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  1. Aight I think it’s finally time for me to Google what the fuck gamergate is

  2. Long story short: an alt model/game developer’s ex was pissed off at them and a lot of guys were happy to join in because slut shaming.

  3. I thought sexuality was defined by what gender(s) you were attracted to. If "child" is not a gender, then attraction to children is a paraphilia, not a sexuality.

  4. Problem I’m seeing here: gender is a social construct. It’s made up. You can’t pin biological processes on a social construct. Not as like… moralizing or anything, but literally like that doesn’t work. Neurology isn’t dependent on social constructs in that sort of way. Whether or not something’s genetic has nothing to do with how we define our made up things.

  5. In 2016 someone accused me of grooming some kid for explaining homosexuality when i WAS a minor. Im not pretending that it isnt bad, but i just find it really irritating when people finally notice such an old trend and pretend that it just now started happening. Silly me, thinking i can avoid new discourse when it never changes anyway.

  6. Yeah, it really kicked off in the hell year, I know. But it’s mainstream now. Sure, you could be an 80s industrial metal band, but industrial metal was big in the 90s.

  7. Positivity and inaction are exactly what the fascists want. When do you do your homework, the night it’s due or weeks ahead of time? When do most of your classmates do theirs? We won’t act until the last possible moment. You’ll conclude it’s the last possible moment to act when you lose all hope. If you still have hope, you won’t act. Negativity is an attempt to convince you it’s due in an hour. Revolution is a class project and y’all won’t do it until you’re having a panic attack about how it’s impossible to do it with the time left.

  8. Fascists just want inaction in general from the rest of us

  9. The positivity is what keeps the inaction going. It is literally “eh, it’s due in a few weeks, I can put it off”. That’s the result of being positive.

  10. Ahh yes, shitting on other people’s transition totally doesn’t signal that you’re insecure about your own.

  11. God. This reminds me of a thing I said online. I think I was joking about how "if I was a billionaire I would simply buy every company that I like and not change them" and I realized that's what Microsoft has literally been doing

  12. Yeah, now imagine if instead of a private corporation owned by shareholders, they were instead all bought up by a functioning representative democracy and the people could fire anyone who tried to fuck it up rather than being beholden to the shareholders behaving like this. We just invented communism.

  13. On the other hand, I just came out of a relationship full of red flags, lies and deception that Reddit etc would have easily identified and no doubt the advice would have been to get the hell out of there and dump his ass. I would have saved money, tears, time and anguish.

  14. Well yeah, that’s how complete annihilation works. if you kill everyone on Earth, you successfully killed all rapists. If you dump everyone, you definitely will dump anyone who is a shitty partner.

  15. While I agree that sometimes soft power doesn't work and the kid gloves need to come off (coughSerbiacough) I feel like this needs to be repeated on this sub a little more often, credit to

  16. The peacekeeping needs to be “you cunts go in the fucking time out chair and we are taking custody”. No more feral children ruining everything, it’s time for parenting. You don’t deserve a toy you can’t behave yourself with. That goes for every single nation. Sovereignty should be contingent on behaving yourself. If you’re gonna be a cunt to the rest of the world, you get two choices: surrender or quit inhabiting Earth. If you’re starting fights at the party and nobody wants you there except people uploading the fights to TikTok for profit, you have no right to stay.

  17. Good luck trying to dictate terms like that to Israel or any other state. There is no international will to fight these kinds of wars.

  18. Because most people are spineless bitches who would let you slowly torture and mutilate them to death if you told them the only way to stop it was to call you mean words because calling you mean words would make them “as bad as you”.

  19. I would argue you might actually be the stupid one if you believe that. He's not some crazy genius, but his job is yo make you pay attention to him. This dude is not stupid. Maybe you disagree with him, bit you can't argue he is stupid.

  20. I just did. See, this is the problem with fascists. Their brains fucking break if you do something outside the script. “You can’t! You can’t! You can’t!” I just fuckin did.

  21. They are undeterred by criticism, and instead use it as an armor. It fucking sucks

  22. That’s why we need to give up on criticism and move to shame and humiliation. Make it psychological hell for them to stick to their guns.

  23. No. Horny is cool for all genders and sexualities. Stop being puritans. You used to be able to see full frontal nudity in big Hollywood movies. This is kids showifying everything. Everything is turning into “needs to be suitable for a five year old” and it’s fucking miserable.

  24. In Nigeria, it is absolutely still controversial. Among other things, many contend that the Western media narrative was/is unfairly biased towards Biafra.

  25. Yeah, and in Japan, Unit 731 is controversial for the same reasons regarding themselves. Nobody parrots the bullshit, though.

  26. no, i mean that the chatbot literally cannot make an essay. it's not designed to.

  27. You seem to be unaware of what ChatGPT is. It’s not a traditional chatbot, it’s a text generator bot that you can interact with like a chatbot. It’s more akin to AI Dungeon for nonfiction. It is designed to make an essay. Like, that’s one of its big things. The actual quality will vary, but, yeah, it is made to write essays.

  28. Understanding comes from the reader, not the author. Every understanding of every written work is unique to the individual and changes with discourse over the meaning. The author has but one meaning. It’s just one less meaning. Shoot someone in the face seconds before they read a book and you get the same result. Don’t change the value of the text none. A book nobody reads is as worthless as a book unwritten. The value is the effect it has on others.

  29. Just like the Dachau liberation. You got a problem with that “up against the wall, motherfuckers” too? You gonna sit around bitching about dead concentration camp guards? Sometimes a person has done crimes where the wall is the only moral place left for them.

  30. Wow, an organization dealing with FBI spies might get things wrong. That sounds like the fault of the FBI for sending spies in the first place. Nobody has to worry about spies until after someone decides to attack them. “Don’t try to prevent spies” is a message only spies are gonna want to spread because everyone else has the common sense needed to understand that shit happens and sometimes you get the wrong guy, but you can’t just stop defending yourself at all because of that. “Oh, if we defend ourselves some collateral damage is inevitable, so let’s not defend ourselves” is dumbass logic. How many folks you think America’s falsely executed for being spies? Probably more than you know, because most of those are done secretly. The biggest problem here is that they got the wrong guy, and that will inevitably happen sometimes because of basic math.

  31. Since the entire definition of mental illness is socially constructed, it seems self-sabotaging to say that the ideology of bigotry isn’t invalid as a political view and isn’t only a sickness. Why would we want to define bigots as a political view instead of defining them as a public health crisis? With one definition, they’re allowed to advocate for their views. With the other definition, their views are evidence they’re a danger to themselves and others and can be dealt with. Seems to me the problem is that other things are defined that way when they shouldn’t be, not the other way around. They only have “politics” and not “delusions” so long as they aren’t defined as mentally ill. We can make it so that what they are advocating for is labeled “their delusions” instead of “their politics”, so why would we ever want the inverse? Why would you want a system that labels those who hurt nobody mentally ill and proclaims genocidal madmen sane? Flip the script. Crushing despair in the face of this hellhole? Perfectly sane, proof you’re an empathic and rational human being who can analyze your situation realistically. Racism? Transphobia? Insanity.

  32. I actually seen someone say- Ukrainians are gathering ru Pows and executing them in sham choreographed battles! Disgrace !

  33. You know, I can at least see how someone gets that idea. You have to accept that human beings are far dumber and more incompetent than people like to admit in order to accept the reality. The reality kinda destroys the idea that all human beings possess consciousness with how fucking stupid it is. Like, you try explaining this behavior with a logical explanation that doesn’t require invoking “yeah, some folks are philosophical zombies”. People don’t wanna admit the idea that some Homo sapiens are fully lacking in a human-level mind, not in the form of just bad connections, but in the form of truly lacking the ability to perform internal meta analysis on data. They are organic versions of ChatGPT.

  34. IQ scale is chosen so average human has IQ 100. Just think about this. Roughly half of population has IQ < 100.

  35. It also is readjusted as the average rises, and the average has been rising since we began. People with an IQ of 100 in 1960 would be considered mentally disabled today. So realize that basically all human history before 2000 is almost all mentally disabled people by our current standards. Think how deep the floor must be for things like this.

  36. That would be incredible stupid though.

  37. Oh I don’t disagree on it being stupid. But you go from actually being out in the world and having friends and being a person to that because you inherited a job you clearly aren’t cut out for and probably don’t want and see how your psyche goes. Suicide attempt. Wasn’t trying to win shit, was just trying to get America to blow up the planet in a “suicide that takes everyone I resent with me” from a guy who resents the Earth. Mass shooter logic from a guy with nukes. “I get to die and kill everyone I hate” type suicide.

  38. That's what us Frenchies are here for. Enough scattered submarines to grant the wish of the world at the push of a button, with a 1st strike policy even. Why isn't NCD pushing this more ?

  39. After seventy years of blue balls, don’t get our hopes up. We’ve been promised the pain will end for generations and it hasn’t. Fucking launch so we can party til we die already.

  40. So what if we took a massive fire fighting plane filled with water and dumped it on the Russians in Winter?

  41. …militarized usage of fire hoses. It sounds moronic at first, but think of the cold and the pressure.

  42. You call it autism i call it humanity emergent gestalt consciousness.

  43. “Autism is just having a stronger connection to the Morphic Resonance Field” isn’t something I expected to think about today.

  44. In fairness to Biden, top end American wines have beaten top end French wines in taste tests. There was even a sommelier who got blackballed in France for saying the American wines were better in a blind taste test, because y'all couldn't handle the idea of us being better at wine.

  45. I mean, when you need international treaties to prevent anyone else from using the same name on a product because otherwise nobody would buy the original, that kinda answers everything, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t need to be protectionist about champagne if you made the best champagne, or even good champagne. The only reason you’d need nobody else to make champagne is if you make the worst champagne of all.

  46. Honestly like, here’s one for OP: y’all shut down the thousands of scam call centers and stop stealing hundreds of millions of dollars a year from the stupidest of the stupid. If this is how India treats people it’s not at war with, why would anyone want them as allies? If it weren’t digital, this shit would be considered an act of war. With the amount of money they’ve stolen, this shit shows up in national economics calculations. They’ve stolen so much from individual people that it hits the point of just robbing The People in general via the widespread economic damage. You can’t have an ally whose total GDP is partially just money they stole from you.

  47. You laugh, but a few years ago, when several predictable shithole states made making things so hostile to immigrants that they hoped everyone would 'self deport' their primary goal, there was suddenly a massive, entirely predictable drain on agricultural labor in those states. Plots couldn't get harvested fast enough, food was rotting on the branch, no one was there to set seed for the next cycle, etc.

  48. See, I see a perfect solution here. First, fine them brutally for employing undocumented workers. Fine them so brutally that their business ends up taken as payment for the fine. It’s farming, so we need that, so government takes over the farm. Repeat until corporations don’t control the food. Socialize the food, funded with tax dollars, no profit motives in food.

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