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  1. I stopped making those videos because they seemed to flop. I liked them though because it’s easy to just let it run and feel like you’re in the driver seat.

  2. Its currently running on my TV so there is at least 1 viewer for it

  3. -Lewandowski joined Borussia Dortmund for the 2010/2011 season. Dortmund had their first Bundesliga game of that season on the 22nd of August. Lewandowski's birthday is the 21st of August. He was born in 1988, so he was 22 years and 1 day old when his first BL season began, not 21.

  4. Very good points! Definetly gonna look better into it in the future. Thank you!

  5. You need motion ratio and spring rate, both can be figured out by using the garage tab. Once you have those you can derive the suspension displacement and you'll know how much downforce you have at X speed. You'll want to do it on a static piece of road that you can easily repeat the same line and speed on, as well as testing it at various speeds (say every 50kmh) to understand if your settings are linear with speed or not.

  6. This is exactly how they do it in real life. Great answer

  7. So a week or two ago, there was a post about people using setup shops for open series.

  8. Hi. I am a data engineer in real motorsports. Have experience mostly with lower-level formula cars but I’m happy to help if i can

  9. It was Nice! You were much faster in one part of the race because i had to save fuel to do my 1 stop. And I liked your livery!

  10. He is an idiot. You were holding your line And he just braked too late and went straight into you . Not on you i think

  11. Hi. I’m kinda new to iRacing. Does This voting really matters for what tracks to race next season? because if it matters its really cool

  12. Hey, yes it does. Most (not all) series are run by community managers who are members that volunteer to manage it all. Then they sort out polls to ask the community which tracks to race. The community manager then tends to take the tracks that are voted in and put them in a nice order and then send that on to iRacing.

  13. That’s cool Thanks. Its great that iRacing care about our opinion

  14. Im about level 22-23 Maybe. I dont know exactly the build i want to do a strenght build with a shield. But know i just go with a big shield and a big sword

  15. crucible knight is one of best bosses in game, i would go back and try to beat him. he’s a tough one

  16. If it is for Formula Student/FSAE i would recommend your team joins the

  17. It is not. Im Still a first year student and planning to join next year

  18. tyres don't have constant coefficients of friction, it varies significantly with load, slip angle, temperature, camber and more

  19. Thank you. Yeah i know its basic but gotta start somewhere!

  20. Can iRacing require every 'player' to watch this? Please?

  21. This channel is gold. It teaches you so much. And all info comes from the mouth of professionals

  22. You boo your guy's rival. That's to be expected. A predominantly Hungarian crowd -- who have no horse in this race -- getting so pissed off is different.

  23. There is one tribune full of dutch people. They were booing. I was in the real cross And I Still say Verstappen is the most favourite Lewis got a lot of fans too. Especially in the standing areas. And everyone loves McLaren

  24. Going to Hungary for the first time and my second live race of F1, what do locals recommend for eating, what to visit in Budapest, is there any extra stuff to do near track? What's the best hungarian craft beer? Help a fellow out pls :D

  25. Hi. The biggest hungarian beer is Soproni i think. Its relatively cheep and good quality. Lot of people drink it. In Budapest Heroes Square, the castle and the Parliament are very Nice places. There are a lot of traditional Hungarian foods but I wuouldnt reccomend them in summer because they are really Heavy and it never feels good for Me to eat them in 35 Celsius

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