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  1. I saw this live. Trust me when I say no video does it justice.

  2. Agreed! I saw Riverdance and the other one (Lord of the Dance?). It’s absolutely incredible to see how effortless they make it look.

  3. I saw Lord of the Dance twice. I’ve worn out the soundtracks for both!

  4. I’m so down for God only to be portrayed as Black now.

  5. I was in the last few months of my PhD when this came out and Surface Pressure made me cry almost every time. "Give it to your sister and never wonder if the same pressure would have pulled you under" particularly got me.

  6. If we keep acting like we have been en masse, I’d say we deserve it.

  7. Very interesting! Did your aunt actually collect ancient coins? Or was she just into jewelry?

  8. She wasn’t into jewelry at all. This was pretty much the only jewelry she wore, in fact. She was a professor with a fondness for Athena.

  9. Not that you asked but I'd say in the $300-400 range in this condition. The reverse (Athena) is quite nice but the obverse (Pegasus) is pretty rough surface-wise. These have become quite popular lately so the price has increased. That's not including the gold, that'd probably double that figure more/less depending on the weight/purity.

  10. That’s what hubby and I were seeing. I’ll need to have it properly appraised to include not only the coin, but the setting as well, since the pendant and chain are both gold.

  11. Someone should tell him that’s not how haikus work.

  12. I came here today to post a coin that’s veeeeery close to this one. There are some minor differences but it’s very similar!

  13. For YEARS, we had a foot-tall plastic T-Rex on a little pedestal outside our front door. I dressed him up in a little slicker and umbrella (from one of my American Girl dolls) during a particularly wet winter, and Mom realized that she could order teddy bear clothes that would fit him. Soon, Rex had a new outfit for every holiday and season.

  14. How much more of a reality check does this woman need? “Don’t tell me to call off the wedding!” Thank god so many commenters were like, “…No. Call off the damned wedding. You maniac.”

  15. Don't set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm. Go to uni, spread your wings, leave your brother to his own journey.

  16. I was literally about to comment the very same phrase.

  17. Yep; there was a story shared...I think in one of the Disney FB groups I'm in and while it's been a while, the OP of the story I'm about to share said that it happened before the pandemic.

  18. Holy shit, especially at a Disney park. Cast members are held to SUCH high standards.

  19. “Look, I’VE accepted that I’m going to fuck other women. And that’s all that matters!”

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