1. Jonathan Smith is a great coach and has really turned the program around.

  2. I will forever be a fan of Oregon State after that comeback win against Oregon last year. What a cool program.

  3. Even better idea, 100 conference games. If you don’t do it, it’s because you’re scared.

  4. “I had a goddamn plan, Arthur! You just needed to have some faith!”

  5. Helps with recruiting elite on-field talent. Hurts with most of everything else.

  6. For SEC teams making $50m+ per year, this seems fairly minimal. I'm sure most of those schools could find $100k in-between their couch cushions.

  7. Fairly minimal? Haha this is a fucking joke. Rushing the field is part of the sport. I graduated more than a decade ago and I have extremely fond memories of running on the field as a student.

  8. I'm sure fans would listen and wait patiently when they say "I know you're excited but wait 2 minutes before celebrating, please."

  9. They do this at Utah games. They make an announcement and have a giant countdown on the scoreboard. From what I’ve seen, it works. Not sure if it’s a PAC-12 thing or a Utah thing.

  10. They will get criticized (and rightly so) for not making ANY decision and going with a one-year plan and kicking the can down the road. They have had how long to make a decision and can’t?

  11. Sankey: “guys you have no idea man I can barely decide if I want steak or lobster during the dinners I don’t pay for so I usually get both but you can’t have both an 8 and 9 game schedule here haha surf and turf no way Jose this is just turf this is football baby”

  12. The ad revenue from all of these realignment articles alone would be enough to fund the Pac’s media deal

  13. This must mean we’ve made the playoffs plenty of times in the last few years huh

  14. Honestly, I like our chances better this year vs last year. We have a rough schedule this year. It might be wishful thinking with our schedule. However, we also play better when we aren't expected to be the team to beat and we're returning a lot of players with a lot of experience this time.

  15. Don’t get your hopes up. There’s a lot of uncertainty and being a “playoff” team requires a lot of certainty. I think the last two years have proven that we don’t need to make the playoffs to have a good season and to have fun.

  16. Please god give me the strength to get me through the off-season.

  17. It's talking season. We're going to ask loaded questions and then parse every letter of the response for clicks.

  18. When told that realignment probably wouldn’t limit it’s shitposts to one off-season,

  19. They won one game last season. 3 wins would actually be pretty legit considering their schedule

  20. All I know is that their late season trip to Rice Eccles will be an L

  21. Bringing this kid up was so awesome, love to see him doing well.

  22. I think there are two potential outcomes with nothing possible happening in between:

  23. Haha what are you talking about it’s one potential outcome and you know damn well it’s number two.

  24. Valid point, but I think we really do need to start asking how much longer it'll apply to him. The man turns 72 this season. While I don't expect this year to be the farewell tour or anything like that, he's only going to have so much time should athletes be deemed employees (which itself will take time)

  25. Yes but your point relies heavily upon the logical fallacy that Saban is a human being.

  26. “My brother in law, who is a pediatrician, plays a full 9 child schedule.”

  27. So obviously I am tainted given my flair, but how do you guys feel about being in a conference with BYU again? Sure some of the old MWC days were fun, but they were also full of vitriol.

  28. Lol even I’ll back you up here, KSL is some of the most delusional homerism I’ve ever read.

  29. Get married. Then you go to some games with your wife’s team and you really don’t care who wins. I’ve done this for CFB at least three times.

  30. That’s a ballsy move, dude really jeopardized having his offer pulled

  31. Yeah that’s even worse, dude was late to family dinner. Inexcusable.

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