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  1. We are always harshest on ourselves. Give yourself some grace. Everybody makes mistakes. As long as you own it, you can move on from it.

  2. Bandanas. Wear it around your head. In your hair. Around your neck cowboy style. Over your nose robber style. Tie it around a wrist to make a fun bracelet. Make a parachute for a toy with it. A blankie for a plushie. The possibilities are numerous.

  3. Going to piggyback on this and say put a bandana in each layer of pass the parcel game 😊

  4. I know everyone hates him, but he seems okay to me. Their relationship seems awesome. Plus, after loving Lala for years, it is hard not to support people she targets. She was vicious. I'm so glad she won't come back next season. At least, that's what the edit looks like.

  5. Is this about Lala? Of course she will return, it's her job

  6. Get a custom shirt made instead with your tattoo idea. Wear it as much as possible and in a year decide If you still want that tattoo 😊

  7. I see "I said that to Ariana!" When speaking to the producer, right?

  8. I would LOVE if they ended it with sandwiches from Something About Her as the cheers send-off.

  9. How are they going to talk about anything else in this season other than Scandoval? I can see this as a 2 or 3 part reunion. But how are they going to have decisions about Schena’s wedding, the Havasu trip, Vegas, SMH, S&S, the divorce ! When it’s all a wash with the affair going on. Like, that’s what I’m wondering about. It’s going to be so awkward the first half.

  10. Was listening to the podcast So Bad it's Good with Ryan Bailey yesterday and he mentioned the infidelity of Tom during the marriage and I was like whattt!! It didn't give off just a kiss vibes. Thought I missed something from the show.

  11. August 4th article came out- so that was August 3rd probably.

  12. If you attach a key ring to it and put it on your backpack it's now kawaii 😊 you'll find your people, high school can be cruel but it's a short time frame in the scheme of things.

  13. This is creepy, cracking beers and being shady. If Swartz didn't know about the affair, it's really wrong of them to have done this to him. Also, Swartz's'roomate' situation could have been affected by it.

  14. It comes off as so fake. He says her name so many's not a normal way to speak. Poorly written and should have been an email to her not a statement to us.

  15. You can ask them for the fairy godmother dusting, it's free and glitter on the head ✨️ super cute!

  16. Is this why Brittany was drinking out of a rawt in hail mug on her Instagram stories recently?

  17. For DCA, the animation academy is pretty cool. I would check in there and see if they are doing any toy story character drawings that day ( you go in and check the board it changes daily). Takes half and hour and it's a great souvineer and your kids would probably love it.

  18. We are currently having the same experience as your 13 mo. Same age too

  19. WD and RD in the wrought iron above New Orleans Square. Love that detail!

  20. Why would she want to go to her birthday? She clearly doesn't like her.

  21. When I introduced myself to someone in high school they misheard and thought I said custard. It stuck.

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