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  1. Hi! You could try Northwest London veterinary clinic as they are fairly new so I think they may be accepting new patients. I go there and I’m a student as well. For my last visit, I checked my bill and it said 70 dollars for the visit. You could also ask how much the visit may be too!

  2. LOL got like 1.7 k views on this post but u the only comment. I was thinking like 3-4 hours early but i dunno. what do you think?

  3. For mobile streaming I don't think you can play music or any audio like discord and have it picked up by the streaming software at the same time. Limitations of using a phone IIRC. Ask SL support to be sure though.

  4. Okok! So I has TTS hooked up to my portable speaker when I get Donos etc. You think My only option is to play music music through there then?

  5. Outside you want something with a windscreen. The big fuzzy ones work best in higher winds.

  6. The Rode Wireless Go II is recommended. You can clip it to your body or carry it on a stick.

  7. Hi also went on a solo trip to South Korea before and female too! There’s this Facebook group called subtle asian travel, make a post there about how your traveling alone and wanna meet some ppl that are also going there during same time. U can also choose who u want to go with too. I usually stick with the girls. Reply to other posts on there and see if anyone else want to meet with you. I met some of my closest friends this way.

  8. omg thank you so much! yeah i definitely would feel more comfortable with other girls since it’s my first time travelling alone- i’ll look into this facebook group asap!!

  9. I agree with previous comment. Most streamers use Streamlabs. I saw fan fan use prism live so I’m gonna try that out for my next stream. Looks pretty good tbh :)

  10. Yeah we're fully open. They won't even checm your passport

  11. Thank you so much! I missed the little bit so I was a bit panicky! :D

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