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  1. Kyuranger was based on constellations, not the Zodiac. The only Zodiac ones in Kyuranger were Leo, Scorpius, Libra, and Ophiuchus (if you follow the 13 Zodiac Signs model).

  2. Might be biased because it was from the first season I saw, but TyrannoRanger being able to use DragonRanger's powers after Burai dies.

  3. Brenda Quagmire wasn't the only character still alive that Peter saw on the ship. He also saw Ross Fishman (one of Lois' exes) and Ms. Wilson (Peter's Third Grade teacher). For Ross, Peter might have forgotten what his son's name was and just remembered a male Fishman died on Mt. Everest. For Ms. Wilson, he mentioned in the episode she was in that she had an abortion sometime either before or while he was in third grade. As he didn't know what the fœtus looked like, he could have imagined it as Ms. Wilson. As for Brenda, she might have been put in instead of Jeff because their abusive relationship was dead.

  4. I highly doubt Fox Kids would have wanted to spend a lot of money to censor the earlier episodes to make them more kid-friendly. They would have been using a lot of money to refilm Super Sentai (1975-present) into Power Rangers (1993-present). I know they did end up censoring Digimon (1999-2002), but there was far less material in Digimon that would have been viewed as not kid-friendly in the U.S., compared to Detective Conan (for examples, a bath scene is shortened, references to alcohol are removed, and Yamato being hit on by an adult woman while he's hitchhiking were the main censored content from Digimon's first season).

  5. If anyone finds any or all six of these online, please reply with links. Thank you NoahLimestone for finding "Let's Experience the Jomon Period! " (1999), "The Internet - TheMysterious E-mail Case" (2000), "Chase the Mysterious Comet Monster!"(2001), and "City Exploration! Get the Animal Mark!" (2003) and bringing them to my attention on my original post.

  6. Where'd you get 20? From what I've found the age of consent (for South Korea) was 13 until 2020, when it was raised to 16. So in 2019, when the movie was released, it would have been legal.


  8. It's not a contradiction. I'm saying it's unrelated to Super Sentai the series. But still a Sentai since in Japanese Sentai means squadron and a squadron is a group of people. Therefore they can be considered a Sentai literally but unrelated to Super Sentai the series. It's just a stand alone team Toku series.

  9. It could still be acknowledged in Donbrothers. Saber + Zenkaiger: Superhero Senki had the Akibaranger Gear. Keep in mind, with the multiverse from Zenkaiger (which completely ignores all seasons that canonically show multiple teams or other characters returning (Hedrian in Sun Vulcan flat out mentioned the Denzimen and there were two episodes referencing Denziman: the Movie, Turboranger confirmed in episode 1 that Battle Fever J through Turboranger are the same universe, Timeranger's last episode confirms Gorenger through Gaoranger are the same universe, Gokaiger confirmed up to Gokaiger as the same universe, Ninninger had Shurikenger return, the Gokaigers confirmed Go-Busters through Zyuohger are the same universe as the others in Zyuohger, SCRTCH and its president from Gekiranger returned in Kirameiger/Kiramaiger), Akibaranger and The High School Heroes can still be part of Super Sentai.

  10. p4m2 says:

    Question is which episode is this?

  11. Episode 4 of Detectives' Nocturne. It is episode 674 in Japan. Its airdate was October 27, 2012.

  12. p4m2 says:

    It's been years since I didn't watch this, so before I watch it again, could it be simply the FBI?

  13. I don't remember if they revealed who he was talking to. It could have been the FBI, could have been Shin'ichi's parents, might have been Shukichi. Shukichi is a bit of a stretch, even though he does know Shuichi is Subaru. This is because this chapter of the manga was published December 14, 2011. Shukichi wasn't introduced until February 6, 2013. Then again, Aoyama-sensei did tell Takayama Minami and Shizuno Koubun (Director, storyboard, and producer of Movies 15-21) who the Boss was before revealing it to the public.

  14. well, there is already another movie that is canon. I think it was the first one. They introduced Shiratori to the story and since then he also appeared quite often in the manga/anime. I think not all movies are supposed to be canon. But I know at least one that is.

  15. There are ten characters created by TMS that Aoyama later canonized into the manga.

  16. A nice set of trivia. But the real learning is the manga is canon. Gosho at times often uses incidents, characters off the movies to further the plot. But some movies can never be made canon. The movie 3 can never be canon.

  17. The canon is whatever Aoyama-sensei wants it to be. If he makes a reference to Shin'ichi hating raisins, he'll have confirmed the story from Detective Conan Special that this comes from. If he brings Arrack, Generic, and Blackbeard, the three Black Organization members exclusively from Detective Conan Special, into the manga, this would make their cases and any other ones referencing them canon. If he chooses to have Haro (Amuro's dog from Zero's Tea Time) appear in the manga, the chapters of Zero's Tea Time with Haro and referencing Haro would be canon.

  18. Certain colours are viewed as "gay" if a man likes them and wears something of that colour, such as purple and pink. I am straight and have worn clothes of these colours because I like the clothes.

  19. In addition to these, there's also the stereotype (again at least in my country) that home economics/family and consumer science classes should only be taken by girls, and if a boy takes this class, they must be gay. I think this is a more recent stereotype, as my grandfather attended school in the 1930s and 1940s and told me what we now call home economics/family and consumer science class was mandatory for all students at the school he went to. For those unfamiliar with these terms, they are the same class. They largely focus on teaching cooking methods other than grilling, frying, and BBQ, as well as sewing. I took this as an elective class in middle school in part because it was an easy way to get elective credits, as well as the fact I've always loved cooking. As far as I can remember, the class had more boys than just myself. My middle school didn't have wood shop/"technology education" (a stereotypical this class is for boys only). That was an elective class in my high school, and I hated it because the course description was written in a way to suggest it could count as a computer credit course.

  20. Found a promo for Burning Galactic Railway, but no other footage from this planetarium show.

  21. I wasn't disputing that Magician of Starlight was unavailable, just elaborating that the 2012 date seems to be correct as its original production date.

  22. The "Let's Try a Curious Experiment" video on that channel is from The Most Useful School in the World Case (2011, Episodes 636-637) and the actual live action show The Most Useful School in the World. It is not the Let's Try a Curious Experiment VHS from 1998. The VHS one and Written Challenge from the Pyramids are on a torrent site (not going to give the name of that site for obvious reasons).

  23. Thank you Atanas20150 for finding "Spidey Meets the Sack" (Spidey Super Stories #28). Of course, if anyone finds other ones I've mentioned as potentially lost (#3, 5-6, 8, 11-12, 18-19, 21-24, and 26-27) please reply with links. Thank you.

  24. Apparently #7 "Spidey Meets Dr. Fright" (1974 or 1975) has been found. This is from Noggin's rerun of "The Electric Company", so luckily this clip was recorded by someone on Betamax, VHS, or Laserdisc between 1999-2002.

  25. And what? It's ok to gosho. Then why does he have not to make them couple just bcuz it's not common in the US It's already legal in most of the countries

  26. Just because something is legal in a country, it doesn't mean everyone in that country would necessarily agree that it should be legal. Abortion access for example is currently permitted (in at least the form of to save the mother's life) in every country except the Vatican, Andorra, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Madagascar, Malta, Nicaragua, and The Philippines. In the U.S., there are men and women opposed to this being legal in any circumstances (they are in the minority, but are unfortunately very loud so they can make their outrageous b.s. claims and get governments to take them seriously). Gay marriage is also legal in the U.S., and there is also a lot of opposition to this as well in the U.S..

  27. I think it was more along the lines that Shuuichi didn't want Akemi to be put in even more danger by the Organization if they found out Moroboshi Dai/Rye was an FBI agent, because they did date for awhile before Camel screwed up and accidentally revealed Rye was with the FBI.

  28. Spider-Man Versus Kraven the Hunter (fan-film, c. 1973/1974). Only one copy is known to have existed, that being the copy owned by its director, Bruce Cardozo. The film was given permission to be made by MARVEL and by Stan Lee, on the condition it would not be released commercially (MARVEL's license of Spider-Man had a strict contract at the time). Cardozo last showed this film at a convention in 2005. Cardozo was willing to show fans the film at his house, but refused to upload it online. Unfortunately, he died in 2015 and his estate has not released it. I don't know if the estate still has it in their possession, if it was destroyed (there is a rumour that the computer it was on was destroyed, however given he refused to upload it or even send it by email, it is doubtful this rumour has any merit), or if it has been sold to a private collector.

  29. Each episode on VHS (1 per tape) is going for about $50-75 on eBay. That's too rich for my blood!

  30. Yeah. As the article on denofgeek mentioned, the VHS copies aren't really that reliable. I'm really interested in watching it because of Stan Lee's interview for the Japanese box set of Supaidaman (1978-1979) where he compared the American and Japanese Spiderman live action series from the 1970s. Retrofan75 on YouTube uploaded the complete series, including the one M. Cecchini stated they got a silent VHS version of (that episode does have sound in the Retrofan75 version.

  31. The telecine at the Youtube link looks like it was made from a dirty film print. Cleaning it up and scanning it properly should yield a nice HD transfer.

  32. 3 Dev Adam is stated on its Amazon page as being ripped from the last known copy and piracy of it is illegal. It was an unauthorized film in the first place. Or were you talking about The Amazing Spider-Man?

  33. I've searched throughout my usual sources for any footage as well as eBay for any VHS copies but I haven't found anything promising yet, so I need help searching for it. I'll pay for the costs needed if any footage (especially the VHS) needs to be purchased.

  34. It was supposed to be released on March 12, 2022 but for an unknown reason Crunchyroll didn't upload it and it's not mentioned in their release schedule for Premium accounts for March 7 - March 13, 2022. If anyone knows why Crunchyroll didn't add it, can you please reply?

  35. Nevermind. For some reason Crunchyroll moved the "simulcast" from Saturdays at 7:30 AM Eastern time to Sundays at 11:30 AM EDT.

  36. Episode 1039 should air the same day the movie's released, assuming it's the tie-in episode.

  37. The only RAWs I remember finding back in the day were for the color page reproductions and some new text (info and comparisons, probably, but I can't read Japanese).

  38. So was it basically just reprints, or was there an actual crossover case? The Detective Conan World Wiki, beyond the name of this magazine, the release dates, and the covers has nothing about it. Kindaichi Case Files' Wiki doesn't even mention it, only having the Nintendo DS crossover game on it.

  39. I think it was only reprints. There didn't appear to be any new manga material on what I saw.

  40. Thank you. The DS game was released in February 2009, so based on what you can remember, I think the magazine may have just been a big advertisement for the game.

  41. This is normal I got a friend with an extra fingers. Ok it's normal but rare at the same time. In other words it happens, both in animation by mistake and in reality by like genetics.

  42. Polydactyly can appear by mutation or by itself (autosomal). When it appears autosomal, it is a dominant trait. The same is true for achondroplasia (dwarfism).

  43. There's no new content, other than Conan narrating. It's just a clip show of the episodes the Black Organization are in prior to Episodes 491-504. You can easily find the individual episodes.

  44. Only Volumes 87 and 88 are available in Arabic (don't know why they didn't start with Volume 1). The English manga's only on Volume 78. If you know French or German, their translations are currently only one volume behind the Japanese version (Volume 98/99).

  45. Then again, the anime adaptation of Wait for Me (1986, anime adaptation: 1999) got rid of the reference to Takai Mamiko (former idol, 1985-1988) which reminds Takai Yutaka of his girlfriend. Although given Takai Yutaka ends up with Abe Mamiko, there is still a reference to her.

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