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Jon Stewart's Legendary Chicago Pizza Rant

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  1. Fanaticism: If I decide not to do something anymore, everyone must stop doing it too or they are bad people.

  2. Depends on what it is. Stop driving your car on Wednesdays and instead drive your truck? Who cares.

  3. Never fully finished it due to not being a high enough level for where I am in the story and just moved on to elden ring and other games. Should I throw it higher up on my list to finish before other games?

  4. Just do a few side quests, or adjust the EXP sliders in the difficulty settings, and you should be up to speed pretty quickly.

  5. it’s been a while but does anybody remember why CJ was wearing #7 instead of his usual #32?

  6. He thought he'd channel the ghost of Ben Gordon with that hero ball.

  7. No, Russia invading Ukraine caused the invasion of Ukraine. NATO didn't force them into shit. If they had any ounce of self-awareness, they'd realise that the expansion of NATO is based on those countries' fear of Russia, and then they'd think "wait...why are people afraid of us? That's not good" and they'd back off.

  8. I think GG are trying to become a niche product with a dedicated fanbase. And, let's be honest, most of their actual income probably came from those hardcore fans in the first place, so focusing on them probably isn't a bad idea.

  9. As someone who plans on starting streaming and doing YouTube soon I’ve spent a long time looking at different channels to find out what I want to do with it and what works and what doesn’t. GameGrumps as been super helpful in this aspect because I get to see a lot of what doesn’t work, everything from weekly criticisms on this sub to looking at their business model and seeing what’s wrong there. The biggest problem with GameGrumps in my opinion is that while they were wildly popular when mostly unedited let’s plays where popular they haven’t changed their business model basically at all. The most important skill to have as content creator is the ability to adapt in an ever changing environment/meta and if Arin has proven anything in recent years it’s that he is no longer willing to adapt.

  10. Didn't they just have a hugely successful nation-wide tour for Game Grumps Live? And don't they have a lot of other reasonably successful side-businesses? Both Dan and Arin are likely millionaires and basically set for life if they're at all financially literate.

  11. I mean, we do. It's like the meme implies. If you do 90% damage and then only repair it 10% were still gonna be mad about the 80% that's still damaged, especially when you recognize it's temporary and is going to just bounce back up in a few months.

  12. But Biden wasn't the cause of the gas price rises in the first place. Blame Putin and greedy corporations for that. I mean, I guess you could argue that we should have let Ukraine (and all of our allies) out to dry and just let Russia steamroll Ukraine. Or maybe you're the type that would want us to have just joined Russia and helped them conquer Ukraine in a matter of days, since domestic oil prices are the only thing that matter.

  13. That has a basically 0% chance of being true, especially considering our previous president's favorite breakfast was Putin's cock. Putin invaded Ukraine when he felt like it, full stop.

  14. Nope. It'd take record-low approval ratings and enormous protests to get a snap election called. There aren't any elections scheduled for 3 more years, and the ruling coalition has a supermajority in both chambers, so they have no incentive to call an election unless, as I said before, the Japanese people become very upset with the ruling coalition.

  15. Matsuko isn’t trans. He’s a man who clearly said he wouldn’t like to be a woman at all. He just likes to crossdress.

  16. Yes, that's what drag queens (generally) are.

  17. You can still find daily numbers on Google.

  18. Periods of recession and inflation have happened many times before and will happen again. The world's not going to stop turning.

  19. Not recently. It's pretty rare to have supply-based recessions nowadays.

  20. No, you are way too optimistic. The rapist could very well be someone’s boss because Waseda is a top university on the same tier as the Ivy League. There are plenty of rapists in positions of power because their background and connections are too valuable.

  21. Japan doesn't care about violence towards women, but it does care about going to prison. Rape someone and don't get caught? Fine. Rape someone and go to jail? You're going to be pouring concrete the rest of your life once you get out, if even something that dignified.

  22. What do you base that on? Prison stigma? Do they have that in japan?

  23. Ex-cons in Japan are persona non grata. Hell, if you go to prison for any reason it's not rare to have your family completely disown you, and getting a job in anything other than manual labor is basically impossible unless you have major connections.

  24. Depends on the state. I know a corrections officer who makes $60k a year without a college degree in Western New York working 40-50 hours a week. A relative of mine retired from NY state corrections and gets $55k a year from a state pension.

  25. In Illinois it's not uncommon for veteran administrators at prisons to make ~$100k by the time they retire.

  26. That’s probably the biggest thing I’ve done to try and stop it. But I always can’t help myself and I look anyway.

  27. Also, having 1k+ hours on a single game generally isn't a good thing. It means you need to get outside more... unless you're a pro.

  28. its gonna be the first next gen exclusive from one of Sony's main studios too, people are gonna be blown away

  29. Rift Apart was a PS5 exclusive from Insomniac.

  30. Never assume 538 is credibly biased for a democrat at this point. They’ve been pretty off since 2016, and may even deter people from the polls since it’s a “safe/leans D” that winds up +2r on election.

  31. 538 has been right on the money, or within the margin of error, every election forever.

  32. That's just factually untrue. Most of their stuff is accurate, but they absolutely have had predictions fall outside the margin of error. They aren't magic.

  33. And generally if they're wrong, everyone else is even more wrong (other than a few fringe actors who just guessed correctly).

  34. I kind of expected something like that but somehow I'm still surprised

  35. That's a fun assumption but you don't really have any idea what he'll want when a third of the league is making more than him

  36. Nah, Pat's a win-first kind of guy. He's also making tens of millions from endorsements, so he doesn't need to be the highest-paid QB

  37. I don't really follow your point. If hes a win-first kind of guy who doesnt need to be one of the highest paid, why did he sign the highest AAV deal in the NFL?

  38. Jamal Charles is a forgotten beast. He held the record for most rushing yards per attempt by an RB for a while there.

  39. I don’t even think I was impressed with Charles in this video the raiders just made it so easy lol

  40. Jamaal just always made the right cut, and he also had the speed to just run away from everyone on the field. Those two things together make him the best big play RB of all-time.

  41. The throne room in TLJ was particularly atrocious. But they just wanted red on red on red.

  42. That fight in TLJ was amazing. As long as you don't watch YouTube videos where it's slowed down, you'll never notice the inconsistencies.

  43. How could you possibly miss them in real time? It’s horrific choreography and execution.

  44. Anakin vs Obi-Wan in ROTS makes sense? There are multiple videos on YouTube that break down basically every lightsaber fight in Star Wars, and how all of them are illogical from a sword fighting point of view.

  45. I mean, when you believe something that's fucking stupid, you deserve to be ridiculed. Not only that, he uses his platform to promote the bullshit he believes as well.

  46. Right. There's a whole lot of pointing out the obvious on this thread, yikes. He obviously will not be playing in the tournament, that is beside the meat of the matter. If anyone can give me a rational and good faith argument refuting or justifying the inconsistencies I pointed out in my original comment, I might just have an orgasm.

  47. They already did. He can't even enter the country, so how could he play in the Open?

  48. But neither of them are the origin. Uno's is the original.

  49. I do want to ask my democrat friends if Biden had delivered anything of value to them, but then I’d out myself as a republican and thats just not worth it.

  50. He's temporarily restored confidence in America on the international stage, after we had a president who was just Putin's lapdog, and seemed hellbent on pissing off all of our allies. And Biden's done this by doing very little other than not sucking Putin's dick.

  51. Ah yeah, I feel so bad for these millionaires who play a children's game for a living having to get a vaccine that's been proven safe billions of times over...

  52. He, and the LDP, did (and do) indeed have connections with a bunch of cults, though. Play with fire long enough and you'll get burned. Not saying he deserved it or anything, but it is statistically likely.

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