything). But I've seen a bit of TJPW and Stardom recently and it REALLY highlighted just how much quicker everything is over there

  12. And some won't forget, they'll just believe that Democrats were at fault

  13. Rand, like Cruz, is among the worst of the worst — A truly depraved piece of shit.

  14. I can't remember where I read it, but this sums them up best

  15. Here come the Republicans with their tails between their legs to vote on the thing they already said they would have voted on. Must be more of that Trump effect on the party.

  16. They'll do a victory lap and deny it ever happened

  17. More than likely a blessing in disguise. As others have said, her return will be global warming levels of hot, and we will be so much more closer to Mania. She'll be primed and ready for Ronda, if that's the goal.

  18. Yeah I could totally see them holding her back to the Rumble (if she's ready before then) just for the INSANE pop they'll get when her music hits

  19. Hey look what we did!! We support veterans and we would never do anything that would hurt them! It was a silly misunderstanding and we didn’t mean it. Will you forgive us?

  20. "It was all Sleepy Joe's fault. He made the GOP vote against it... because of reasons"

  21. After seeing the social media numbers of his match from Summerslam, I'll be shocked if he's not holding a belt by Survivor Series

  22. I think it's good Becky is out for a Bayley time to make an impact again

  23. Yeah for all the criticism AEW get, they've shown that if you book it right, you can cycle the top talent in and out when required

  24. And as much as the "real" fans will bitch about it, numbers like these are why he's going to get a prominant push

  25. He'll find a way to both take credit for the hit, while applauding Al-Zawahiri and calling him a "terrible bad guy"

  26. Sleepy Joe would've never even been able to hit Al Zawari if it wasn't for me! don't forget, I was the one who took out Al Bag Daddy, ok. and I was there, and people were there, Generals, others, and they came to me, they said, "Mr. President, Sir, what do we do about Al Bag Daddy?" and I said you take him out. I gave the word, ok. and they did it, and even the Fake News had to say that it was good, can you believe it? and then they said, "what about Al Zawari?" Horrible Al Zawari. and I said I would take care of it. but then the Radical Left, just like they stole a beautiful Election Victory from me, they stole all of the hard hard work I did to go against, and we're talking majorly ok, go hard against Al Quaida. you could almost say we wouldn't even have a Country without Donald Trump.

  27. Heroes is the quintessential example of this. A fantastic first season, that's thankfully pretty self contained. Thankfully, because everything after that is utter garbage. The show was originally intended to be an anthology, but the characters became too popular so they had to keep them around. Unfortunately they had no idea what to do with them. Some of their characters ended the first season extremely overpowered. To keep them from instantly solving every problem, they had to keep on coming up with ways to either depower them, or have them act like complete idiots. Also their main villain became far and away the most popular character on the show, so they wrote the most asinine and contrived reasons to keep him around. The writer's strike did them no favors either, forcing them to cut a promising storyline short, and the show was never able to recover.

  28. Whenever Heroes comes up, I like to remind people that Peter, the quintessential hero of the story left his girlfriend stuck in a dystopian future hellhole and never, ever mentioned her again

  29. I honestly assumed he did that so he didn't forget his own name

  30. So I'm not American, which means I have to apologise for asking potentially a stupid question

  31. Garcia winning is not what i expected, but fucking good for him. A win vs one of the top wrestlers in the promotion? Awesome.

  32. Correction... One of the top wrestlers in the world

  33. Roddy's look absolutely lethal. I remember when him and Danielson were in one of the greatest Rumbles, and Danielson's chest looked fucking raw after.

  34. Funnily enough though, Roddy was on the receiving end of one of my favourite chops of all time back in PWG

  35. I can’t believe this is the person they choose to lead them. He’s quite possibly one of the least godly people on the planet.

  36. I heard someone try to justify it by saying "god sends his angels to test us"

  37. So he was totally fine wrestling on AEW TV with his full entrance and everything, but only suddenly had a problem when he was booked to lose the title?

  38. Yeah I was on the fence about all of this but the timing of his grievence really makes it just seem like sour grapes

  39. I know it will sound defeatist.... But playing it small and safe is probably a good idea. Less likely to make Bluey a target of trolls and invaders

  40. Fight For the Fallen could be one of the better Dynamites just with that card alone.

  41. The cynic in me is sitting here wondering "how can they get Britt involved?"

  42. Funny enough, if vacuum decay happened (look it up, I'll probably not do it justice) that's exactly what they figure would happen. All matter falling apart or being completely transformed, all at the speed of light.

  43. I told my wife about vacuum decay (in my layman's understanding level of it)

  44. I think the term was "functionally illiterate". He can read.... But doesn't comprehend anything above a base level

  45. Josh Hawley running is funny, but it shows these GOP Senators knew the mob, knew their base might decide to kill them. Trump's base can count on one hand the politicians they actually like.

  46. Yep I honestly believe if they got their hands on any of them, there would have been deaths. They can easily justify it as killing "the deep state" as they see Trump as their emperor and the one true ruler anyway

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