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  1. Most of you have zero critical thinking skills and it shows, let alone understanding the basics of US military doctrine in dealing with foreign entities.

  2. I love some of the Reddit military analysts here, “well there is snow in Montana right now, so low risk of fire so they could’ve shot it down there” lol

  3. Considering it’s altitude, the military are the only ones with the capability to shoot it down.

  4. What do you suggest, beyond everything that has already been done?

  5. The only thing that will stop the barbarians is the same thing that will cause a lot more deaths, intervention

  6. I miss being able to rent consoles and video games. You could play and beat games in a few days for a few bucks

  7. There’s one by me in Hamilton, NJ called “video express and game exchange” they still rent movies and games, and they’re very popular in the area. You go there on a weekend and it reminds me of blockbuster back in its prime due to the consumer traffic

  8. Daniel has the Supreme Court, FBI, and the Denver County court on speed dial

  9. Isn't it a bit reckless to be running drills like that in a civilian area? Expensive if a mistake is made

  10. They are night stalkers from 160th SOAR, considered to be among the best pilots in the world. But yea there’s always a chance for something to go wrong

  11. That’s not Danderson, stardom is one of the managers who he gave his password to

  12. of course he doesn’t wanna eat McDonald’s, the entitled little prick

  13. Stardom isn’t Danny. It’s one of his “managers” on his account

  14. Like others said, stay well hydrated (water/Gatorade), sun screen, and athletic clothing (dry fit). I also go back to the room and relax a little if it’s really bad out, and I like to swim so we will go to the pool then back to the parks. I feel like doing that makes the days seem longer

  15. Where is the source for this? Just googled this and nothing at all comes up

  16. Guys you just close your three fingers while rotating the other two. Took me a few tries but I figured it out lol

  17. Thank you, I was starting to go crazy trying to do this lol

  18. People like Danny are invincible. Man has been walking around with scabbies, trench foot, blisters the size of tennis balls, among other issues and just keeps on going like nothing. His immunity must be sky high from sleeping in porta-potties and touching his food with his 200 day unwashed hands

  19. Always. It’s because they know he doesn’t have any money, calling the cops will get him a small fine and he’s good to go. Instead of wasting everyone’s time they rather just kick him out and ban him

  20. He’s such a moron. I bet the owner just got fed up and said “listen, just leave and I’ll cover you this once”

  21. “If never having to deal with you again costs me one meal, I’ll gladly take the loss” lol

  22. You can wear an off the rack Wal-Mart suit. Daniel is too stupid to tell the difference between the cheapest polyester suit and the finest custom suit money can buy. For him, if you have any suit, it means you are a very important businessman.

  23. Yea this or go to a goodwill and grab one nd wash it real quick lol

  24. Yes and whoever they spread to by contact will start to mutate to be more like Daniel Carson. It’s a new plague

  25. You can’t join NATO with an ongoing conflict. Ukraine has been in conflict since 2014, also they were never invited to join.

  26. Bob needs money for chemo, but Daniel keeps shakin him down for studio money

  27. What if bob just told danderson that so he can pretend to die and be free of Daniel Carson

  28. I wonder how much of Europe was rebuilt with scrapped tanks lol with over 15k tanks destroyed during the war there was definitely no shortage

  29. This building use to have me so confused when I would go down 295 lol I literally thought it was a ship at first

  30. How about we kick turkey out of nato so we can stop hearing them whine

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