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  1. The only culture shock I've ever had when I went to Vegas and saw a billboard for weed

  2. I don't own a weapon. However, I do believe that anyone breaking into someone's home is an act of aggression, and they have forfeited their right to walk out without consequence. Meaning my very protective, very large dog, handy bat, and a call to the authorities.

  3. Okay, yes. I think the bat gives me a little more room to maneuver... I'm a bit short, so I'll take so the room I can get. However, I do have a wicked chefs knife that is scary.

  4. I have 5 different types of blades in my bedroom alone.

  5. Can I use the peppers in a dish and eat that or does it have to be on its own?

  6. I mean, if this were the "Supernatural" fandom, that plot would fit right in! However, if it were "Pride and Prejudice" fandom, I can see how that would be jarring.

  7. Maybe put a spoiler over the map? Some people try to avoid them while they are still exploring an area.

  8. I really thought the answer would be at least 15 hours, turns out it's only 8

  9. Well it would know where you live and your daily routine no? Since these actions are everyday there will be some parts not in the 50%

  10. 50% of my memories. Past memories or memories as they are currently forming? All I have to do is move to a place I've never been and change my routine and they won't know where I am. Yes it will probably be obvious the type of region I move to if they know my past but with 15 million I could travel the world and it would be impossible to know exactly where I am if not by coincidence.

  11. I'm a reader but my favorite interaction was when the author recognized my name from my previous comments and got excited I was still following

  12. Only 30 because I keep an Excel spreadsheet with my favorites instead

  13. It's organized by title, short summary, author, and tags. in that order. Plus the titles are hyperlinks so it's easy to go straight to the fic. Here's a link

  14. I disagree. Personally, the scariest games are those with an actual threat of loss. Dark Souls scared me when I was a noob more than any actual horror game ever has, and it was mostly because I was fucking terrified of losing all my souls. A spooky atmosphere and jumpscares means nothing if I just spawn at a checkpoint from 5 minutes ago.

  15. If you have the M from the ESRB, then you know what is in it. ESRB has a list of what content is in a game which gives it the label, so if you are looking at a game which you think is a anime dating game but see that it’s M rated for “blood and gore, extreme violence, language” you know something will be up (I believe the PEGI system has something similar, but I’m not sure). There also aren’t that many people who just buy games without looking into them at all, as games are expensive, and dropping $20+ on something based only on the title and cover is a great way to buy a subpar game.

  16. Very happy to see End Roll getting the recognition it deserves

  17. I'd imagine its a slow painful death, though faster than what you would think.

  18. Plus the bull is designed so your screams would sound like those of an actual bull

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