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  1. The real test is if he keeps taking stories from these sources that are clearly taking him for a ride.

  2. He hasn’t yet. lol like… what the fuck does Dave Meltzer do? What value does he bring to wrestling as a journalist he’s just parroting the bs carny crap he’s fed. He’s the voice of smart fans, but smart fans aren’t smart to the business. They just listen to Meltzer and Meltzer’s sources who fuck with Meltzer.

  3. And he’s also a historian of not just wrestling but also boxing and MMA. What I take him to task on is being, somehow, a source for news reviews and backstage scoops. His having these well placed sources in locker rooms has never made wrestling better for me. And lately it’s only made wrestling worse.

  4. I think it's interesting you brought up Madusa. She was, as Alundra Blayze, one of my first introductions to women's wrestling.

  5. Honestly that’s a high mark. Even today. The mid 90s wasn’t ready for them. It’s just that a lot of women have opportunities now to be featured, but the show business side of it says to me at least Marina has size and a legitimate background.

  6. they actually have a lot of wrestling weekly between their shows and Youtube, but what in the world were they thinking not running house shows? He's paying people so much money and some of them are just slumming it on Youtube once or twice a week. It's all they do and have done since AEW began almost.

  7. He was a guy worth paying attention to in NXT but honestly he’s doing much more in wrestling as an announcer than he would have done as a wrestler

  8. Being the big fish in small ponds rather than small fish in a big pond. He definitely outshines a lot of Indy talent, but would be midcard compared to a lot of people currently in AEW.

  9. He shouldn’t be midcard but he would have been. Tony pushes guys he likes. Matt can program with other guys who can program. Not enough indie cred or 6 star matches

  10. I'd wager that most of those people don't think of FTR as the best tag team in the business

  11. I’d wager that most of those people thought, as the revival, they were overrated and all the indie darlings that had been coronated were set in some stone edifice somewhere. The idea that Dax and Cash could actually make tag wrestling better is offensive to some.

  12. I guess you can't force people to be interested in wrestlers, FTR are amazing in the ring, but it's undeniable that they aren't major promotion defining or anything. Their RoH Briscoes stuff was the definition of indie darling shit and it's their highest peak in years, that's what FTR are.

  13. Why insist on being blah about them and not bring up their careers in NXT?

  14. Wow, now I wish I waited to start MyRise. Great character.

  15. I guess you can use a CAW in it this year? Man I really want to play that now lol

  16. Great CAW! I made you a render if you're interested

  17. I just made an AI art render that I’ll have to touch up, and I’m in no condition because we’re having a cookout at my wife’s birthday party. I may use it. I’ll make sure to remind you

  18. No crap. With how they downplay or reframe major events, it is hard to suggest they care about the history or the major players of the show. Vince can pretend DX riding a sorry jeep was charging WCW on a tank, etc.

  19. The worst is hearing about how, before Vince, wrestling was shown only in barns and bars. Like they don’t want to acknowledge that wrestling was popular before him

  20. Look at this dive bar Gotch and Hackenschmidt wrestled in

  21. In the 50s champion pro wrestlers made more money than almost anyone in sports

  22. Random mugging. The one thing that makes Batman relatable, besides having no powers, is that his origin is something you could read in the newspaper any day.

  23. I’ve been watching wrestling for a long time. Liv Morgan is game for anything and Rhonda wants to actually get over. We probably could have seen big spots for these two.

  24. Love the look and the Myers tattoo.

  25. Any chance Cindy’s tag partner, Page Storm, will return?

  26. I thought back and forth about a Suicide Blondes reunion and I’m not against it, this is going to sound weird, but Cindy feels like a singles now. I can totally make Storm later and integrate them into a team.

  27. That side graphic was from me messing around with the AI art generator. That’s actually a completely photorealistic picture of the character from 2k20 that I couldn’t use for her render

  28. The psychology of Hogan matches was that the cheers from the crowd would make him invincible. I never liked it, but it worked, better than literally any other wrestler, so it's hard to argue it was bad.

  29. Hogan’s career was made from being the only guy in the business who could just ignore physics and biology. You could drop a piano on him and, when the crowd came up, he’d no sell it. Fans wanted to see it until they didn’t. And Hogan turned heel to keep his name in the headlines, but there was almost no plan afterward.

  30. What I do. Is I make a handful of generic titan trons in different colors. And just use those for my CAWs instead of having specific titan trons for each (especially since they limited). Like I’ll do a red, blue, yellow, green, etc and just try to fit it to each guy’s character.

  31. I use the editor and I’ll usually use a custom text from flaming text over a video. Something simple on a big tron can do the job 9/10 times

  32. Can we also talk about how difficult it is to figure out what a lot of the pyros are and what they do? No preview makes it very tedious

  33. I have a big problem with the generic pyro not at least being described. I gave up on trying to use it

  34. Rewatched it recently, the ultimate cut that is, yeah not good. The plot just keeps piling on and on without much action for the entire first 2 acts then ends with a CGI clusterfuck of the doomsday fight. The motivations for the characters weren't good, Batman is kind of an idiot. Supes lacks agency in his own sequel. Lex was miscast. The JL Mp4 files was just the icing on the cake.

  35. Batman, a character who does not kill, decides in the first 5 minutes of the movie to kill Superman after Superman uncharacteristically causes tens of thousands of civilian deaths. That’s it. That’s the plot. What seems like 8 hours later they fight, but the fight ends because Clark decides to start calling his mom Martha for the first time ever.

  36. Comics canon Batman has setups to kill every single member of the Justice League. He's a paranoid asshole. Combine that with BvS's universe; where he's never seen a powered hero before.

  37. Tower of Babel. I’ve read comics off and on since I was a kid, but general audiences don’t think of Batman as a guy who kills. Film makers get sloppy, but Snyder went way over the line

  38. It’s called a receipt for a reason. It’s not the aggressor who starts it and it usually avoids more drama than it creates.

  39. I agree. Totally. But would you agree that an accident is something that happens in the ring that aren't intentional and would be classified as a bad performance and not as breaking trust?

  40. It's pretty impressive that a non-WWE American wrestling company and a Japanese wrestling company can sell out a major arena in Canada

  41. Even if you didn't like the television leading up to FD1, the idea of it is great. I went to the first one in Chicago. Wrestling outside of WWE working together to put butts in seats is never a bad thing. I hope these continue to sell out. First one needed Punk and MJF on the card. I'm really hoping we can get MJF defending the title.

  42. “I have special moves I want to show everyone. It’s an honor to wrestle Kenny”

  43. My two comments against a bunch of people calling me “Jim Cornette” is somehow me trolling?

  44. Shit I'm actually starting to unironically become OMOSAPIEN.

  45. But...but don't you guys know that the bill will come due one day and Benson will be forced to sell the team before the entire city of New Orleans closes its doors and empties its streets in preparation for the pending rapture?

  46. I understand the NFL itself is mad about us running almost a salary cap racket, but I’ve literally never heard a single person IRL get mad about it.

  47. I hate it when people say it's fake. It's not fake, it's scripted, there's a difference. Everything they're doing is very much real.

  48. My favorite response ever to “you know wrestling is fake?” Came from a video in front of Madison Square Garden in 1985 with a roving reporter and fans.

  49. It’s not just this match, but the ending of this has to lead to something. I think that something is Jey vs Roman later so this is what I’d do..

  50. I have a high tolerance for cringe but those clowns you see waiting at airports with a smorgasbord of merch for celebrities to sign is something else entirely.

  51. I point to examples like this when people ask me why I actively avoid talking to celebrities. I don't want them to sign anything. I don't want a picture taken with them. If I'm a really really really big fan, I may simply tell them "thank you" for their work and that I'm a fan.

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