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  1. They're not even parallels. It's a direct copy.

  2. I would argue that at least SC has a more diverse electorate and would give us a more accurate representation of how candidates fair across race, income, education etc. Why it's more appealing than say MI, PA or other more swing states I couldn't say

  3. It's a state that hasn't gone blue in like 50 years. Feels like a way to just rat fuck any further leftward movement to me.

  4. It feels that way because you start from the conclusion that "Bernie is being robbed" and work backwards, the exact same way Trump supporters do.

  5. It would be really funny if they put all their eggs in the Hunter Biden basket and then Biden doesn’t run.

  6. I think that's what's happening. Why else would they change the primary If Biden was going to coast to the nomination?

  7. He may want to lower the odds for potential challengers like Newsom.

  8. It is amazing how conspiracy has become the right's guide to everything.

  9. It's the only way to maintain the idea that they're not actually completely fucking evil.

  10. While I see the squad simply as actual progressive, most of the country sees them as radical leftists.

  11. The thing that dicks me off, is everyone remembers the Taylor Swift thing as the first moment of Kanye publically acting like a dick, except he did THE EXACT SAME THING to Justice at the MTV European Music Awards 3 whole years before the Taylor Swift thing at the VMAs...

  12. Well yeah it's European stuff so it's not culturally relevant, especially in liie 2009

  13. Everyone should have first amendment rights. That's why they're called "rights." Everyone gets them. Even if they're wrong, they still deserve to be able to talk about their beliefs.

  14. No. I'm encouraging not letting Nazis hang out at your clubs, because once it becomes a Nazi club you can't take it back.

  15. I remember my school having these two clubs. And get this, they jointly hosted events some times. What a wild idea, people with differing ideas getting together and discussing ideas and finding common grounds.

  16. It kinda breaks down when one group stops wanting to discuss differences in taxation and starts pushing blood libel as policy.

  17. The way I'm looking at it, it isn't that Ye said any one thing definitively worse than anything Trump said before being elected in 2016 - he may have, but that's not even what I'm considering. It's that Ye is currently experiencing a very public & ongoing psychotic break.

  18. I reached this same conclusion recently. The status quo allows republicans to pass laws affecting the budget (fucking with tax rates and slashing funding for program) and get their judges in. The only people limited by the filibuster are those that want to pass actual legislation (democrats).

  19. It's the only feasible way out of the current death spiral I see.

  20. We need some speed cameras like they have in the UK. Warnings first, then tickets.

  21. Fuck people speeding and driving carelessly

  22. If were spending 40% of the budget on cops, they should be doing it. Not a third party company who has a financial interest to have less than honest cameras.

  23. Apparently you can't say Kanye is a black skinhead either... I got suspended for 12 hours...

  24. Goddamn blitler particles messing up the sensor arrays!

  25. Yeah, I’m not sure what his actual philosophy is lol

  26. If I like what your saying, youre good. If what you're saying makes me mad, you're cooked I think is Elon's policy.

  27. Wow, DHS really putting tax dollars to good use by making the shocking discovery that...that white supremacists are douchebags.

  28. They're getting popcorn. These institutions hate everyone that these Nazis hate.

  29. Never mind folks I found it. It was in the My Own Public Idaho patreon episode. Non patrons if you've been considering subscribing consider this your sign.

  30. I personally couldn't give a fuck about streets at this point. Idk what can draw me back to that heroin addiction that isn't even fun anymore.

  31. just google the tweet itself, people usually just tweet stats verbatim

  32. It’s just so easily falsified if you’re not a complete dumbass. Voting records are public. You can just look it up. You can see that there are more people in Denver than her little bubble.

  33. That's fascism for ya. Dumb as hell but extremely confident.

  34. Literally no one in the caucus raised an objection

  35. Because that is the tool to measure correctness?

  36. I mean, even some links would be fine. Before I'm afraid of boogeymen I like to know they exist.

  37. He pushes charter schools and made a pac for the purpose of fucking up Nina Turner. That's enough to make me put him on the shit list.

  38. It just seems odd to me that someone would even want that label while actively fighting against progressives. But that would absolutely a failure of the caucus leader. Which is also odd, because the headline progressives have never been shy about calling out bullshit before.

  39. The person about to be elected the leader of the house democrats, who this article is about, is literally a member of the progressive caucus.

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