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  1. That's what the redirects are for. You can 301'it page to page. After a crawl, Googlebot will see that the page has been moved to a new location and will be replaced on their index.

  2. One more thing (because I've never used redirects before): Do I need to publish the content on my new website before indexing? Or is placing the 301 enough at first? I mean, I of course have to publish the content on my website sooner or later but I don't know if this is important when I place the 301 or if it's enough to publish the content on my new website after indexing.

  3. Publish the content on the new website, then add the 301 from the old page to the new one. After the old one has been recrawled a couple of times, or by your manual push via the search console for indexing, it should get removed from the index.

  4. maybe you still have these colors selected in the website settings. at least that was the reason for this behavior on my pages.

  5. Where can I change colors in the website settings?

  6. Have you tried a different browser? For some odd reason elementor just doesnt work in firefox for me. Works fine in chrome. I guess it could be an addon thing i didn't think about that!

  7. Thanks for your answer! Unfortunately it doesn't work with chrome AND edge. Therefore, borwser isn't the issue here.

  8. If you've tried everything on the front end side, it might be something server side? maybe PHP version? Or allocated memory or something.

  9. The problem is that I'm not very good with everything that has to do with backend stuff. How do I migrate my website to a different server? And what is the PHP version?

  10. So your e-commerce integration is adding them as nonsubbed/transactional only on the off chance that you want to use Mailchimp to send them transactional based emails like order notifications , receipts , shipping etc.

  11. I mean, I'm in the overview of all unsubscribed contacts but I can't select them all. Isn't there the option to "select all", so I can just delete them?

  12. To the left of the email field click the drop down arrow then click select all then click actions and then archive

  13. To me it's the scene in which Stefan calls Elena at her birthday but doesn't talk to her (Season 3 episode 1). The song in the background (A drop in the ocean) was perfect in that situation.

  14. It could be that the “bigger clients” are more established and already have decent traffic in place, vs the smaller clients who don’t so they don’t see those results.

  15. In each article I place about five internal links and one external link. The link anchor is almost the same as the title of the blog post I link to. I avoid links in the first section of the blog post and I haven't used nofollow links yet.

  16. If you've built up a decent library yes. You can still produce more occasionally but it's 100% better to have better content. Google will see the change as a refresh anyway.

  17. Can you try disabling the table add-ons plugin?

  18. It worked! Thank you very much! I thought I don't have any table add-on but I just took a closer look again and found it.

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