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  1. Im sorry but the fact she has to reaffirm 'its true' at the end of what she says says it all for me. Body language and the way they explain things just shows the lies to me? Ive been SA attacks myself which i cant even begin to talk about. There is no way in gods green earth i would be so nonchalant about talking about it the way they are and even laugh about it like they did! People have their opinions because of all the lies they have told in the past so why would anyone believe this?? Like seriously.. They bring all this behaviour on themselves with what they say and how they are on the app.

  2. This 10000%. 'it's true' - like who feels the need to keep saying this? Oh yea.. People who are trying to convince you to believe their lies. And like you said, it's the emotionless almost 'boasting' way she talks about such *horrible assault. 'yea yea so he almost graped me looks at host for some big reaction hm.. Yea THEN I peed my pants, that really happened. It's really true pause to see if I'm getting the reaction I want' 😫

  3. Im spending too much time on TT because i read it as 'did elphaba make him a hot choccy woccy' and I thought my 2 worlds where mixing 🤣🤣

  4. Ans then the story after of them trying to force there 2month old premie to sit up when she clearly look so uncomfortable with spit up over her face 🤢🤢🤢 these two are a total disgrace.

  5. He's wearing her all wrong! It gave me chills to watch. I've been annoyed with them up to now, but now I'm so angry. Treating this baby like some throw-away accessary and not having a care in the world on how to treat her. I'm also so sad that she will grow up and have to see all these rediculous Videos made about her and how little care she had. It's actually so so heartbreaking to me.

  6. I honestly don't know why it makes me so angry when she posts this stuff. Maybe it's my own issues because I've struggled with alot of parenthood at times and when I see her post this shit and other 'im so restes/it's so easy/I'm so good at' post I get so mad. Honestly I'm rooting for it to all go well for them for the babies sake... But she honestly doesn't have a clue what parenthood is. And she can pride herself on her half-assed feeding skills and use it as proof of what a great and able mother she is... But once thst baby becomes remotely mobile bottling feeding will be impossible for her. She won't be able to hold or secure a wriggling baby...ugh. Im ranting but yea... Her posts lately make me so uncomfortable and so mad.

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