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  1. couple shots of vodka will kill the anxiety /s

  2. My question is why are you just addressing it from June? The last think you want to do is be lazy about taking of potential pest around the house.

  3. I’m assuming its from June as we are sure this is not something recent. Last few months were crazy for us on personal front and this was our least of concern 😊especially as we didn’t notice any live pests. But I totally agree with you; such matters should be attended earliest.

  4. If you don't see any wasps, just pry it off and put it outside. You can wipe down the windowframe with water to clean up the remaining dry mud. It's probably abandoned - the wasps would have emerged and flown off in the summer.

  5. Got it. Thank You so much for helping me out on this. Much appreciated.

  6. Best way is to connect ecobbe technical support team. They are super fast and helpful to troubleshoot the problem. I recently installed ecobee premium and they walked me through all my doubts regarding PEK installation.

  7. How many here think that everyone was over leveraging to profit from the housing market? Most of the people had genuine need to buy a house for their family and it was hard to get anything in the market. Over leveraging itself was a tough decision to make but there was no other option anyways. Everyone doesn’t have the luxury to time the market. So please stop this non sense insensitive comments for the over leveraged people unless you are commenting this for flippers. The real culprit for leading pricing up was more of a policy issue allowing blind bidding, lack of transparency and obvious motivation of realtors to shoot up the price. Over leveraging is “effect” not “cause”.

  8. I’m badly looking for monorail. But the question is will that be actual economical for the city? How many riders are there who actually use transit? I myself moved from Toronto to Barrie a month back and still looking to buy a car. While in toronto having a car was trouble coz of inadequate space and hence everyone relies on transit. Barrie is different. Ample of space and sparsely populated compared to Toronto. I’m using buses on Mapleview and have found them operating hardly at 10-20% capacity. At times i’m the only passenger. So I don’t think monorail is going to happen ever in Barrie. Its just not doable.

  9. Coming from another country i was surprised to see here in Ontario how sophisticated and kinda regulated market people here have made making impossible to buy/sell without a realtor. I see no reason to make a compulsion. In my home country only few % ppl used to hire realtor to save the hassle of negotiating with multiple people and rather they used to hire mainly to find prospective buyers. Also commission was just 1% on seller side and usually buyers would never hire a realtor. Shocked to see the Realtor market here.

  10. Curios - Whats the motivation of selling in this market?

  11. Doesn’t matter. On closed variable - cash outflow is fixed for 5 years. While i know interest portion will increase from my monthly cash outflow but thats not gonna affect my affordability for next 5 years. At the time of renewal if my rate is 10% then affordability will be an issue.

  12. If rates hit 10% then your cash outflow will not be fixed. Go look up the trigger rate clause in your mortgage agreement.

  13. Agreed. So basically at 9% my emi are no more able to take care of interest.

  14. Only hire a company who can show you before and after the dirt collected. They should show you the canister in their truck. And/or pictures of inside the ducts.

  15. Most of the $100 are saying they will share before after and pics and payment only after completion of service and subject to customer satisfaction.

  16. … I do not understand the comments saying it’s a scam. the scam companies obviously are. But when I got a house recently I had air duct cleaning done. It got a lot of stuff out of the ducts. Especially the dryer vent, which was a small extra fee but probably important. A surprising number of children’s toys came out as well.

  17. Scam was more referred for those who are quoting $100. It seems they will charge but won’t work upto the mark. Though they also claim to share before after picture and full payment only once service is done and we are satisfied. Can you tell me how much your professional charged you and for what size of house?

  18. We ended up selling to move closer to family since we were having a kid. We lived 2hrs away from family one way so it was easier to just sell and move back. We signed a 1 year lease so we decided to stay until the lease was up before deciding our next move.

  19. With kid on the way i would say settle as soon as you can and if your budget permits then don’t try to time the market. Atleast thats what we did last month as even we are having a baby on the way and definitely we wanted to avoid all other stress once baby is here. So we ended up buying a townhouse in Barrie. ( we were living on a rental property and our landlord sold our condo; so we were forced to either rent in this crazy rental market or buy one; we ended up with the latter)

  20. We are looking for something under 750k and without any maintenance fees. Ideally a small detach but prices haven't come down that low in Durham so we are looking at townhomes and semis

  21. Obviously i can’t predict prices and how market would be in coming months but if you allow me to guess then i feel getting semi in durham below 750k might not happen. Keep looking for freehold townhouses and in coming months there’s some possibility of getting one. Best of luck.

  22. If it’s getting delisted then whats good in that for buyer? Rather it shows that sellers are reluctant from selling below their expected price. This calls more for market stagnancy rather than further price reduction. Sellers are testing waters to see if they are able to get the expected price; if not then they will simply delist it.

  23. Okay. I guess that won’t suit my requirement. Thank You for the info though.

  24. the saying home is where the heart is exists for a reason.

  25. It all depends on individual experiences. We moved to downtown Toronto last year and got a beautiful condo for us. We like our Condo and felt it like home. We have literally posted on our door ‘home is where we are together’. We dreamt of living here for as long as we can and this year landlord sold the condo and served us N12 to vacate it by 30th June. That’s when I realized the importance of owning a home. It really hurt my ego when he asked me to vacate and I immediately decided to buy a house that we can afford.

  26. Ok….. thats super exhaustive. Thank You. And any suggestion what could fit in that? (disregard the payments, insurance and tenure)

  27. Whatever you do. DO NOT buy a car from a major city. 90% of the cars have been abused by uber/lyft drivers, especially in toronto.

  28. Sounds like a lot of people have a lot of debt and would rather take a hit from inflation rather than higher monthly payments. Yeah, we’re definitely not fine.

  29. Clearly people have no idea here on how inflation works. Canada is facing cost pushed inflation and not demand pull. Interest rate hikes have very limited to negligible impact on cost pushed inflation. It can be tamed through fiscal policy and not monetary policy. While current rates were too low and very definitely caused demand pulled housing frenzy but current inflation is a separate thing and have minimal to do with interest rate hike.

  30. I don’t see a reason to sell. Your income seems to me more than sufficient for 410K mortgage.

  31. Most of the time the selling agent is just try to play a bluff story to push the price near sellers expectations. I’d say while buying a home ignore what are the seller expectations and what offer they have. Check your budget, see how much you can afford, do a market comparable and discount it given the shifting market and make an offer with some margin for negotiations. If that works then okay, if doesn’t go for next preferred property. Plenty of inventory and limited buyers; please dont feel fomo and end up paying more than the worth.

  32. Exactly. That would actually translate into higher inflation and starting of never ending cycle of wage rise and commodity price rise.

  33. Usually the lawyer who would be appointed for your closing will review the status certificate without any charges.

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