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  1. Dude, sorry your art got stolen:/ it’s a cool piece:)

  2. No worries, I make meme for fun. Just wish I were credited. Also thanks, means a lot.

  3. Me trying to stay consistent with Guile’s character😐

  4. He shouldnt have killed Sasha😭😭😭😭💔

  5. I didn’t know the actors name but I sure as hell knew who you were talking about

  6. Im no relationship expert so take this as dude talking to another dude.

  7. What the fuck does woke even mean??? Are they using the word “woke” to deny the fact they are old fucks who can’t accept new cultures??? Or are they simply racists??? What the fuck???

  8. If a modern control player defeats a classic control player, then that modern control player is better at the game.

  9. Seriously. So I see people saying how DI is a non-issue at higher levels, but then I see in the videos that the pros are posting, DI is still quite prevalent.

  10. When they say DI is non issue, I think what they mean is that it’s not a bullshit mechanic as some say.

  11. Me as I barely defeat my opponent “what the hell are you”

  12. Shows off basic ass combo as if it’s something impressive.

  13. As the other comments says you have to hold back a lot longer. Now, you might be confused to how Guile do his combos. Guile mains are ALWAYS holding back.

  14. Flash kick isn't a back input, it's a down input

  15. The majority of Japanese on twitter are fucking pissed. Some are even threatening Konami. But, other think that Konami is not wrong. It has become a real controversy and I just wanted to say it’s not really that one sided.

  16. The truth is none of us actually have any idea who is in the right because none of us have any of the facts. The reactions are normal; of course most Umamusume fans want to defend the game/IP they've personally poured time and money into. But at this point, no one can actually claim to know who's right about what and what the outcome will be. It's all speculation at best. Some maybe more educated and reasonable than others, but speculation all the same.

  17. I see. I know a lot of ppl who enjoy this game so I just hope that the game won’t shut down.

  18. I don’t wanna be that guy but Jon is not as celebrated as he used to be so unlikely…

  19. He’s a racist antivaxxer if that’s what you mean.

  20. I think in Japan we play a lot of hyper street fighter 2. I play them arcades couple of times

  21. Been buying their products for my life. Never saw it that way.

  22. I know I’m late but ppl here are crazy acting like Charlie is better than Guile. Guile remains to be fighting game icon. The OG charge character. No matter the lore, he’s the OG sonic boomer.

  23. The way I see it is that it was bound to happen. Even if he didn’t encounter the Kettlemen or the skaters, he would’ve done slip fall eventually in his career. And end up dealing with one crime organization or another.

  24. I fucking hate this character the most, it's really funny watching the legacy players and the og's trying their best to like the new characters... everyone apart from Luke from the new roster seems unplayable lol.

  25. I remember doing CA was difficult as a beginner. Not impossible but I couldn’t do it immediately so what I did was doing it at a random timing and hope for the best.

  26. All the lore you need to know about the entire SF series.

  27. Im canceling my part time those days. Any ideas for excuse?

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