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  1. If you haven’t seen it, watch the movie Idiocracy. It’s a fascinating documentary on the future of the United States

  2. Bring two home to use as a shower chair after you get your ass kicked and stand any longer

  3. This isn’t “the truth,” it’s an opinion. An opinion that I STRONGLY agree with

  4. I'm just tired of stupid questions. Take the time to actually learn the game rather than just asking everyone about every small detail about the game.

  5. Have you considered that asking a question leads to learning the game better? Or are you too busy feeling elite over someone confused?

  6. All I ask is that people actually take the time to do some reading on the kits before asking a question. I don't mind if someone is legitimately confused on a kit. But when you ask something like why are Geos recovering protection, the response is go read the kit.

  7. Yes, reading the kit is an option. However so is asking a community of people that all play the same game and have varying levels of knowledge and experience in said game. You just sound bitter.

  8. Definitely not. That flash report was printed after midnight. I doubt there are many if any subways open that late and would certainly not be a holiday hot spot. If you’re basing this off the format because you’ve worked at subway, the format of your flash report, labor analysis, and PMIX are dependent on your POS.

  9. Nah, it is about equal when you look at police killings per encounter rate. That said minorities have more encounters, but it is more tied to encounter rate than anything else. Reduce unneeded encounters and reduce killings.

  10. Just turn the music up. Then they can't hear the ice cream scoop...

  11. Ice… not ice cream. It isn’t something you can do quietly when you need to shock something quick

  12. It's extremely hard to gain access to these islands. You have to quarantine for 14 days, a special diet, then the transport to them, also new shoes every day because your soles melt as the lava rock is so hot

  13. You could probably sell the Liberian flag and convince a LARGE swath of conservatives that it stands for a United Nation under God....I might actually start doing this.

  14. People really mad this kid made a bucket god damn

  15. Na. They mad because a young person living a plush life and they’re haters

  16. Looks like paradise! Yeah F these people, I probably won’t ever be able to make it to a place like this. And you are shooting hoops really? F you bro

  17. Why you hatin’? Be happy with what you have and make the most of your own life. There’ll always be someone with more expensive, better, bigger, or more popular shit than you.

  18. Is it even dough? Working pizza dough like that for so long will turn into a weird shape or just rip. Skepticism aside, this man is obviously talented.

  19. Yes it’s dough. It just requires a perfect balance of certain factors for this to be possible. Not only the recipe but a perfect mixing and proofing time

  20. Thanks from a small girl who likes punk rock to all the dudes (often older men!) who've watched out for people like me, put themselves in front of me when the pit balloons unexpectedly, and take it upon themselves to correct the assholes intentionally roughing up the folks on the outer ring.

  21. This dude ain’t even on the ring. In the past I would usually have both arms up in front of my chest if I was front ring with fists ready. Arms up so people can jump into me without me falling over, fists ready for people like this. On the ring you see them coming easily and can just clothesline them

  22. You come to expect it at any "core" show. I don't really go to these types of concerts anymore, but when I did, I stood in back, fists clenched and if I got hit, I would hit back. Most the time they realize the deal and leave you alone.

  23. I remember one of the times I saw Enter Shikari there was a jackass like this. Everyone was getting pissed and the venue attracted a lot of younger people, like high school. Buddy of mine almost got hit by him, decided to deal with this tool and literally drop kicked him in the back. (My buddy was a cheerleader and black belt in some martial art but you’d never guess it looking at him.)

  24. When did I mention leaks? I haven’t even read any, I’m just listing what’s happened in the show from what I’ve seen

  25. A few words hinted at supposed leaks I’ve been trying to avoid seeing entirely so I stopped reading. I don’t know whether or not you said anything that hasn’t been shown yet, but it is good courtesy to always refrain from specifics in something like this. Not everyone has the time to stay caught up 100% which is why there are dedicated discussion threads. I’m just paranoid of anything be spoiled for me or anyone else. My apologies if I came across crass or rude. It was not my intent

  26. Got it, no worries man. I’m not trying to ruin the show for anyone, just going off on why it’s not for me. Which is just me complaining I guess and I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to read someone’s complaints unless they’re making the show. Enjoy it if you enjoy it, if you don’t, let’s complain together 😂

  27. I have some complaints but Ep4 did sell me on it. I was butt hurt at the start because the trailers were so misleading but I’ve come around and enjoy it now

  28. I'd hate for this to be a low content post. I love that the process was photographed!

  29. This isn’t the process though. It’s just raw meat. A before and after would be preferred. There’s also going to be flavor transfer from putting directly on the grates in addition to the top shelf being over done since you can’t rotate the meat unless this smoker has a rotating crank system I’m not seeing

  30. Pilot Luke and his X-wing - literally the hero of the first movie

  31. I remember seeing a video of this happening at the intersection of College and I-10 when Garth Brooks played at LSU. Police were to busy trying to control 127,000 in a stadium that apparently idiots like these decided to seize the moment. Couple days later one of the dudes killed some people trying to evade police at speeds exceeding 100

  32. Prolly the first time his racism was filmed. Thank god for smartphones.

  33. You underestimate the dangers of DWB. These people could’ve gotten home and unpacked their legally purchased items. Can’t be having that shit go down. Seems sus

  34. uhhh yeah kitchens are totally where I learned and got used to the metric system.....

  35. 28.6 grams to an ounce, 16 ounces to a pound, and 2.2 pounds to a kilo… i too learned from kitchens… they’re great customers

  36. Wtf I always make my zips 28g even not that .6 crap lol.

  37. Better money in the long run to toss extra. Repeat business is the best business

  38. One of my all time favorites but hard to watch now after one of my best friends died of organ failure brought on through heroin use

  39. If you look into it, everyone who had a hand in making this movie took great care and went to great lengths to make sure that the childten were not exposed to the violent or pornographic content. The children's parents were always present and their scenes were shot seperately and edited into the violent scenes after the fact.

  40. That’s good because the scene where he rapes his son was rather unsettling

  41. I defy you to find someone aside from a random Reddit user who would actually have this garbage in their home. This is too tacky for even the cheapest of Mexican restaurants

  42. I'm going to find you in non-internet real life, befriend you and have you over for dinner. Just to serve you food on these plates and watch you storm off in anger.

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