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  1. Did you find any answer to this? We saw a drop of about 25k members and it seems to be similar bad data.

  2. Nope. Just seems to be a bug.

  3. we cant talk about the hunter thighs that got banned from the sub

  4. Too many artists to make a real average

  5. Say no more. I will learn to draw furries right this second. :salute:

  6. Dont forget the part where they have a hose up the ass and one of their cocks is 2 times as tall as him

  7. this is nothing against the op, but I posted this before and got temp banned for it for "porn with kids" and this same meme has been reposted 3 times since.

  8. Ummm...I guess the mods like me 🤷‍♂️. I don't really know honestly.

  9. like i said, nothing against you.

  10. Nothing happens except for cramps. Its not dangerous but good luck keeping it all in without a plug.

  11. United health services. They own a bunch of inpatient therapeutic services from boardingschools to RTCs and all of them have reports of child abuse and etc. i went to one of them and it was pretty fucking insane. The whole place became a money funnel for the overall corporation once they realized that they are gonna have to shut down the campus soon. Prices raised with no benefit to the clients there. 13k a month to have your child abused for 2 and a half years. What a fucking joke. They also own provo canyon, the place where paris hilton went to that promotes the use of solitary confinement for weeks if a mentally ill child is out of line at all. Weeks. For a 15 year old. The whole troubled teen industry needs reform and oversight. Huge lack of accountability.

  12. From what i heard, the film was made by an american director who went to asia, found this film, scrapped all of the audio and replaced it with new audio to make kung pow.

  13. Cheapest and best option out there is a bulb pump. 7 bucks on amazon.

  14. Many of my mom’s exes that i grew up with used extreme exercise as punishment, such as doing crunches til i pass out or running laps around the block for a whole day. Now working out gives me severe anxiety.

  15. That was the nicest punch ive seen in a while

  16. ha yeah this happened a year ago or so. i was actually working for a parking company when this happened, I was at the parking lot nearby and watched it go down. good times.

  17. as a father of 18 and working 28 hours a day, it is really helpful

  18. Not exactly a whole book, but a short story: Flowers for Algernon

  19. what is it with the sudden surge of "pranksters" in the UK?

  20. Grasp had a large puzzle and jumping section before it even got to the first encounter, a boss encounter, then it had a sparrow section, another puzzle/boss encounter, and then finally the boss.

  21. I would be curious to test completion times. I don’t feel like it is shorter than others.

  22. I think it was short content wise, but the content quality was good. The bosses were chunky enough that it took up most of the time.

  23. 7+8=15 20+40=60 60+15=75

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