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  1. I’m sure I’m probably wrong but, this looks like a painting?

  2. They would but they probably just lose the damn thing!

  3. That cop looked like he enjoyed arresting a little girl! 🤦🏻

  4. I’ve always wondered if he had any idea of what or who they are.

  5. It’s funny to me how hard one will fight about believing in UFO’s and another will fight to debunk it all! The skeptic debunkers that in reality believe in nothing, what is it that makes them want to debunk or discredit UFO’s? If they don’t believe that UFO’s are real that’s fine but why is it so very important to these people do their best to deny, debunk everything? Some even get mad if you don’t agree with them.

  6. Well that was very informative. Thank you very much! Especially for not acting like some do on here.

  7. I believe they're at least interdimensional beings. Why? It'd be very practical to be able to observe witnesses from dimensions the humans can't perceive. It'd also be easy to get rid of witnesses or other trouble makers if the being can just enter our dimensions without we notice it and then jump back to a higher dimension when the job is done and "vanish".

  8. I agree with you! It’s funny how after all these years of denial that Aliens exist, and now it seems everyone is excepting the Alien theory. I believe they, whoever they are come from another dimension.

  9. Does anyone else find it interesting that the US brought out their new plane at this time? Russia and China are working together or going to work together? Maybe they brought out the new plane as a show of force.

  10. I'm convinced after following this sub that nobody has ever walked outside and looked up a day in their lives

  11. Little exercise: how many ancient constructions exist in Europe peoples believe could have been build by aliens? mmm?...

  12. Are they as old as the Pyramid’s? I don’t believe Aliens built them. I believe possibly an ancient advanced civilization that were wiped out by an apocalyptic event. Who they were ,could have been people of color? Atlantean’s? 🤷🏼‍♂️

  13. About human being, more is ancient, less is white.

  14. The idea I heard was. The universe is very old planet’s that have been around billions of years before Earth. if life exist out there then they would be maybe a billion years ahead of Humans in technology.

  15. That’s one Black hearted, evil pos! Wish someone there would’ve kicked his ass!

  16. Didn’t two farmers in uk come out and say how they made the circles and showed how they did with maths and a board on their feet

  17. No ! It was two old bar flies. They made a few circles, it was on the news and most people that don’t believe in Crop Circles also called Crop Art now days, believed that these two old bar flies were the explanation. Crop Art has popped up all around the world including an Ice Circle. Scientists studying the Phenomenon say a real crop circle has hints of radiation in them. The plants are bent and intertwined but nothing is broken. Fake Crop Circles the bent over plants are broken. Also, now they are finding binary code in Crop Art.I can’t remember the name of the ufo documentary, but there is one on YouTube that has a whole segment on Crop Circles. I believe the other dimension theory rather than the Aliens one.

  18. Ooo that is interesting - I will have a look on the YouTube doc. Not sure what you mean by bar flies? (Old geezers that drinks in bars/pubs a lot?) I was referring to the guys in England that did it in the 80’s (but have always liked to entertain that that was the cover up story lol)

  19. Old men or women that hang in bars all the time are called Bar Flies. Lol!

  20. Anyone stupid enough to argue with a cop deserves what they get. You can not argue with them. They will kill you! I can’t believe he had his gun pointed at her! God! He could have just tased her, handcuffed her and done.

  21. He’s Right! Republicans,Trump,and DeSantis have already started trying to destroy Democracy!

  22. The funny thing about this is. That dumbass woman must not see how really f…..g stupid she looked doing that. Wish one of the girls would have smacked the hell out of her! You can bet she’s a “Karen “!

  23. I like his idea. Maybe if people did what he’s saying something will be done!

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