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  1. I liked (sort of) how they trolled me for being a communist cop. There's some dialogue that calls out the contradiction and the game made me snort.

  2. That’s the thing, even though the writers are clearly leftists, it’s not like they’re holding back punches against communism.

  3. mfw visualization is a real thing and not just a skill in a game (I have aphantasia)

  4. B2EU says:

    It’s him, John Cosplay.

  5. B2EU says:

    If I tried to fight every drugged up, mentally ill white supremacist I see, I don’t think I’m long for this world. Especially in an airport where he isn’t going anywhere, just wait for security.

  6. What country doesn’t have income taxes, I would like to move there

  7. It’s time for my fellow support mains to admit we’re just as much crayon eaters as everyone else. We’re apes, our teammates are apes, and the enemy team is also apes; games are decided by who can coordinate and be the least ape-like.

  8. It's on gamepass. $1 first 3 months if you've never signed up before. Plus it's worth full price or more imo

  9. It was taken off gamepass months ago. Source: I played like 10 hours, stopped, and when I came back it was gone :(

  10. The tasteful thickness of it 🤨

  11. ScriptedAustrailianGifs

  12. I read it as “share the same fate” at first, which would also make a good clickhole article.

  13. Qatar welcomes you! Kind of! Well, not really.

  14. *Terms and Conditions apply

  15. Anyone else have this problem lately with the enemy team existing? Like, I’ll be trying to capture a point, and an enemy will show up and contest it; sometimes they even shoot at me. What’s up with that?

  16. Does this mean when PvE is out we’ll finally see Kiriko on her bike?

  17. One last ride(frfr this time)

  18. You’re thirty theee years old Gail, you’re supposed to be sexually active. You’re not supposed to be fondling your uncle under the table.

  19. Most sane Sigma player

  20. POV: you’re reading the comments on a meme that uses POV incorrectly

  21. Why would you buy uno? It comes free on your Xbox

  22. I also appreciate “I haven’t had any problems,” this magic incantation actually fixes everyone else’s issues instantly.

  23. Try all you want Thom, but you can’t suppress the truth.

  24. There’s no perfection in wanting 30 fps, that’s the bare fucking minimum lmao

  25. What did Vince mean by this?

  26. At a certain point, you gotta grow up and move on to private meltdowns.

  27. Only five minute crying sessions for me, I got other shit to do y’know.

  28. I've tried it on my own, but it's far better with another person.

  29. You seem like quite the subject matter expert,

  30. Bro thinks he’s Light Yagami 💀

  31. Also tar what -The Fuck is in here

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