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  1. I sent a complaint thus morning. I told them they should make the Stardust a bonus to the token prize or give us the option to turn off magic missions...

  2. I sent in feedback saying it should be tokens plus star dust (or tokens plus tokens for those without the emoji/enough emojis) too, and that the decrease in tokens to 250 punishes players for completing magic missions.

  3. No, I'm saying that people think the ad revenue from an individual's free spins each month is a few pennies. People overestimate how much ad revenue they individually contribute. And if JC raises prices $5 on something and a whale still purchases....that single purchase just offset a few dozen newly non-wheel spinners

  4. A few pennies over millions of people is still a significant amount of money, even if it isn't the main source of revenue. The only way I can see the wheel that gets spun less becoming the permanent fixture is if people spend more as a result of it.

  5. The challenge is Ad revenue is very miniscule compared to a single Whale purchase

  6. It was changed pretty quickly last month with the no lives wheel, so I assume it still matters. I guess it will more depend on how many people end up just buying gems instead.

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