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  1. Help him. Roll it for him so he understands. He'll get the hang of it eventually. My rabbits go crazy for these balls

  2. Literally just me watching that gif three times in a row

  3. Put it in a cardboard box and add some pellets. Then the bunnies can forage

  4. try psychonaut dot ca, they’re based out of montreal and have a lot of great herbs to offer. cheers!

  5. Hey ! I appreciate this so much. I checked them out and it seems great

  6. Is the greenhouse at gage free to go inside ?

  7. My bun is totally free roam. I have left town for a week once. I had a friend that lives nearby come by every day to provide fresh food and water and to fill the hay bin.

  8. Was the rabbit ever left alone in the care of your mother before? I did this once with a friend, and my baby girl kept bitting my glasses trying to rip them off. I did some research, and rabbits don't like to be left alone with unfamiliar people as there is a lot of uncertainty and they are prey

  9. If you are gonna leave, I suggest getting a hay feeder or making one out of a shopping bag and hanging it on the wall where your litter box is.. I also would take the extra precaution of putting them into an Xpen(s)... My rabbit, Charlie passed away not too long ago because he jumped on a dresser and must have slid because he was trapped between the wall and the dresser. He had done this multiple times as he loved to sit up high, but I was gone for 12 hours, and when I had found him, he was in rough shape... Now when I leave, I put my camera on them so I can watch them.. (I use a super cheap blink camera, and it works wonders! I have an app where I can see them but also talk to them)

  10. All of the sexual transmitted infections.. I really hate when the man uses a condom, so I normally will stick to one partner, but I also am scarred they are fucking around on me, so I have anxiety up the ass about this

  11. I have 9 rabbits and a dog that gets along great! My dog is a lab mixed with a bull pug, which are three breeds that were recommended if you have rabbits. Each breed has their own qualities and what they were bred for. I wouldn't get a hunting dog with my bunnies. I also did a lot of training. Getting the dog to lie down and feed him treats while the bunnies go all over him.. He grooms the bunnies now all the time and the bunnies are always trying to snag the food that he gets. They show no aggression towards the other.

  12. Birds taking a bath... it's December and 1 degree in ontario

  13. That truck has never carried a load in it's entire life. If a man's truck isn't beat the hell up, I don't respect them.

  14. A man's truck... switch it to persons, and you have hit the spot

  15. I put my feet flat on the ground/bed and will grind. Also dirty talk is pretty good

  16. dude me too!! i got it a month and a half ago and i'm still in pain with cramps

  17. I got my second one in the year 2020, and just the pain. Like my insides will just like randomly feel weird and I'll shiver or wince because the insertion was just so painful and I'll remember how it felt... it's weird to explain

  18. Everyone is saying rubbing alcohol and Epsom salts to clean the bong, but vinegar and baking soda is another great alternative !!

  19. what if you are somone like me who is constantly hitting the bong from morning to night? I probably hit the bong every 20-45 mins on overage and washing it after every 2 hits would just be insane, do you not smoke from your bong very often? How are you cleaning it after every 2 hits I would be cleaning more often then smoking.

  20. No offense bro, but every 20-45 minutes is ridiculous. If you’re smoking that much I don’t think clean bong water is on your top priority list

  21. I'm doing that many hits, and the bong is changed at the end of the day.

  22. Us women know how to have fun! I see you're a little firecracker yourself 😍😍 we could totally do nasty things in that bathroom

  23. Except these toddlers can jump upwards to four feet and will eat the entire 🤬🤬 plant. Rip to all the clones that were on my kitchen window sill.

  24. Yes.. so if yall like pierced tits follow me on here or even on Nmy Twitter for the free stuff... but the real action happens on onlyfans

  25. This song makes me think of too high by Lil dicky... had anyone heard it?

  26. I'm surprised that rabbit is not all over your food.. does anyone else experience their rabbit being interested in their food and trying to steal it? I had one rabbit that would do anything for the things on my plate. Or would find him in the garbage eating him self to death with potatoes (this actually happened and I spent all night massaging his belly and feeding him critical care till he was better.)

  27. There was a movie I once watched when I was younger that said you don't marry the guy who gives you the best sex of your life.. or something like that. It really stuck. The dude who gave me the best sex of my life and would make me squirt and scream like ALL day also would relentlessly cheat on me and steal.

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