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Anon makes waffles

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  1. Really love the drawing style! And finally some more love for Eula x Aether!

  2. Now that I realized it Eula is literally Ayaka and Nilou's appeal put together. She has the rich and high class lady vibe of Ayaka and the dance talents of Nilou, plus she comes with that thicc booty as a bonus (and I guess the alcoholism of Venti).

  3. i said i would edit alhaitham's splash art with his cock out, but now i can't :(

  4. Oh damn dude... lmk if you want me to delete this post lmao. You for sure have the authority.

  5. I don't even go on here everyday, WHY REDDIT WHY!

  6. What’s that scroll thing on the counter by the hourglass? Everything looks so confusing/crazy you did a good job executing your idea op!

  7. An item you get after completing Cyno's storyquest, iirc.

  8. What a horrible day to be on EU server! These are amazing!!

  9. Yep, it was a fever dream and I loved it.

  10. Does anyone have an EU code for this build?

  11. It's cute! How did you get the cat on the stool?

  12. tq :D the cat itself walk and teleport to the stool. seems like the cat have slowly warm up to the stool lol. it been months since i put the cat in the living room and this is the first i saw it teleport on the stool hehe

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