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AOC calls for expulsion of any members of Congress involved in planning January 6 riot

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  1. Most reddit mods are fucking nerds used to everyone kissing there ass, the "message the mods" option never works because they don't give a fuck about the rules, they only care about their internet power over other people and their ability to do it completely anonymously with no abilities to call them out for least if you get banned it should tell you the exact mod that did so instead of just naming the entire sub reddit...

  2. I have this happen on doordash..if you say your burger was missing they give you like 4$ credit just for the burger itself ignoring the fact some fries and a drink isn't going to make you happy AND you have to order again AND tip a new door dash driver which results in you spending even more money through no fault of your if that happens I just say my entire combo meal is missing and they give credit for the whole thing...

  3. Yea I'm literally afraid to disagree because reddit admins are going fucking crazy and banning anyone who says ANYTHING that goes against fauci, I got banned from

  4. How about, if you attack ANY federal building you get arrested and face serious jail time....that includes January 6 rioters, that included the constant besieging of the federal courthouse in Portland....none of this should be acceptable...

  5. Depends on the dog and how you train it.

  6. Some breeds need lots of exercise but they end up living in an apartment leading a sad life. Some other breeds like pugs face constant health issues. All because people think they are cute.

  7. Yea I pick my breeds carefully, right now I have a black lab, she's very chill, loves her toys and playing fetch, loves car rides....but she's also a cuddle bug and knows when it's time to relax, if you spend all day in bed she's just as happy doing the same, if you want to go crazy and have a full day of play and hanging out on the beach she's happy doing that too..and the best thing is, I got her for free!

  8. I have zero taste or smell right now from an apparent sinus infection, tested negative for's been a week, I even tried smelling salts and I smelled absolutely nothing and only knew to stop because my eyes started burning.....I tried hot sauces for taste and nothing...I still fell the burn but absolutely no taste, this fucking sucks and damn I hope it isn't permanent...

  9. Wouldnt the Judge call a mistrial before they sent to jury to decide? Otherwise it just seems like the Judge is not liking the outcome.

  10. Because only the prosecution has been breaking the rules so they are the ones that gained an unfair advantage, if the jury still comes back not guilty it means it was pretty obvious outcome, if they come back and say guilty it's possible its only because they broke the rules.

  11. BLM shouldn't be allowed in school, there are plenty of ways you can say racism and discrimination isn't ok without mentioning BLM, which is absolutely a political thing...they even admit as much themselves.

  12. My kids school requires you to let them know what their preferred name if they want one, otherwise they call you by your birth name.

  13. Lots of people voted for him because of that promise, and he hasn't done anything I've seen to even attempt it...just casually passed the buck off to congress.

  14. Biden never promised to cancel student loans.

  15. He promised to knock some of it off, 10k I believe, it was on his campaign website.

  16. Probably because young people watch his videos and think it's OK to binge eat and become completely unhealthy, it's not even all about's his bullshit claims that he's actually not unhealthy and that he is totally fine and what he's doing isn't bad at all, but he was "meant" to be this big.

  17. Is this the same footage that everyone saw when it happened, which made it clear he straight murdered that dude?

  18. Just look up rittenhouse drone footage ffs, if you've paid attention at all you'd already know that.

  19. Lemme guess, they played it on a screen with different resolution.

  20. They gave the defense a lower quality video that can easily make things much harder to see.

  21. Everyone with a brain already knows a skateboard can easily kill a person, not really necessary to link it to rittenhouse.

  22. No because the reason for a mistrial is the prosecution not entirely following the rules which gave THEM an advantage over the defense, so if they come back not guilty it means even though the prosecution didn't play fair they still lost..whereas if they say guilty it could very well be swayed by what the prosecution did that broke the rules.

  23. This is probably 1 of the first trials most people have REALLY paid attention too and suddenly all of reddit thinks they are experts about trial law...

  24. No your stomach acid will kill anything bad in it.

  25. The ''suicide data'' and ''de-transition data'' on trans folks is completely made up and a collection of manipulation of data and misunderstanding of the result of a study. Ben Shapiro was incredibly adament in spitting this shittyu argument a while ago and then stopped when the researcher of the study he was representing showed up to politicon and suddenly his ''facts over feelings''' argument crumbled like the old moldy sack of shit he is.

  26. Idgaf, dont push your agenda on kids, that's all I'm asking....I'm a buddhist but I still don't tell my kids God doesn't exist, thats for them to figure out. As parents, we aren't supposed to brain wash them...we give them information and let them have the ultimate decision.

  27. Do you understand what I mean when I say: ''They should get professional help to help them with their transition''. This includes having psychology experts who've been working with other folks (including kids, teenagers and adults) during their transition and helping them take the right decision is the best way to do it.

  28. I just feel like a child that hasn't hit puberty isn't old enough to make a permanent or nearly permanent decision on their "sexuality".

  29. Could use griswolds armor + shield, pretty good for zealot and I use the 3 sockets on the shield to get max resistance in hell using Pdiamonds.

  30. 0/10 troll, what are you fucking 12?

  31. I know many republicans and most are not vaccinated. All my democratic friends and family are vaccinated. It’s political!

  32. You're ignoring that minorities that are mostly Democrat, are the lowest vaccination rate...yes, it's partly political but obviously not the main issue here...the main issue is distrust of the government.

  33. You need to google which party is the most unvaccinated. You will find that nearly 90% of dems are vaccinated and the republicans are barely 50%. Are you alright? You must watch too much Fox News!

  34. I don't watch fox News at all, Jesus you don't listen at all do you?

  35. They want that social media clout for being on that "social justice" trend...taking a day off class to say racism is bad isn't changing shit lol....we all already know it's bad and you aren't going to make a racist person have a sudden epiphany.

  36. It’s almost as if we have a huge inequality problem in the US.

  37. Just because you're poor doesn't mean it's OK to be a violent criminal pos....

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