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  1. Do stores always wrap bottle tops for shipping?

  2. Unfortunately, no. This was shipped by a friend, so they took extra care.

  3. You better be doing a review on the 21!!!

  4. I sure will when I eventually get to it. Too many open bottles at present and I don’t nearly drink as much as I’d like to.

  5. Which Ace Liquor location was this from?!

  6. Welp, I guess you could say I’ve been… bamboozeled

  7. I could be wrong, but so far as I know, it’s travel exclusive. I picked one up from Paris duty free in November.

  8. That definitely helps, thanks! There were tons in Singapore duty free but I already burned my one bottle allowance on the 18 year…should’ve just gambled and bought both.

  9. Exactly! Just like these two bottles are both single barrels made by Buffalo Trace.

  10. Nice. That makes me think, I’ve been meaning to crack open the Larceny C922. Tonight’s the night!

  11. I got on last week in St.Martin for $70 usd. Was really happy to get one based on reviews.

  12. I got it online in Calgary for $70. It was shown as batch A122. When I picked up, it was C922. Pure happiness!

  13. Common sense. I mean, are you waiting at the store for people to send recommendations on Reddit before getting something?

  14. Sorry about your shitty husband! Some of us MEN help with the baby ALL NIGHT LONG. Couldn't attack Dad's any more in this comment section. Sad people that made terrible partner and life decisions.

  15. Surprised to see no mention of Bunnahabhain 12. I quite liked it as a beginner. Very nuanced. Hint of smoke and a rich mouthfeel.

  16. These, I believe, are called Gibraltar glasses and come at 4.5 oz. Plenty of options out there if you search with the correct term. I got mine from a kitchen supplies store at $0.50 per glass. Pretty happy with them.

  17. Gotta stand outside or else you’d get cherry picked

  18. Maybe it’s because we all use centralized warehousing, so it’s easier for them to unload on us. Probably cheaper too. Even Alberta does this through CLS under contract.

  19. Sorry to fuck with you a little at the start. I definitely have some Alberta envy and am skeptical of some finds.

  20. I have quite a few “rare-ish” unopened bottles that I have really enjoyed and I wish to pass down to my children when they turn 21.

  21. Nice haul! Where did you pick up the KC12, if you don’t mind me asking? Don’t think I have seen that this side of the border!

  22. Sounds like the KC12 is now part of their normal lineup, so I would figure Canada, and especially Alberta (you lucky guys) will get a somewhat regular supply of it.

  23. Went to a W&B tasting last night where they had some previews of upcoming exclusive bottlings. Bought some Stagg Jrs, a Two Brewers Single Cask (fuck this one is good), and a Grain Henge

  24. 😭 can’t believe I missed it! Was the Stagg Jr the W&B store pick? They told me these won’t arrive until late November, so I was happy.

  25. You didn't miss it! This was just an early release for people who went to the single barrel tasting. The full release will be later

  26. Suntory Toki, that’s how I reeled my wife into the world of whisky.

  27. I mean… I see your point - although when I bring a new bottle home I cannot wait to open it - but OP has 8 unopened from Lagavulin alone. Seems excessive.

  28. Moved to Cochrane, AB from Toronto 4 months back. Best decision ever.

  29. how did you get into my house? you have like the exact same collection as me lol

  30. I, for one, love WSR. It’s definitely not the best, but its a great introductory bourbon and a great sipper. It’s always in my bar. At CAD 40 (USD30), I am not complaining. Bad article for sure, but the bourbon itself doesn’t deserve so much hate. One can say it doesn’t appeal to their palate, but to say it’s garbage is just bad taste.

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