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Why is the color pallet for the Juneteenth emblem called 'Bonobo'?

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  1. I believe camping to be a fan term, meaning you'll get different definitions from fandom to fandom, and person to person.

  2. This weeks challenge reward is apparently a visor for the mark V, so maybe?

  3. Always sort of been the case, at least with armor "effects" giving away your position I mean.

  4. I would have thought a hot patch would have come out by now (maybe freezing the pillars half way) until a more permanent fix could be worked out.

  5. Hey Baron - thanks for the tag! Shop updates have been focused on weekly rotations simply because of the length of the Season. As much as possible, we'd like to offer something new in the Shop each week. With a long Season like this, that meant slowing the rotation down some to help with that. I wish it could be a more exciting reason, but that's the reality of it. Hope this helps clarify!

  6. Thank you for the clarification. I(and many others) really do appreciate the communication.

  7. It's one of the only fiesta maps that has vehicle spawns and I love me some fiesta vehicle combat.

  8. off topic, but it's been 24 days since daily's stopped showing up in the store, and we've yet to get any sort of comment or statement as to why that is.

  9. Serious question, do you really want dailys? All I see them as is more FOMO.

  10. And it never happened all of season 1 or the first month of season 2?

  11. It's this weeks featured, so it's at the top of the list, but called entrenched

  12. I don't think there's a best case in this situation. There's no way you can mistakenly type that word to describe that nameplate.

  13. I don't know if it's been fixed, but I know it used to be the case, that if a player you killed with say the bulldog, left before the match was over, it wouldn't count.

  14. I am almost certain they stayed in the match until the end, especially as I got one of the HMG kill just before finishing the entrenched match.

  15. It's better than nothing, I'd rather take something than months of silence. Sure, I'd rather have in game content. But i mean, this is cool too.

  16. I mean Entrenched does returns today, and we do get the second story event in July. I played 76, I had to wait 10 months for a single, actual update. I can stick out 6 months with periodical monthly content that gets me cosmetics 🤷‍♂️ I wish it was better too

  17. yeah and they did announce this story thing almost a month ago, so I get this isnt something they did in a hurry, or instead of in-game content.

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