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  1. {{Long Way Down}} by Jason Reynolds This story is in verse form so even though it's 300 pages long, u can easily finish it in two hours. It's very well written and quite heartbreaking too.

  2. {{I'm glad my mom died}} by Jennette Mccurdy. Definitely worth the hype!!

  3. The Head by Bora Chung from her Cursed Bunny short story collection

  4. A little life. I couldn't read without pausing every now and then. Cried a lot reading this.

  5. On that note, The Kite Runner as well. Really heartbreaking to read.

  6. fredrik backman Is Swedish. He’s written a bunch of popular novels… the bear town series, a man called Ove

  7. I was here to recommend A man called Ove as well. I both laughed and cried reading this book.

  8. Since I'm reading it right now, I'm going with the Wheel of time series. I like the idea, but it's incredibly hard to like the characters (especially the women) and to me, it feels like it's about six books too long. It takes me ages to read it, I started reading in October 21 and I'm usually a fast reader. And I'm only at book no. 10. I will finnish it, but that's only because I already have all the books and I'm stubborn

  9. I too started reading it but ending up dropping the series midway. I just couldn't handle it.

  10. The Inheritance Games trilogy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. I loved the first book. Halfway through the second, I got disappointed. Dnf'ed the 3rd book in the series.

  11. Jane Eyre, Anna Karenina, The Bell Jar, To kill a Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby, Rebecca, The picture of Dorian Gray, Emma, Great Expectations, Animal Farm, The color Purple, The Handmaid's Tale, And Then there were none, The perks of being a Wallflower, etc. (Was going through my goodreads list to answer this and these are classics acc to Goodreads, so plz blame Goodreads if you believe some of them aren't classics :) )

  12. Yes, ever since I was in 4th grade. I feel more comfortable in shorts. No chance of unwanted exposure. Plus, I can do all sorts of activities without being conscious of every movement I make.

  13. An internet stranger's take on your situation: this girl harbours alot of resentment towards you and is using this trip to passive-aggressively show you her displeasure towards you. Subtly but surely screwing things up for you then making it your fault, being rude to you for no apparent reason, talking down to you thru your sister (triangulation), etc. All these are acts of disrespect towards you and should never be tolerated.

  14. Thanks for your take. I can't completely burn the bridge as of now. We are in a group assignment together and it's too late to switch. So atleast till then, I'm keeping things polite. Not hanging out exclusively with her but not completely ignoring either. Thankfully for me, our common group of friends are also noticing her behaviour. She's passive aggressive with everyone. She's slowly being sidelined. I don't want them sidelining her for me, but they also can't ignore what's happening right in front of them.

  15. Murder Of Roger Ackroyd , Murder On the Orient Express , And then there were none.. pretty much anything by Agatha Christie

  16. Without spoiling ANYTHING. Can you provide me a word that describes what’s bad about wuthering heights? I just purchased 🤕

  17. Everything is bad. Cliche tropes. It isn't a romance full of passion but one filled with toxicity. Toxic MC. Headache inducing. U asked me for one word but I just had to clarify.

  18. Either that or I'm the complete opposite. Depends on which book you're talking about throwing across the room.

  19. Wuthering Heights is my favourite book. I hated Lolita so much.

  20. I'm afraid I can't answer that yet. I'm gonna give the OP a chance to guess. Leaving the choices open to interpretation.

  21. {{Codename Villanelle}} the gist book was really good. I actually liked the show better - Killing Eve but Sandra Oh and Josie Comer are wonderful actors.

  22. I was about to type this. Then saw it was already posted. Gosh! I both laughed and cried reading this book🥺🥺

  23. When I read the word favourite, A Man Called Ove instantly came to my mind. I laughed while reading it. At the same time, I cried my heart out too. It talks about growing old and losing loved ones. It's a beautifully written book. I recommend it to everybody I know.

  24. Plz don't come after me but I found Divergent series Boring to read. I dnf'ed the series at book 2. However, as a movie, it did very well.

  25. A person asked me what books I was reading. I like reading more than 1 at the same time. I mentioned the paperback, the ebook and the audio book. The person said , "So 2 books." I obviously disagreed and said 3. Then I hear, "Audiobooks don't count". (eye roll and a yawn🥱)

  26. On a reddit thread where everybody posts their book goals and how much they've completed, I posted mine. Some person got offended and started saying that reading many books is not an achievement. It's just a hobby and that I was able to read so many because I have no responsibilities whereas that person had job and kids. Reading is the way I escape reality. It's no more just a hobby for me. I can finally breathe when I escape into another world through the story.

  27. A Court of Thorns and Roses, the plot was painfully contrived, the characters seemed superficial, and the characters had such forced chemistry. I couldn’t even finish the audiobook.

  28. I dropped that series after book 1. Could not force myself to read ahead.

  29. In a very quiet whispery voice: the song of achilles. I spent the whole book wishing for Patroclus to ditch Achilles and find someone that actually cares about him.

  30. Everybody around me loved Song of Achilles but I found it average. The anonymity of reddit is now helping me confess.

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