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  1. As mentioned by people here; your phone is likely exhibiting a very full storage

  2. I use Maya Savings and Tonik I Always alternate on those two every payday when I save

  3. Was the rear camera glass ever replaced? I think this can only happen if the glass that was supposed to be used for the 1x camera got put on the 0.5x camera. The 0.5x camera glass needs the narrow black border kind.

  4. This, and also OP do you have those camera protector circle thingies? This could also case that especially if their inner transparent diameter is made too small

  5. Not fencing, that is classic decerebrate posturing. Note the arching of the back and neck, coupled with rigidity of the legs/toe pointing. This person is in very VERY bad shape.

  6. Here's a good video for anyone looking for it and what happens after

  7. If you were using google messages; it's on by default. RCS is Android's iMessage equivalent basically.

  8. Hmmm..Has your wife’s phone have optimize iphone storage enabled? With that enabled thr iphone basically stores trimmed down version of your images on your phone I’d suggest setting it too “Download and Keep originals” while doing that. HOPEFULLY your wife’s phone has enough storage to do so

  9. We are moving to a flash drive because phone and ICloud are full. Do I need to buy iSanDisk? They are 4 times the price of cruiser drive. It is the drive you mentioned.

  10. Ohhhffff, if it's super full; i doubt any method is reliable since your phone still needs to have adequate space; since it still technically downloads it on the phone first then to the flash drive

  11. Using tap to wake as well but not observing the delay issues; try a reboot; your phone may just be drunk from last nights partying and need a slap

  12. gi tapol guro tong courier haha Naa baya dyud mantas ana nila; kasuway ko anang ingnan ko; if dili daw ako kuwaon dayon di na siya mubalik haha (1st attempt to nga delivery nya paid pajud (shopee))

  13. Refurbished? Just got it? Return it. It's really difficult to determine it in the video; since after replaying it a bunch of times; it honestly looks the same. Do note the iPhone XS screen is only 60Hz; dark mode tends to highlight the blurr effect especially if you've got used to a phone with higher refresh rates.

  14. Yeah, it's possible; you basically forward the email to a spam submission email address. The Admin Guide to qoute:

  15. yeah, you just need to tell your users to forward spam emails to the defined email address

  16. I do have a smart plug, is there no way my smart plug could receive a message and turn off?

  17. ohh! I have not considered that possibility But heck; try it in shortcuts automation. Give us a feedback if you got it working

  18. Lightning case = can only charge with a charging (lightning) cablewith Mag Safe = can be charged wirelessly (via the magsafe charger and the apple watch charger and charging (lightning) cable

  19. Too small to see what really is the problem, but i guess, the black borders strip things on the screen, stripped? I guess it's just cosmetic damage and not something to be alarmed, but if you dont like staring at it:

  20. I believe the first step is to make sure to clear-up the phone and guarantee yourself it isn't compromised:

  21. I have it all set including iCloud contacts. But, I have been calling random numbers (mostly customer service phone trees) to test it and all the calls go through. Thanks for trying!

  22. Have iOS version are you running, i've read somewhere certain iOS version have a bug on Screen Time policies (in which they do not work); make sure you're updated to the latest possible iOS version

  23. Have you tried removing the custom ringtone and emergency bypass? It could be a bug

  24. you need the pods inside the case to pair it with another iphone i believe. That’s one of the pairing requirments

  25. Is called optimized battery charging. It learns when you wake up or when you are at the office… it will charge to 80% and one hour before you wake up, charges to 100%… same at the office.. is a setting that you can turn off or on.

  26. lots of asterisk on this though —OBC learns your charging habit; and is not an enforced thing

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