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  1. I just wanted to say I used to have a phobia of dogs as well, ever since I was a child. My then boyfriend (now husband) really helped desensitize me to dogs in general. I went from running across the street as soon as a dog is in sight, to being able walk past dogs on the same streets. Me and my husband now own a small breed puppy and honestly my dog is one of the best things that happened to me. Given, I still get that heart racing feeling when I walk past big breeds on the street but it’s a lot better

  2. The bulging large part is called the knot, it's to hold the female in place so the puppy batter stays in her for ponger longer and has a higher chance of impregnation. It's normal and should go back down in a few minutes. I'm guessing your dog freaked out because you guus were feeaking out, at least a bit. Edited for typo

  3. I will forever use the word puppy batter 😂😂😂

  4. Hi! I have a Maltipoo who was super anxious when she first came home. I used to carry her outside to my quiet street and she was terrified. After a couple more times of doing that, she was no longer scared, she loves being outside now! The socialization reaaaaally helped built confidence. Bring lots of treats.

  5. i had an amazing experience with petco. we went through 12 weeks of puppy classes with one specific trainer and now going through privates with the same trainer. I have heard horror stories but my petco training only use positive reinforcement and often answer questions outside of class.

  6. i can tell this story all day. Inpatient about to place a foley on a little old lady. Told the patient to spread her legs. She said “honey, the last time I did that, I ended up with three kids” 💀💀

  7. I have a 7lb Maltipoo and I love the ruffwear front range harness. The xxs fits her well. It’s well made and my pup doesn’t seem to mind it. It’s more on the expensive side but I don’t think It will break anytime soon so it’s money well spent.

  8. It gets better! I am also a first time puppy owner and I thought for sure I had to give up my social life. The first two months I couldn’t leave before her at home for more than 20 minutes at a time (heck, she whined when I am in the bathroom!) but we realized a lot of anxiety came from us! She is 5 months now and the other day I left her at home for 5 hours!!

  9. I worked in both east and west coast. no scrub color requirement for any of the hospitals I have worked at.

  10. I had my pup since 8 weeks (20 weeks now). I was struggling during the day with potty training, I took her out every two hours and she would still have accidents daily. At some point I realized her bladder was a lot smaller than I thought - I switched to every 30-45 minutes and she caught on quick. She is 95% potty trained now, I was able to leave her for 4 hours today without accidents. In terms of night time - we started off with potty every two hours during the night, by the end of the first week, we were able to stretch it to every 3-4 hours, and by week 3, she slept through the night!! It’s brutal at first but it gets better!

  11. I did! Mine was 14 weeks old when she went to the doc and found she had mildly elevated liver enzymes. They followed up with a bile acid test which was also mildly elevated and ultimately had an ultrasound that was totally normal. She is 20 weeks now and doc said since ultrasound was normal - likely just need a lower protein diet.

  12. Thank you for your reply. I was so shocked as she is so young. The vet put her on antibiotics for three weeks and liquid Hepo support. She was supposed to get fixed but he did not give her the surgery because of this. I am praying that the count is normal in three weeks. I am happy that your baby is doing well. The vet said that the worst case scenario is that she has a cyst or a tumor on her liver. I can’t even imagine thinking of that at this point. My 13 year old dog is on low protein food, Gastro food, so I am giving her his food for three weeks now. I am reading as much as I can on the Internet. I was giving her a high-quality food called origin. It has liver and salmon. I just read that those two things are not good for the elevated liver count. Go figure! It’s so confusing. I appreciate your reply. Hug your baby from Yogi

  13. oddly I was feeding her orijen too! we switched her to purina pro and added veggies in her diet.

  14. I agree with the others, I bought a cheap set off eBay and literally used it twice in lab and haven’t touched it. Most clinics have them and I haven’t needed it since.

  15. Yes, it gets better. My four month old just left me alone in the bathroom…. But, now I get to wonder what she’s getting into…

  16. Can confirm. I thought my pup was finally letting me get 10 minutes of silence one day, nope, she was just busy chewing one of my spouse’s expensive shirt.

  17. At least he took a dump during the designated potty break. Mine was the first puppy to pee in the middle of the classroom, after I had just taken her potty before class. She was also the one puppy with the most accidents throughout the 6 week class 😂

  18. We just went to a puppy play social and even though she has been pooping on a schedule for weeks like a champ, and had already gone an hr prior, she pooped on the floor. After being the only one to pee too 🙄😂

  19. This is so accurate it hurts. We went to a puppy social at 17 weeks old (mind you, we were already 90% potty trained at this point). Guess who was the first puppy to pee in puppy social?!?

  20. I started puppy class at 10 weeks old but we were one of the youngest in the class. FWIW it’s more for the socialization and meeting other dogs, people, sight, and giving me knowledge to deal with a puppy as a first time pup owner.

  21. Hmm. I have a Maltipoo who is 6 lbs (she was 3lb when she was 8 weeks) and we haven’t had a problem training her. It takes sometime to grasp some more complex commands but sit and down we’re pretty quick. I taught her name by giving her treat while simultaneously saying her name. It stuck after a couple tries. As soon as she offers her contact, click and give a treat. One of the hardest time I am having is with leash training because she is so low to the ground that I am constantly having to bend over to lure her with treats and she sometimes resort to jumping to try to get the treats which we are still working on.

  22. This seems to be the norm LOL. My old unit used to be stroke/endocrine/renal (aka the SNF) and it was a hell hole lol.

  23. Tell me you work on a renal floor without telling me you work on a renal floor 😅

  24. Omg, my pup is 18 weeks old and she decided last week that she hates all dogs, cats, strollers, anything that moves when it shouldn’t and her own reflection. We went through puppy classes and puppy socials and she did just fine. She even grew up with a cat before she came home at 8 weeks. She goes into a ridiculous barking fit and I am now afraid to bring her anywhere.

  25. I personally have had good experiences with Lemonade so far, I have wellness and accidents/illness on both my frenchies.

  26. I second this. I have lemonade for accident and illness and it’s been great. I submitted a 1.5k claim because my pup wasn’t eating and it was approved pretty quick.

  27. I woke my pup up every 3 hours or so at 8 weeks old, and she started sleeping through the night at around 11 weeks. She is 18 weeks now, we still potty her around 11p-12a before we head to bed (her bed time is at 9p) and she sleeps til around 07:00 when she would wake us up by whining.

  28. I thought my 4.5 month Maltipoo had horrible separation anxiety and I even thought about rejoining because I couldn’t bear not being able to go out for the years ahead. Turns out, we just didn’t wait it out long enough, she stopped whining after 7 minutes and slept in her playpen while we were out for 2.5 hours! Not even a peep after her initial whining. She did have one accident in her playpen but I am just so happy she was able to settle down on her own!

  29. I taught mine to “let go”. Honestly it was more incidental than anything, we would hold the toy very still while saying “let go”. Holding the toy very still makes it boring so she would eventually drop it, and I give it right back to her by having her fetch it as soon as she let go of the toy. she eventually just caught on.

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