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  1. Tbh if ur crouching u can softly bounce down most hills and cliff faces

  2. I seriously don't get how putting on a ton of clothes for padding and then jumping into a blizzard worth of fresh snow won't save your life

  3. As a matter of fact, 30 feet is the height that falls are usually fatal. It's the exception when people don't die. Better hope that snow is really soft and really thick.

  4. It could probably even make for a computer wallpaper if I thought of turning the hub off

  5. Don't people with tourettes only tic every second like this when they're having a tic attack? Why would she be filming a casual video while having an actual severe tic attack?

  6. I actually just met someone with tourettes and honestly I completely forgot she even had it

  7. I see it sort of like this: Tyler first met Blurryface as a whole (all the bishops), and then as he woke up to the fact that he was struggling he then saw each individual bishop and realized he was stuck and wanted to get out. He found his way out with the help of Josh, but decided he couldn’t leave all the other people in Dema without “a Josh” to help them out as well. So, he allows Nico to take him back under the impression that he is falling back into his bad mental health space, but in reality he’s trying to get other people out and overthrow Blurryface/the bishops from the inside.

  8. Exactly, it gives a more clear meaning to a lot of song lyrics. (Such as "He goes by Nico, he told me I'm a copy) This gets at the idea that Nico (or Nicolas Bourbaki) represents his fear of being a product of the music industry, and that he is not different from anyone else.

  9. It just makes it feel like an ARG and l love it so much!

  10. I think OP is trying yo say Peter McPoland, the opener for The Cy Tour, sang a song with those lyrics. Implying the TOP show is a shit show.

  11. I thought the post was going to be a picture of Sunny with his "hanging out" sis

  12. Maybe it’s related to the story on the mom’s house with a shoe?

  13. Should have fist fought him against all odds and then said "come back when you're strong enough to fight me"

  14. I saw this one. Does she break his ankles and make him rewrite the end of his book?

  15. Oh yeah I totally get it. I don’t think the topic of that tweet is wrong or anything, it’s just the framing. It’s the “you might have autism if” like it’s a Jeff Foxworthy stand up.

  16. You might be a dumbass if you think autism is an identity

  17. You think that’s crazy, there are more subtleties throughout the game

  18. Oh booooo he has an opinion! That makes him a jerk! Opinions bad!

  19. No. I don’t work for you. And you haven’t earned it. Dumbass.

  20. Same, that guy would have gotten launched in the first 10 seconds

  21. Why? I think OP would look awesome. Also if I never tried to get swoop bangs like that I would never have learned my face shape looks way better with straight bangs

  22. It’s called “unplugged” for a reason. I was really looking forward to the songs pared down and lyrical. I know Tyler had some bs explanation of why they did what they did but it still wasn’t what it was supposed to be. I did not like it

  23. To me it just sounds like a bunch of random beats with the lyrics over top. I really think they could have done so much more in terms of making the songs but in a different genre

  24. No I mean why can't anyone have a signature that actually looks like letters instead of a scribble

  25. I can't fall asleep if I'm not on my stomach. The boobs just compress

  26. Prepare for the hate comments to flood this post because you mentioned this webtoon

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