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  1. Just in case you didn’t watch the video he jolted in surprise when his eyes were uncovered

  2. My brother in Christ are you a black hole? Otherwise I can’t believe you’re intentionally this dense.

  3. My dudes it was a kids experiment from China. Let it go.

  4. The only thing that bothers me about this is that the girls position on the table changes dramatically in each photo. In the last one her shoulders are completely off the table for instance.

  5. 400,000 people used to live here. Now it’s a ghost town.

  6. The only way to be sure someone is not cheating with ChatGPT is to put them in exam conditions. In a room without access to any technology.

  7. Yeah basically any “write x in the style of famous author” defeats any detection algorithm published. 100% human every time.

  8. Christ these were the best, there were caramel ones too yeah?

  9. I swear there used to be a third flavour for a time, but I don’t remember what it is.

  10. Maybe? I honestly don't recall, it would make sense given the other two flavours.

  11. Could see this happening, with the professor using her response as an easy out without having to actually acknowledge she just got hit on.

  12. Also maybe it’s different in the USA, but outside of it generally when we are being taught by a professor we are adults and so are they.

  13. ChatGPT, write me a cover letter for [insert position here].

  14. I love that my brain is still not comprehending everything I can do with ChatGPT. I am very good at working out prompts to get specific results (and it is trivial to bypass AI detection algorithms) but thinking about when to implement it is difficult.

  15. Basically Chifudoon disappears every now and again and comes back under another name. It's happened a bunch. He really doesn't like his stuff being posted elsewhere, so this is what he does.

  16. As someone who does not judge people who are involved in sex work, I would tend to think that prostitutes are at higher risk than average of contracting STDs because even being as clean and conscientious as possible, if you're rolling the dice with extreme frequency you're bound to come up snake eyes sooner or later.

  17. And yet, despite that certain logic to it, you’d be wrong.

  18. Why is that? Is it just because the general populace is so cavalier about sex that on average they don't bother using protection? Because if so, prostitutes would still be in greater danger of contracting disease than the average person who does use protection.

  19. There’s many schools of thought behind the reasonings, but we just have the data. The initial consensus is that, being more educated about sex on average, they are just more careful. This holds true anecdotally for me, while I require both myself and my sexual partner to be tested before condoms are removed from the equation, the general populace seems to just take a verbal “yeah, I’m clean” as reason enough… especially for older people.

  20. Imagine collecting something that was made in such abundance that it won’t have any value.

  21. I can only think of one hentai artist that I know is a girl

  22. I know quite a few female hentai artists. If you get involved in the circles instead of being a simping fan you find out a very large percentage are. Like more than 20%

  23. That too, it baffles me there are dudes here who can’t tell and defend the drawing. Shows me how easy people can get catfished…

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